Ufone’s Back Ground Music TVC is being Questioned, Ethically

Ufone has been doing well with TV adverts, lately. Faisal Qureshi and his team faced criticism from few corners for being over funny, however, they have successfully managed to impress the masses.

Their latest advert for Back Ground Music has caught attentions of many on “ethical” angle of the campaign.

In one such advertisement, a young man enjoying a good time at a restaurant lies to his father about his whereabouts by playing him the background of noise at a computer lab. Variants of this ads are being aired on TV and radio, of course with heavy budgets.

Ufone could advertise this facility while mapping it with some other situational scene instead of promoting ways to fool people.

A Marketing expert while opining on this campaign said that this would make “sales” but, is there any kind of social responsibility on shoulder of these giants? We should think as a Nation, not as salesmen he added.

If this TVC was played in a country other than Pakistan, Ufone could be taken to the court with hefty lawsuit.

While on other hands, there are people who opine they don’t have any problem with such kind ads, as they are made for the sake of fun and not for the serious attribution of fooling around with people.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK