Warid’s Another Hit on Customers

A few days back we had reported that Warid increased its Glow tariffs without informing its customers, and now they continue exploiting their customers by increasing charges of FNF addition or deletion via SMS, and by putting charges on Online FNF editing, which was previously free.

All this doesn’t end here, the Warid Online portal which can be accessed here is not working as intended, may be this is due to error in system or it may be intentional.

What’s the problem?

When you login to the online portal and try to add/change the FNF numbers:

  • The system doesn’t allow to add/change numbers, no matter how many times you try.
  • You are charged 5+tax every time you hit the save button and the screen refreshes itself.

I personally tried this on ZEM, Glow, and Postpaid numbers and the results were same, and I was charged every time.

When we spoke to the customer support, the representative told that this may be due to temporary fault in system, you can try latter.

I further asked him that why I was not informed about the increase in charges? And also there are no charges mentioned on the online portal for the FNF editing, the representative said, that he doesn’t know.

When we reported the Glow tariff change Warid responded that it had informed customers through SMS, but as I am using their services from the launch day, I never got any SMS stating any tariff changes they made, lets have a look on the Members login page:

Well what’s free of cost? When they put charges on tariff change, FnF editing, Alerts, Caller tunes. We hope that PTA is monitoring all these activities and will take strict actions.