Wateen Sweeps Motorola Aside for Network Expansion

First time in history of WiMAX industry, Wateen’s RAN team has on-aired four sites without involving its vendor, Motorola.

Reportedly, due to delay in delivery from vendor’s side, one of Wateen’s RAN team took the initiative and deployed 4 sites, which are as of now on-air and live in southern region.

Lead by Tehseen Ahmed, Syed Yasir Uddin is responsible for all the integration of equipment that they had purchased from vendor, while deployment work was done by a sub-con.

Commenting on this, the RAN team lead Tehseen Ahmed said that this is the first time in the history of Wateen, RAN team have deployed sites without involving the vendor, all the installation and integration of these site are done by us.

Yasir, while speaking with ProPakistani told that there are 134 sites planned in this phase, out of which 66 are in Karachi. After successful installation of 4 sites, his team is planning to roll out all remaining sites in chunks.

It merits mentioning here that Yasir had joined Wateen a year ago as a fresh graduate.

Currently there is only one such installation team in Wateen, however, we may see more such individuals mastering the installation process.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • May be Wateens’ vender is creating problem in providing the logisitic support as per their aggrement. One more thing i want to mention that wateen has no wifi USB in their stock from previous two months. After paying too much visits to wateen Customer Center , i placec order for wifi+router.

  • the vendor has to commission the site to certify the installation. Untill then the intallation will not be considered properly deployed.

  • Its better that they have took the initiative other than waiting for vendor to come and install, may be vendor will be more careful next time.

  • not something new. it has already been done in various operators where sites have been commissioned by operator’s team without relying on vendor support. and yeah as already said it is not rocket science!

    • Commissioning can only be done by the vendor or the firm replresenting the vendor and having the certificate of vendor.

      other wise its just installation. Installation can be done by anybody.

  • @ Marc & Gumby….. true said guys….neither integrating site is a Rocket Science Nor its a big deal of bomb which has been exploded….. since such documents can be achieved by any means….. Such plans are made underground :)

  • Which local subcontractors are providing services to wateen. Coz i ve heard wateen’s management has the policy of doing all the installation and engineering work in house.

  • ..Its really appreciatable that without training on vendor equipment integrating the system is not that much easy specailly motorola. Ihave experienced motorola equipment which is not that much user friendly system. Wateen should also reward them for their outstanding performance.

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