President’s Website Wrongly linked on Pakistan’s Official Website

The subject says it all. You just have to witness it for yourself.

Following is the snapshot of Pakistan’s official website (

Original Website address is which leads us to Following Page…!

But what will you say, if his official website links to wrong website as well? Don’t you believe? look yourself below

Just as a reminder, was launched by former president Gen (R) Musharraf and it does not exist anymore.

  • President’s Website Wrongly linked on Pakistan’s Official Website….what does this even mean?? President’s website is President of Pakistan’s website? if PPP jayalas want to make his website Pakistan’s official website i guess they have every right to do that…….. was launched by former president Gen (R) Musharraf and it does not exist anymore.and what does this mean?
    Musharraf is no more but we do have an other President now…. and they have right to have a website???

  • Pointed out well, there are lots of design/other flaws in govt of Pakistan websites, they don’t probably have right people to take care of these websites.

    Some time ago I saw on cyber crimes division’s website, the complaints from people were going into country table in country field and then those all were being visible to everybody via country drop down field back on complaints form itself.

    Later when visited they had even deleted the complaint form or was down for maintenance, whatever, and had just their email address there.

  • @Pro Desi – Dude, We didn’t criticized website presence. We like every other Pakistani wants President of Pakistan having website. But we emphasized on giving the right link for the right website.

    The link available on Government of Pakistan official website don’t take us to President website but some old missing link.

  • I am unable to get the point of the word “Wrongly”

    where you want to see the link of web site ?

    It should be on that page where you told the world “wrongly Linked”

    The President of pakistan site is for the president seat not for a specific person. So when Musharaf was there it was his photo there.

    But Now Asif Ali Zardari is on that seat.. His pictures and details are there.

    When Kamran Buukhari would be on that seat. I am sure site get updated with his details.

    I know there is a mistake of a broken link placed there but either you are unable to write the correct title of this story or you have some other intentions.

    the title should be “President’s Website Linked Broken on Pakistan’s Official Website.”

  • Dated: 12th March, 2012
    Mr. Asif Ali Zardari
    Islamic Republic of Pakistan,

    Subject: Request for Joining Order.

    R / Sir,

    With due respects, I request you that I am post Graduate Candidate, have been passed Sindh University Testing Centre Jamshoro Commission 2008 of Primary School Teacher BPS -09. At that time I have gotten Offer Order No: EDOE/OFFER/83/2010 Dated: 12-04-2010 on merit basis, issued by District Government Larkana (EDO Education Larkana). But still I have been ignoring from my posting (joining) order.

    You are therefore requested to kindly issue the mentioned Offer Order’s posting (joining) order of P.S.T BPS-09 and to continue the value of merit accordingly. I shall remain thankful to you.

    Yours truly,

    Javed Ahmed Soomro
    CNIC # 43203-8780303-1
    Present R/O Near Soomra Masjid
    Bhains Colony Larkana.
    Mobile # 0302-3477447, Email:

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