Your Next Nokia Could Feature An Inbuilt Radar

By Jansher Bloch

Fresh from the labs of the folks at the Nokia Research Center came an awesome new demo called ‘Mobile Radar’, this was essentially a modded Nokia N95 that could measure an object’s distance, speed, and direction all without coming into contact with it.

The above video showcases just two of its awesome use cases, first researcher Jani Ollikainen use his hand to adjust the music player’s volume, despite the presence of an object in his way. Next, researchers Terhi Rautiainen and Risto Kaunisto measure the distance, speed, and direction of a human walking all with the Nokia N95.

As the folks at Nokia Conversations point out, you shouldn’t get your hopes up of seeing this technology in your next Nokia as some of the projects from the NRC do not even make it out of the labs, but this is surely something we’d like to see our devices to. Possible use cases? Gaming? Security? What not!

Via Nokia Conversations

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