MVNO Regulation is Ready for Execution

MVNO regulation is almost ready, as PTA has brought forward the regulation draft and has asked the industry for input.

As per draft, application for MVNO will go though MNO (Mobile Network Operator) containing details of the

Commercial Agreement between the MNO and proposed MVNO. These details will include

  • Quality of service;
  • Number Portability support by MVNO;
  • Roaming arrangements;
  • Revenue Sharing arrangements;
  • Customer care arrangements; and
  • Dispute resolution mechanism.

Upon satisfactory evaluation of the Commercial Agreement, the Authority shall approve the agreement and will issue MVNO license within 20 working days.

MVNO license will be valid for an initial period of ten years.

MVNO license fee is set at USD 5 million, which is quite high as per investors and media reports.

It merits mentioning here that according to Mobile Cellular Policy, PTA was due to prepare a detailed guideline and procedures for MVNO before January 28, 2006.

Complete draft for MVNO Regulations can be downloaded here

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    • * Presence of MVNOs will help telecom companies to focus on network expansion, hence leaving the marketing/branding job for MVNOs. This model saves operational expenses and enhances company’s performance as well.
      * MVNO’s are considered as a means of encouraging competition that ultimately lead to more choices for services and lower prices.
      * Revenues are shared amongst partners, thus helping the national economy
      * Multiple MVNOs affiliated with a single mobile operator can individually target their niche market, for instance one MVNO can focus on Postpaid Customers and while the other can stress and cash the value added services. This process benefit mobile operator, MVNO and end users alike.

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