Ufone’s Back Ground Music TVC is being Questioned, Ethically

Ufone has been doing well with TV adverts, lately. Faisal Qureshi and his team faced criticism from few corners for being over funny, however, they have successfully managed to impress the masses.

Their latest advert for Back Ground Music has caught attentions of many on “ethical” angle of the campaign.

In one such advertisement, a young man enjoying a good time at a restaurant lies to his father about his whereabouts by playing him the background of noise at a computer lab. Variants of this ads are being aired on TV and radio, of course with heavy budgets.

Ufone could advertise this facility while mapping it with some other situational scene instead of promoting ways to fool people.

A Marketing expert while opining on this campaign said that this would make “sales” but, is there any kind of social responsibility on shoulder of these giants? We should think as a Nation, not as salesmen he added.

If this TVC was played in a country other than Pakistan, Ufone could be taken to the court with hefty lawsuit.

While on other hands, there are people who opine they don’t have any problem with such kind ads, as they are made for the sake of fun and not for the serious attribution of fooling around with people.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • THE THINGS THAT ARE AVOIDABLE BY THE SIMPLE TURN OF A HEAD OR BY OTHER SIMPLE MEANS COULD NOT BE BANNED. Like having sex in open public or dressing of females and this service too..
    you people are too crazy.

    • for what ? eh as i said before ufone makes this type of ads . there is no need to over hype it ok the point is obviously funny not only me my whole family and those i know ,ufones ads serve as a good laugh cant pakistani’s just stop being so hard and extremists about everything? to hell with everything man either pakistani people are totally dead or when they rise its about something completely stupid and there are many things that need more attention!

  • Viewers watching ads of Ufone fully acknowledge that almost all ads of Ufone are aimed at bringing laughter or at least smile on the faces of viewers People enjoy wit without going into nitty gritty of anything else.The ads are justified as long as they serve the purpose of reaching across the cross section of society and bringing smile on faces.Only envious people with negative mentality would stoop so low as to find faults in otherwise harmless ads.

    • Fully agree with Rameez and Ahsan … :-)
      what has gone in to us? If there are movies of all type where they promote ways of flirt, sex, murder, kid napping etc., if we can laugh on Anwer maqsood’s, Younis Butt’s, Javid Ch’s etc. Tanz-o-mazak then whats wrong with ufone ads?

  • just 1 thing for you .. “Open up you mind” . i dont know when u Pakistanis will grow up… i mean whats wrong with these ads? you r livin in 2010 and Pak is still in 1880 due to minds of yours…
    U try to pop up your site by making issues which really dos’nt exist…

    oh i know.. those ads “pyaaray bacho… kiwi kia hai” are the one you think we still deserve?

    Man… these are not issues… if you really want to change something just change ur President… when a Corrupt man is President of our’s.. anything could happen

    • As i recently said in another comment, I was watching this video of Imran Khan, in England, and he was so true that Pakistanis have a very unique habit…

      He said, when a politician (call him A) points out the corruption of other politician (Call him politician B), he instead of justifying his deeds, starts pointing back the corruption of the politician A.

      I mean its funny that you are comparing President of a country with the marketing campaign of a cellular company.

      If so, you want everyone to treat Ufone as they do President?

      Second thing, very clearly said – the campaign has been discussed in ‘Ethical’ angel, not the quality, results or the type of campaign.

      BTW, i respect your opinion, and appreciate if you start respecting others’

      • aamir bhai this is another story that the person named HMD shouldnt have said compared president to the ufone ads … but if you ask me even if he did compare president would be far low than any ad ufone could ever make , im not saying that ufone HAS or WOULD do a wrong thing k? im saying that the standard of our president is so low -_-‘ . one day all of his party and he is against the restoration of judges and after due to the long march and the pressure by the army chief he has to restore them he claims it to be his acheivement . then he defies the orders of the suppreme court . literally he is doing nothing but gathering money to run out of the country in a few months mark my words :D… i wonder if he reads this blog ;)

        • lol – actually i do respect Hmd’s comment, as far as he is saying that they love funny ads, and he (along with other like minded ppl) don’t have any problem with such ads.

          But comparing Ufone with president, as you said is pretty unfair (in whatever way) :- D

          • Hmd u want to change the president , first change yourself …!! You are going faraway from islam and because of which we have such bad leadership ..!!

            (lying to parents is a very big sin , but nowadayz u ppl take it so lightly ..!!)

          • @tahoo

            Hmd u want to change the president , first change yourself …!! You are going faraway from islam and because of which we have such bad leadership ..!!

            umm please explain how teh heck does islam effect what leadership we have / actually on a side note the “mualana’s etc” are worser or atleast in the same catagory as zardari

          • I am not comparing President with ufon.. i mean UFON is way better :D

            my point was.. these are very small issues.. you need to ignor them.. i mean a ad runs, you watch, you laugh and u forget it.. no bid deal…

            again,,. its better then watching news of blast and ppl get killed..

  • May be the mature people take it as fun but what about kids? What type of message they are getting – tell a lie to your father, mother or teachers?? This is not about being narrow minded. Have you ever watched Airtel commercials, they dont ever cross the ethical boundaries yet are successful in touching the emotions of millions. There is no smoke without fire, people have noticed this so thats why this post exists. Ufone needs to revisit thier marketing strategy or particularly this campaign. Thank you.

    • hassan im a kid :P (16 years old ) i didnt get any message other than a good laugh as far as lying goes i think ALL of us do that often :P

  • This is not an issue. Please pro-pakistani write about some real problems rather than this silly matter.


  • come on…..guyz’ it isn’t that big issue, no other pakistan’s company is making quality ads except Ufone…..at least Ufone is the only company whose TVC r being watched n non of anyother company receive that reception…i knw abt myself whenever i watched TV,,,whenever break start i just change my channel…always…always…bt if it is the Ufone’s add..i stay tuned n watch the whole add.i dint get any message except laughing..i think this blog is the perfect example of competition in market..cz ufone ads r very much appreciated by general public so i guess, some competitors r trying to put a fullstop on this appreciation

  • so plz one request pakistan cellular companies….instead of creating a bad word of mouth, try to focus of ur marketing campaign n produce quality n funny ads like Ufone…ok

  • I remember the other ad of background music where their is a positive angle also. doctor and dakuu wala.

  • Why you people are taking this issue in negative sense it has a positive aspect why dont you all guys think positively see the ending of this there the actor say that he can leave this “dhaka or chori” for you. and i think all Ufone ads are perfect where ever new ad of Ufone came i see it a lot of time and every time i smile and about this issue dont you gys relate with Islam, and think what other things we do in every day life is all Islamic or not and also think all the unethical activities that we do every day why you forgot all that and Ufoen I really Love you keep smiling people and keep giving good packages.

  • Ahsan, i gues 16 is supposedly a mature age especially in this digital era. And guys humor exists in other forms as wel. Great job pro pakistani.

  • Such deception could have been done anyway with many cellphone softwares even before Ufone brought this service. Also there are keychain-sized things with small built-in speaker with which you can make different kinds of noises.

  • Quote “A Marketing expert while opining on this campaign said that this would make “sales” but, is there any kind of social responsibility on shoulder of these giants? We should think as a Nation, not as salesmen he added.”

    Marketing Expert: As a Nation Did we ever for the past 60 years thought like that ?
    Ufone: UR ads r meant to target <=20 years old so def. a segment of their audience would love it, But atleast much better than those colorful pink indian style dancing ads.

    Anyway its uni-dimensional as there are no absouletely NO PR events being covered or aired (obviously Ads = Money ), which might be organized for ethical and company's CSR towards the society. But Yes our society doesnt demand that,
    To Celcos Branding Experts,
    Hire some PR Ppl, support charity schools, Start some scholarship programs, Affiliate urself with ppl of Pakistan Start donating and winning hearts :)

  • hahhahaahaha I die laughing at this line

    “If this TVC was played in a country other than Pakistan, Ufone could be taken to the court with hefty lawsuit.”

    Same case like Aamir vs Waqar Zaka. Lolz …

  • i dont tink so that ufone is dioin ethically ivin those promotions on your product which are actually not present is it ethical????? ofcoure not….. the recent add of ufone to awake dead bodies is it actually possible?????so te adds of ufone are unethical

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