Behavior of Pakistani Internet Users: BBC Survey

Few days ago, we mentioned BBC’s Survey report that evaluated 27,000 respondents from across the world to calculate their thoughts and behavior for internet access and its usability.

Thanks to BBC, we got hold of summary report that reveals several facts about internet users in the world. We have extracted information for Pakistani Internet users, and it is as following:

  • Dependence on the internet appears to be less pronounced in Pakistan than elsewhere
  • Of web users in Pakistan, 79 per cent agree they could cope without the internet.
  • Pakistani’s are much less likely than average to agree the internet has increased their freedom (55%)
  • 46 per cent Pakistanis think Internet is their fundamental right
  • 22 percent Pakistani users access internet for music and films, and they this is what they use internet for.
  • Internet users in Pakistan are much more likely to agree that the internet is a good place to find a romantic partner (60%)
  • Pakistani respondents find the internet to be a safe place for expressing opinions (58% agree).

Download full report from here – PDF (477 KB) – Right Click and select “Save Target As”

  • It will take some time for those thoughts to be changed and iam sure the internet will change their thoughts.
    They need to explore the internet.

  • 46% thinks internet is thr fundamental right. Dont you think Electricity, Clean water and Education is fundamental right.

    • i can live without electriicty as long as internet is on, and my laptop battery survives the loadshedding

  • Internet really increase Right freedom.. like our TV & print media hav Some policies due to which we cant see many truth things… while on net we find lots of staff from youtube, facebook & other sites.

  • •Internet users in Pakistan are much more likely to agree that the internet is a good place to find a romantic partner (60%)

    This one got the highest percentage…ahh…remind me of good old days…60 rupay ghanta…aur 1 week mein 2 dates pakki…ab to boht gand par gaya hy lolx

  • the internet in Pakistan is just for the big cities all the ruler area are not getting any thing from it as the services is not avaiable there and if available the speed is very slow and also the vVirless is now more working too, so how one an say that it is just for the making love and others so what u will say for it .

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