YouTube Banned on Selected ISPs, Update: YouTube is Back, Except Some Videos

We have received multiple confirmation from various sources that YouTube has been banned in Pakistan, at least on some ISPs.

We are checking ISPs and authority for any official word on it. We will update this story, when and if we get anything further in hands.

Update: YouTube is back. We are told by sources that during filtering policy update, YouTube got banned by mistake. We are yet to get any official word from PTA.

Website remained down for at least 40 minutes.

Update 2: Looks, not all of YouTube got back, as President Asif Ali Zardari’s recent videos are still restricted. So, apparently the puzzle has been solved.

We will update this post, when and if we get any word from PTA or ISPAK.

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  • taimoor

    ptcl is not supporting

  • Waqas Ahmed

    I am using Ptcl broadband and i am experiencing the same problem i.e is not restricted.

    • Waqas Ahmed

      Why is that so? What’s the reason behind that???

  • Suhaib Malik

    Confirmed… i am unable to access youtube. Getting Error. THIS SITE IS RESTRICTED

  • adyniz

    Yes, its a bitter truth.
    They totally blocked Youtube in almost ALL OVER Pakistan. After investigating it (personally), PTCL have blocked youtube on ALL DSL SUBSCRIBERS.

    It is not revealed yet whether it is permanent or temporary.

  • Ali

    Yes, I confirm the ban of Youtube.Com on PTCL Broadband.
    “This Site is Restricted “

  • DaPakiGuy

    Not working here :(
    My connecting is LDN … its says access denied…

  • Rashid

    yes its also blocked on PTCL DSL as below message apperas on the screen.
    “This Site is Restricted”

  • Tayyab

    This is not a good for internet users. I also face this problem today at 9:10pm. when i was listening the online lecture of vitual university. This is a loss of study for me. kindly tell me some method to solve this problem. plz

  • What the suck!?

  • M Rafay

    Ya i am using ptcl dsl and it says This Site is Restricted!!!

  • Jibran Hasnain

    PTCL DSL pe 9:41 PM pe unban hua ha

  • Ali

    ‘1 hour’ Youtube.Com ban lifted.

  • Tayyab

    My page is now working after 1 hour. that is good news for me. Now i am happy and hope that i will improve my study using on line video lecture again.

  • Ac3r

    its back :)

  • adyniz

    Youtube is finally available now.
    It was a temporary break down, the reason is still unknown that what it was restricted for a half hour.

  • Umair

    I Called ptcl, there reply was:

    There is problem in server of PTCL and youtube. They thinks that people will believe on this silly joke.

  • khan

    abhi thak tu its fine on world call no idea about ptcl

  • SSR

    its back there must be some problem at back hand………………

  • DaPakiGuy

    Its working fine

  • Zubair

    its back !

  • youtube is not less than a porn site
    Also youtube is under google, google the racist company

    Youtube launched special channel in the bad days of Iran election showing that Irani policy is cruel, when asked they said that section is for all world happening not only for iran, but later they closed that youtube section, they only open when want to post some message from american govt

  • Suhaib Malik

    Its Back

  • Recently a video of Zardari’s speech was circulating on youtube which sounded like “hum jamhoriyat ko kahtay hain you shut up”
    Video was known as shut up zardari etc.

    The ban was temporary and all such videos are removed. The rest of the videos are still there

  • ambrod

    i downloaded that vedio last night hehe any1 willing to c it ??? :P

  • ambrod
  • z0k

    i can still see the “shut up ” videos.they dont seem to be deleted

    • admin

      Can’t access on PTCL EVO

      • Imran Anwar

        video is available on wi-tribe

  • ambrod

    its block on ptcl networks……….

  • Youtube key channels he Shut-up kar diye hain MR 10% ney :D

  • Ghost

    use some proxy website and enjoy zardari shutup..
    i mean they can only apply filters but there are lots of way to bypass them if u want to. these aren’t been deleted from because it’s not in paki govts hand… so enjoy all these videos by bypassing their filter…

  • Masroor
  • Shoby

    Geo Zardari

  • Qausain
  • kashif

    yes the problem was with many customers, people were pubilshing about this error

  • kashif

    yes a couple of my friends were experiencing the same problem…………if zardari is behind it…its too bad i guess

  • Kaleem Ullah
  • Bilal Baloch

    How many websites they will close. there are tons of websites which are showing this video. they cant close the whole internet.

  • Muhammad Ali

    Facebook zindabad…. ppl who downloaded that video are easily uploading in fb.. lolx

  • Muhammad Usman

    I using PTCL DSL. Youtube is restricted for half hour. But now its work fine

  • I have randomly played some videos available on the given link and all are playing OK. We are using Worldcall.

  • Muhammad Asad

    Now, Zardari using eSHUTUP for us ;)
    A Pakistani discussion forum was also ban due to all of this few days ago.

  • Tanveer

    when youtube was not available i was surfing this site through :)

  • Majid

    Youtube main aaj tak koi problem nahin aaya dsl pe
    try this

  • Shujat Ali

    Asssalam O ALaikum….May it is banned on ptcl….we as ptcl users facing the same problem….what do u say it permanent or temporary….?????

  • Shehryar


  • I can’t contain myself and say that I am beyond pissed at PTCL… Facebook is banned! okay we get it!
    The over efficient PTA has banned a few pages of wiki.
    and God knows what!
    And to hit the nail on the head! there is some new issue with video conferencing… As soon as you attempt to make a video call, ptcl disconnects.. strangely the indicator lights on the modem still show that everything is fine. Rebooting the router or the modem is in vain. It fixes if you release and renew the IP but its back as soon as you call again.
    This is more than frustrating. Can they ever be organized? Ever?

  • mudassar nawaz

    i am using ptcl dsl and youtube is still restricted here after 5 days!what can i do to resolve the problematic situation?

  • sucker stand

    Good post,thank you!

  • Mamuka

    Here we go again no more you tube.
    its so sad.
    for me its doesnt make any sense, blocking you tube wont make any difference.
    blahh blah. why why why why. what ever.