Broadband Subscribers in Pakistan Beat Half Mln Mark

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has published numbers of Broadband users in Pakistan, with segment wise details of all technologies that are being used in the country.

PTA says that there are total of 564,352 broadband users in Pakistan, as of October 2009. DSL and WiMAX technologies clearly dominate the market.

Please review following graphs and tables, which speak themselves…!

Technology Dec 08 Mar 09 Jun 09 Jul 09 Aug 09 Sep 09 Oct 09
DSL 171,170 176,616 262,661 265,275 272,862 298,887 332,434
HFC 40,330 40,330 36,201 37,334 36,759 36,004 35,858
WiMax 39,310 39,310 88,477 101,956 119,718 133,538 156,975
FTTH 2,370 2,370 3,967 4,353 4,495 4,092 4,269
EvDO 14,000 14,000 22,503 25,191 26,662 27,474 33,972
Others 22 803 797 844
Total 267,180 272,626 413,809 434,131 461,299 500,792 564,352

It is observed that EVO devices are doing pretty well in terms of penetration. This is an area where operators can grab good amount of internet users. We know that services provided by Wireless EVO service providers (PTCL and WorldCall) is not up to the mark. Signal variation is pretty high – while customers don’t get the advertised download speeds. Despite all this, it is evident that broadband on the Go is picking the gears.

WiMAX technology is going to remain the hot topic for experts. WiMAX subscribers grew from 33,000 to 156,000 in one year, that’s highest growth rate when compared to other broadband channels.

Below graphs show the market share for broadband technologies…!

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  • What’s HFC and who is providing it?
    And, Apart from Nayatel who is providing FTTH?
    And, what do they mean by OTHERS?

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    • Purchase a wi-fi enabled phone (e.g Nokia N-95, iPhone etc). Wi-fi will only operate in a “hotspot” (i.e a wi-fi router is within range).

      But wi-fi is not a broadband technology in the above-mentioned sense, it is a wireless local area networking system.

  • Aamir Bhai, this is a very important breakthrough for all GSM users of the world:

    “Billions of mobile phone users around the world are at risk of having their calls intercepted and recorded after hackers broke the encryption used to protect 80 per cent of the world’s mobiles.

    People regularly trading in confidential information, such as Government officials and executives, would be the most likely eavesdropping targets but virtually anyone with enough skills and determination could harness the research for nefarious means, security experts warn.

    German computer engineer Karsten Nohl told a hacker conference in Berlin that he and his team decoded the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) encryption algorithm to draw attention to gaping security holes in the technology and drive mobile operators to patch them.

    About 80 per cent – or 3.5 billion – of the world’s mobiles are based on GSM, which is over 20 years old.

    Nohl, who has published the secret GSM encryption code online, told the Chaos Communication Congress this week that a skilled eavesdropper using basic equipment and free software could be recording phone calls within 15 minutes”.

    The Guardian

    For more details:

  • can you please provide the link…………… I am also looking for the bandwidth consumption by the carriers

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