Djuice Red Bull Street Footballers Battle with Style

If you are wondering what Red Bull Street Style is all about then as a definition it is an annual freestyle football competition held around the world, where winners from all participating countries would get to contest in the world finals in South Africa.

Djuice has partnered with Red Bull to bring this game to Pakistan, as part of which qualifying rounds are being held in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

The rules of Red Bull Street Style are simple, the skill level is supposed to be immense. Each contestant plays with the round ball with whatever way he can to best amuse the crowd/judges.

Djuice Red Bull Street Style offers to freestyle soccer players the opportunity to compete and display their unique flow of control, style and creativity. Freestyle players are known to have the unique ability to control the movement of a soccer ball in a way that it transcends into a fluid motion of ball and player.

Qualifying round for the competition was held at Gelato Park, Islamabad. Salman Jan, Hamza Mughal, Zulmay Akbar Hashmi and Kashan Kaukab were picked as best free stylers from capital.

These guys will be travelling Karachi to combat on national level. Head to head battles ensue and the last person left standing will get flown all the way to South Africa where they will be representing Pakistan as s/he takes on the rest of the world in the global Red Bull Street Style competition.

Following qualifying rounds in Karachi is scheduled on 26th January while the finals on 31th January.

If you want to get in – simply click this link:

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