Internet Browsers’ market share in Pakistan

Internet Browsers market share in Pakistan is somewhat not similar than of the stats coming from the rest of the world. However, the trend happens to remain the same in this region as well.

Internet Explorer (all versions) is on decline, while Firefox and Google Chrome’s share has been rising with the time.

Currently (January 2010), 53.53 percent internet users use Internet Explorer, Firefox stands second with huge difference while holding 29.04 percent market share.

Google Chrome has got 11.34 percent market share. Opera and Safari with other browsers retain rest of 5 percent market.

Net Change in Browsers Market Share

Browser Market Share % Jul 08 Market Share % Jan 2010 Net Chage
IE 75.07 53.55 -21.52
Firefox 20.41 29.03 8.62
Opera 3.9 11.33 7.43
Safari 0.46 0.53 0.07
Maxthon 0 0.07 0.07
Minefield 0 0.04 0.04
Netscape 0.13 0.01 -0.12
SeaMonkey 0.01 0.01 0
K-Meleon 0 0.01 0.01
Flock 0 0.01 0.01
Sony PS3 0 0.01 0.01
Konqueror 0.01 0 -0.01

Stats Via StatCounter

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  • Iam very glad that Pakistani’s are leaving IE now.However some people are still using IE because its installed default in Windows.I use Firefox it is great and browsing speed is great compared to others.

  • As expected, IE is falling and Firefox is gaining rise.Chrome is good then IE but still not toughing the high standards of Firefox.

  • According to my experience, mostly in offices, schools, colleges, and universities people use Internet Explorer as there are shared computers and users have not much access to install new software, others using IE at Home etc are just newbies so they don’t know how harmful IE can be. But if we do a poll amongst geeks in Pakistan, Firefox will be on TOP!

  • No doubt chrome is good but firefox has got addons which gives it a edge over chrome.
    I will personally use Chrome if they provide script block cz i hate those flash ads.

  • Did you people ever tried Opera? It is the best browser and rich in factures.. Like Turbo (enhances browsing speed), Opera Link (Bookmark synchronization even between Mobile and PC), Speed Dials.. Etc..

    But one thing I miss in Opera is Private Browsing.

    Firefox add-ons feature is matchless.

    By the way IE 8 is a solid browser with same feature as Firefox 3.6.

  • Google Chrome is best in Windows and Linux

    And Opera is best for slower computers and slow internet

  • chrome is light and nice … very easy to use ..
    people like me want to keep concentrate on main objective of software not just lost in many features

    i like simplicity

  • Chrome is a fast browser ever… compiled with simple n comprehensive features… it is next giant in browsers list. IE cant stay anymore coz its fuzool menues n buttons.

    Firefox will be threatened by chrome. Firefox is also better than IE. i prefer it at home.

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