Service Quality Concerns in Telecom Industry (Part-II)

In first article, we discussed service quality of Mobile network and related services. In second part we will discuss service quality concerns in call centre and customer service centres.

Call Centers Service Quality Concerns:


This was indeed a revolution in customer services domain in Pakistan when call centre business got attention and mobile operators launched their dedicated 24/7 call centers by focusing the service recovery and delivery mode of any service organization.

Over the years, dedicated mobile operators have dedicated call centers to cater their customers’ needs and demands. However, the dilemma of accessing call centers by a customer at instant remains there.

These common loopholes that still exist in call centers are:

Call centre connectivity hierarchy and Time period: Like Press 1 for this 2 for this and bla bla. New customers suffer a lot for accessing the operator, after listening hell of advertisements, which usually customers are less willing to hear. While existing customer remember and do dial the desired digit to get connected with the customer service representative.

While this “Call Center Hierarchy” is hot topic of discuss for every customer service professional and expert in the world – they strive hard to minimize it down by optimum level instead of losing a loyalty of the customer or having irritated customers.

This can also lose the image of service quality in a customer’s mind: For example a customer having simple query of FNF activation on his/her new connected number and he/she might be informed that you will receive method of FNF activation via SMS after this call, instead of adding his/her number in real time.

Customer may get a bad impression, and could feel that why in this world he waited for this 10 long minutes to get such a response.

Customer Service Centers’ Concerns: Front desk jobs/call centers’ job are toughest and most tactful ones in any service organization. Because, representatives have to deal with variety of customers at a time while maintaining their attitudes for customer service excellence and delight or the standards define by the service organization itself.

Since ages, managing service quality in customer service centers is most toughest part in any organization. Especially, selection of candidates for this particular job is itself a very tactful and technical task.

If you have visited Customer Service Centre’s of all mobile operators, you might have noticed that most of them are not causal except one mobile operator.

Well, there is also one more thing that needs attention is the variation of customer dealings by different customer service centers located in different areas. There is major loop hole that you can observe by visiting the same mobile operator’s Customer service center in different locations.

For example visiting a customer service centre in “High profile Area”, staff might deal with customers politely and can have dedicated “Attendant” to guide customers for the respective queries. While a Customer Service center might not even bother to give you proper guidance because it is situated in less developed area of the country.

This is again one of the major standardization loophole that service organization must focus – while maintaining the same standard of services for each and every type of the customers. Though customer profiling in service delivery is always been a debatable topic in customer service institutions.

Learning Points:

  • Daily Cell sites traffic monitoring and management of traffic by having alternative micro cell sites.
  • Minimization of call centre IVR hierarchical methods.
  • Standardization of Customer Service Delivery methods.
  • Proper guidance and on spot resolution of customer queries while accessing call centers.

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