Scandal hits IT & Telecom Ministry

A scandal surfaced in the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication concerning the tender of billions of rupees issued to the Chinese company, sources told SAMAA on Tuesday.

The I.T and Telecom Ministry has given the tender of billions of rupees to the Chinese company without considering proper rules and regulations. The ministry has started its work on the project of National Security Communication and Social Administration Information System, sources add.

According to the document acquired by SAMAA, the project is estimated to cost Rs 13 billion and it has been initiated with the collaboration of the National Telecommunication Commission and a Chinese company named Z.T.E. The project is focused on connecting the police stations, intelligence agencies and various government departments with each other, sources add.

Many Chinese companies were interested in the project; however, the project was not advertised and the National Telecommunication Commission and the Ministry of I.T and Telecommunication gave this project to its own favorite without following proper rules and regulations. The Ministry of I.T and Telecom has received the approval of the project from the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the summary of the project has now been sent to the Central Development Working Party for approval. The PC 1 of the project is in process and soon it will be approved, sources add.


Our Point: Pakistan is covered by fiber optic network laid by PTCL. We also have fibre optic network of Wateen. We also have GSM operators. We also have Wireless broadband operators. Then why is Ministry opting for yet another project to give connectivity to government offices. We have bundle of resources in our own yard. We just need to Use them efficiently.

  • Saeed

    Allah Pak aisay logon ko TABAH karain – Ameen.

    Everyday a new scandal.

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Saeed, i respect your anger but it is totally our fault.. We elect them to lead us. Its us to blame totally.

      • Sarfraz Mahmood

        Jeesi ROOH wasee FARISTEE. Why to blame others.

  • KM

    Security could be one of the issue

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Giving a China based company access to your security agencies is not a security issue, my friend??

  • Shoby

    In the IT ministry we have the people doesn’t know what IT means. Even the minister of IT doesn’t know t he meaning of “I” of IT. I can bet he doesn’t have the stats of IT resources in the country. I am not sure why we are expecting these people for something good. They can’t do any good for this country. God bless Pakistan and pray for someone good to take over and lead the country without looting. Ameen

  • A.Basit

    we are doomed

  • Roger

    The title of the project suggest that project is not only related to simple fiber /broad band connectivity.The post seems to be based on half truth and inspired by usual media mentality to score points .The poor readers have started (as usual) praying & cursing our system,leaders etc etc.

  • @Roger – My friend, SAMAA mentioned in their news that since the organization under question didn’t followed proper SOPs to award this contract so they smelled the dirty rat in this.

  • Amir

    it is totally part media trail of Govt.

  • Ali


    When all Paki Govt organazation connected via NTC, PTCL & Pak SAT (all Govt organization) & also Govt can use Ufone Mircowave Link for PTP & PTMP Connecvity using Invse Mux from STARCOM ( who is supplying same to ESS/Huawei for USF projects

    Then why new projects we are many infrastructure.

    why investing mony for new projects.

    • Kamran Bukhari

      Rightly placed Ali.. My same concern!!

  • Truth

    @ Shobby, you are absolutely right that Minister of IT doesnt know what “I” stands for. And major reason for this deficiency is that: There is no Minister for IT in the current Government :)). Nonetheless, i appreciate your profound knowledge on IT and government setups.

    I wonder, is it a fair role of media to throw fake propaganda without actually investigating the real matter ? And if the blame is not true then who is responsible for instigating disharmony and unrest among the masses ?

    It is just to inform you guys, that the project is infact donation / long term loan by ZTE and GoP is not spending a single penny for this project. However, I will request the prosecutors to suggest a template for acquring a donation that Ministry of IT may publish in daily newspapers in future :) And also its not about laying new backhaul infrastructure for Gov offices, rather its a core system to safegaurd the official / confidential communication in Gov offices.

    God Bless Pakistan.

    • Cyko

      Wow the reporter and publisher of this news is quite responsible. When in our country we r deprived of basic def. of IT, expect anything.

      And how do u know the ‘Truth’ ?

  • usman rafique

    It make sense to build a private network for communications among sensitive agencies. It also make sense to give this equipment order to a country that is our ally (in case above resources cannot be found from within Government Resources or Private Sector). Also it make lot of sense to keep this confidential to let our enemies what thing they are using so that they cannot crack the system. While we see so many shitty things in our country, this deal don’t look that much shitty. Let the experts do their work!

  • Khan

    Sub sy pehle apny grewaan mei dekho,
    hamain jb paisa harapny ka mauka milta hai to kya hum wo mauka haath sy jaany dy dety hain?
    kya tum logon ny kbi koi galat kaam ni kia?
    agar hum sub sirf or sirf apny aap ko bhi sudhaaar len na to dhair sary masail kam ho jayen ge,
    achai ki qadar karna seekho, tum logon mei sy kitny chars pety hongay? chars pena b to galat kaam hai?


  • khan

    hum sub agar sirf or sirf khod ko b sudhr len to boht kuch ho skta hai,
    balkay i would aadha pakistan thek ho jaye ga