Warid’s Another Hit on Customers

A few days back we had reported that Warid increased its Glow tariffs without informing its customers, and now they continue exploiting their customers by increasing charges of FNF addition or deletion via SMS, and by putting charges on Online FNF editing, which was previously free.

All this doesn’t end here, the Warid Online portal which can be accessed here is not working as intended, may be this is due to error in system or it may be intentional.

What’s the problem?

When you login to the online portal and try to add/change the FNF numbers:

  • The system doesn’t allow to add/change numbers, no matter how many times you try.
  • You are charged 5+tax every time you hit the save button and the screen refreshes itself.

I personally tried this on ZEM, Glow, and Postpaid numbers and the results were same, and I was charged every time.

When we spoke to the customer support, the representative told that this may be due to temporary fault in system, you can try latter.

I further asked him that why I was not informed about the increase in charges? And also there are no charges mentioned on the online portal for the FNF editing, the representative said, that he doesn’t know.

When we reported the Glow tariff change Warid responded that it had informed customers through SMS, but as I am using their services from the launch day, I never got any SMS stating any tariff changes they made, lets have a look on the Members login page:

Well what’s free of cost? When they put charges on tariff change, FnF editing, Alerts, Caller tunes. We hope that PTA is monitoring all these activities and will take strict actions.

  • Sir,

    I also want to inform all the warid pre-paid users that now Warid have decreased pre-paid scratch card expiry exorbitantly.

    Now If you recharge your account by Rs. 100, you will only receive 30 days validity.

    do confirm about it from Warid

  • Also now you can add only one FNF number in one message command, previously you can add all FNF number in a single message.

  • Its not new. Warid started charging for online fnf addition some 2-3 months ago and yes without informing the customers as usual.

    PTA will keep sleeping as it is good for nothing and all these companies and just treat the consumers as fools from which they can mint money in any way they want.

    I am also using warid post paid and received no such sms.

  • Telenor rocks warid is coming greedy day by day telenor have reduced the rental charges and they are clear what they are getting stupid service warid.

  • sooner they will start charging to balance inquiry, delivery reports, help line charges etc….
    no one want to reduce its revenue…………

  • Mr. eAhmed you can still add 5 numbers in one massage command. And in Glow you can add 10 numbers in one massage command.
    Sms charges will be 2rupee plus tax and rupee 5/tax per number addition or deletion apply.

  • Whenever I notice such errors I feel even big companies are operated like a small company, saying something different and doing something difrent.

    anyways, let’s see how things get corrected.

  • Warid made me Think about my choice of Telecom operator. Once there was a time I was a Warid Glow user and on a very Romantic Sunday I made a 11 minutes long call on one of my Glow Gang number Unfortunatelly Warid charged me normal Onnet call rate for it instead of FREE*(Call is free after 1st minute’s charges on Weekends)
    As a result of this I called Warid Help Line 321 and the guy advised me to call after 20 minutes because Warid’s complaint system was down. I called as advised but someone hanged my 2nd call off I called 3rd time and the Gentleman told me that he can’t help me and directed me to send a msg to 129 to get the list of FnF (do they think I’m an idiot who don’t even know his FnF numbers) I got the list ( my friends’s number was there as it should be) and I made 4th call to 321 and the person on the other side started quizing me, when did I add my FnF, what msg I received from network when I added FnF. After all of this he forwaded my complaint and ask for a 4 hrs wait. Who waits? Now I’m thinking about MNP and I’ll choose a network that has a good Call Center reputation and that which can trust its customers

  • mje to warid ki smjh hi nhe ati, kehta kuch hai krta kuch hai. Some day back I subscribed Missed Call Alerts Warid charged me 10+tax and 2+tax for sending msg to 129. in reply i got a msg saying “Thanks you for Sub MCA…. a rental charges of 10 +tax will be charged from next month” bhai to ab pese ks liye charge kye hain agr nxt month se hi charge krne hain. and on warid portal the service is registered as “Free Missed Call Alert” koi mje btae ye kon c FREE service hai js k pese lgtay hain.

  • Looks like warid has also joined the race, they are in need of revenues…cash,,,heard some time back that warid is going thru difficult times…this may be one of their strategies to earn more revenue. They think customers wont be affected much and will keep using this service.

    Im sure if they keep doing this I and many others shall switch to a more customer-oriented operator

  • PTA needs to get very active.. the pace at which telecome sector is advancing, the regulator needs to keep up with that pace. I hope this mail/article starts some stirrin in the ranks of PTA and they take some kind of STRICT action against WARID’s criminal activity.

    FURTHERMORE, i’d also like to share my experience of WORLDCALL WIRELESS. I was using their ZERO LINE RENT package, and one day when i tried to make a call, the system told me I am out of balance. When called on Helpline, they told me that it’s been more than a month since ZERO LINE RENT package is over, and you’re being charged on per-day basis. I got NO SMS, NO CALL, and NO ADVERTISMENT or INTIMATION thru Newspaper. They quietly shifted all packages to DAILY DEDUCTION PACKAGES, which is highly UNETHICAL and IMMORAL for a Corporate concern as WorldCALL Group!

  • my phone android htc tmobile g1 couldnot b set by warid people for lack of apn settings. i sent complete requirements and parameters of my mobile to 321 on 28 march from my ported number 03455744440

  • I am using Warid sim from the 1st and i think i am fully satisfied and i am using many Free services through warid website member area..
    As you mentioned that there is nothing free in Warid member area portal and Pta has to take any action but i think you didn’t worked smartly on it… Actual Facts are mentioned below.

    1. The charges to get Fnf list via sms are rs.2+t but in member area its FREE.

    2. The charges for sending msg on 129 are rs.2+t to add/del fnf number in member area its FREE.

    3.the itemized billing charges are rs.50+50 for outgoing/incoming by post and rs.50 on an email but in member area its FREE (postpaid only).

    4.the charges to get gprs/mms setting via sms are 2+t but in member area its FREE.

    5.now many Vas services you can activate in member area and there is no sms charges of rs.2+t will charge.

    6. Last but not the leat you can send unlimited FREE sms to any warid number through that member area portal.. So i think pta know these facts thats why i think they are not taking any action.

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