iSentry: IP Based Surveillance Solution by PTCL

PTCL is offering this IP based security surveillance solution, with remote recording to its customers.

Called iSentry, package comes with a Camera, 1 MB DSL, static IP, remote recording for Rs. 6,000 per month per camera – no upfront cost at all.

One may term this cost little high, because of its recurring nature, however let’s not forget that this solution is for corporate customers, who may find it handy by replacing this solution with workforce and ultimately cutting the cost.

How iSentry works?

What’s included?

  • Wireless IP camera
  • 1 MB DSL
  • Static IP
  • Remote Recording

Let’s preview features of iSentry

  • Watch live feeds on PC or Mobile phone, using internet while being anywhere in the world
  • You can re-call recordings, that never get lost or stolen, because they are stored remotely on PTCL servers
  • Get alarms via SMS or email in case of any intrusion/movement or if cam goes offline
  • You get 1 MB DSL, which you can use for browsing or any other internet activity (however, make sure that you leave some bandwidth free that is necessary for security cam to broadcast feed)
  • iSentry comes with surveillance alarm, to call in-vicinity backup guards


Ready2Go: If you need one cam per Telephone line, than this Rs. 6,000 per month subscription is good for you

iSentry Personalized: If you need three or more cameras per site, go for this package. Pricing may depend on number of cameras plus distance from each other

iSentry Customized: Need anything that doesn’t fit above two categories? Such as you want your already available wired cameras infrastructure to be integrated with iSentry etc, check PTCL for what they have to offer you.

How to Order?

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