KP Allocates Rs. 250 Million For Free Cancer Treatment and Dialysis

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has taken a significant step towards ensuring uninterrupted healthcare for cancer and dialysis patients by allocating additional funds to the State Life Insurance Corporation. This move underscores the government’s commitment to providing essential medical services to its citizens, particularly those covered under the Sehat Card Plus program.

In a recent development, the government has decided to allocate an additional sum of Rs250 million to the State Life Insurance Corporation. This allocation is intended to establish a reserve fund, ensuring the seamless provision of free dialysis and cancer treatment to patients covered under the Sehat Card Plus program. Officials familiar with the matter have confirmed this decision.

Earlier this month, the government disbursed Rs5 billion, leading to the resumption of free treatment services for individuals. This resumption came after a partial suspension that lasted over a year. However, to guarantee continued access to cashless services for cancer and dialysis patients, State Life Insurance Corporation, the program’s executor, has requested an additional Rs400 million from the government to establish reserve funds.

During a meeting last week, Health Minister Syed Qasim Ali Shah consented to releasing Rs250 million for this purpose. The aim is to ensure that individuals requiring cancer treatment and dialysis can avail themselves of uninterrupted services.

Treatment services under the Sehat Card Plus program were reinstated on March 12 across the province and in empaneled hospitals nationwide. Despite this resumption, officials have emphasized the importance of additional funds to cater to patients’ ongoing needs.

Officials have highlighted the policy that entitles each family in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to receive free healthcare annually. However, cases exceeding Rs400,000 are referred to the reserve fund committee for approval.

While renal and liver transplants may be considered for inclusion in the program at a later stage, the current focus remains on providing continuous support to cancer and dialysis patients. Officials have clarified that the cost of procedures such as kidney and liver transplants, amounting to Rs5 million and Rs1.4 million respectively, presents challenges for inclusion at this juncture.

Despite ongoing requests from patients awaiting renal and liver transplants, officials maintain that inclusion in the program is not currently feasible. However, with the extension of the Universal Health Coverage Act in 2022, there remains potential for future expansion of the program’s scope.

While the idea of limiting free treatment services to a specific income bracket was proposed previously, the government has opted to extend coverage to the entire population. Nevertheless, the prospect of including renal and liver transplants remains uncertain at present.

As cancer and dialysis patients frequently exhaust their allocated funds, the need for reserve funds to support ongoing treatment is evident. While requests for liver and renal transplants persist, the current focus remains on ensuring continued support for those in need of dialysis and cancer treatment under the Sehat Card Plus program.

By addressing the ongoing needs of vulnerable populations, the government reaffirms its commitment to providing accessible and quality healthcare services to all citizens. As efforts continue to strengthen healthcare infrastructure and expand coverage, the future looks promising for healthcare in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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