PTA Achieved 95 percent of its Goals in 2009

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has said that it successfully achieved 95 percent of its targets for the year 2009 and set new targets for the year 2010.

In a statement issued, authority said that some of the important achievements of the PTA in the year 2009 were discussed during annual meeting of the authority with Chairman PTA, Dr Mohammad Yaseen in the chair.

The meeting discussed progress of division and directorates of PTA for the year 2009, besides reviewing and proposing targets and goals for the year 2010. The PTA member finance, Syed Nasrul Karim Ghaznavi, member technical, Dr Khawar Siddique Khokhar, director generals and directors attended the meeting.

The achievements of the authority during the year

  • Financial analysis of telecom sector,
  • Finalization of DSL agreement with PTCL
  • Review of pricing policies of cellular mobile operators (CMOs) for improved ARPUs
  • Fixed and mobile tariff analysis of Saarc region
  • Analysis of PTCL performance in post privatization period
  • Financial evaluation of new licenses
  • Establishment of industry working group on GSM-VAS
  • Preparation of broadband and GPRS-EDGE KPIs
  • Implementation of new number plan in AJ&K and NAs
  • Auction of Universal Access Numbers (UAN).
  • Consumer protection regulations and regulations against spam, obnoxious
  • Establishment of redressal of consumers’ grievances mechanism
  • Preparation of code of commercial practices for all licensees
  • Development of maritime communication regulatory framework.
  • Sim Information System 668
  • Introduction of mobile agri-application and mobile commerce
  • Formulation of ICT/Telecommunication security guidelines
  • Formulation of broadband stake holders group
  • Establishment of E-commerce gateway of Pakistan
  • Re-delegation of PK domain
  • Completion of international traffic monitoring system
  • Reconciliation of international telephone traffic system
  • Mobile subscribers’ online verification (789) system

Surveys and Researches Done During 2009

  • Towers environmental hazards survey
  • Comprehensive QoS survey of mobile companies
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Grey Traffic/Illegal Call Termination
  • Studies on house cabling
  • Socio Economic Impact of Telecom Growth
  • Study on Disaster Communication
  • Review of different Regulations
  • Research paper on International Trends in Legislation and Reforms in Telecommunication
  • Research paper on Concept of Financial Compensation for Telecom Service Providers and Consumers in line with the Best International Practices
  • Study on Development of Public Domain Database i.e. for SIM Information System were some of the research activities done by PTA in 2009.

Some Tasks for 2010

  • Charging of Calls to Toll Free Numbers from Mobile
  • Broadband tariffs-Benchmark Study
  • Financial analysis of Mobile Operators
  • QoS surveys of different telecom services in the country
  • Comparative study of MVNO with different Countries
  • Review of mergers and acquisitions in the telecom sector of Pakistan
  • Study on Status of 4G and 3G deployments globally and way forward for Pakistan.
  • Studies on regulatory changes in will regime in line with technological advancements
  • 3G licensing
  • Study on Low power GSM trends
  • Research papers on unification of license: provision of coverage services i.e. voice, video and data under one umbrella and their regulatory issues etc.
  • Studies on Telecom regulatory Reforms, Impact on Economics Growth in Pakistan
  • Study on Economic Analysis of Privatization of PTCL

  • Funny thing is while they claim to have met 95% of thier goals, almost 99% of thier licensed operators are missing thiers.

    Not one operator is reporting positive results thanks to PTA’s arm-twisting and poor regulatory management/decisions. Now that they have runout of liceses to sell they are forcing new licenses down the already licensed operator’s throats. Other times they are simply coming out with clarifications and addendums to change the license clauses that are signed for years.

    Some one should conduct a study on PTA’s license mortality rate and investigate into how many licensed operators are actually in profit or still in business today, here is what i remember of the top my head:

    1 of 4 mile operators out of business license suspended etc

    80+ ISP liceses, around 20 active

    14 LDI licenses: 9 operational

    What protection are they offering to the investors and the employees of companies operating in the industry?

    Also there should be a detailed study in to thier claims to 95% achievement lets look at this point here:
    The achievements of the authority during the year

    •Finalization of DSL agreement with PTCL
    how valid is this? See below link for details of PTA and DSL operators’ correspondence.

    DSL operators went without connecting a single DSL customer for months!

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