Warid Glow: 1st Min Rates Increased

By Chand

It has been reported that Warid changed the tariff of its famous brand GLOW without informing its customers.

Glow offers attractive calling rates and most importantly free call to 10 members named as Glow gang.

The Free call can be availed every day from 11pm-8am and 24 hours on weekends. Free call means that you will be charged for the first minute, which were 2.25+tax at the time of launch but now its 2.99+tax

Though Warid has clearly stated in terms and conditions that prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion.

Warid says it had informed customers through SMS – but not all of them Got this message.

Glow Tariff

Call rates (Rs.)WeekdaysWeekends
  • *Free after 1st minute charge of Rs.2.99+tax
  • Per 30 seconds billing
  • All rates are exclusive of taxes
  • GLOW GANG: GLOW GANG refers to your favourite 10 on-net numbers
  • Weekdays: Monday to Friday
  • Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
  • Peak hours: 8am to 11pm
  • Off-Peak hours: 11pm to 8am

GLOW GANG Details:

  • No. of GLOW GANG Friends: 10
  • Add a GLOW GANG Friend: SMS Add<space><warid number> to 129
  • Delete a GLOW GANG Friend: SMS Del<space><warid number> to 129
  • See GLOW GANG list: SMS List to 129

SMS and MMS Rates (Exclusive of taxes)

SMS to all networks nationwide: Rs. 0.25
International SMS: Rs. 5
MMS: Rs. 3