Upside Down: Mobilink [Updated]

A picture speaks a thousand words, so no further description from our side on following, but just one Question: How in this world this flex went live? Let alone the Printing, designing, proofreading errors…!

This happened in Karachi and was captured by Zaymas


Mobilink has responded to this post, and said that this is a fake photograph. Mobilink also sent us a recent photograph of same hoarding, which is displayed below.

  • Arif

    WOW Mobilink Marketing BTL guys – Huhhhhhhhhh

    BAD WORK :)


    ahahahaha mobilink is down!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruqaiya

    This is so embarrassing…hats off to mobilink marketing :)

  • A.R.S.

    its only a marketing strategy.

    • djhassoo

      no its not

  • Muhammad Haris

    Good Catch :)


  • advertising guru

    It’s marketing strategy. If it were not so what was the other way to place this advertisement on propakistani free of cost?

    A standing ovation to Mobilink brand team

    • admin

      Mobilink wants its head down for free advertisements? I would say it could do better than this.

      And by the way, ProPakistani is offering this poor company, (which is Multi Billion in worth) free advertisements for last 2 years now.

      • advertising guru

        ok i got the point. you are personally biased against mobilink.

        i request to mobilink that it should pay your arears of two years asap.

        • admin

          Guru, no offense, but you are good at taking out the wrong meanings : – )

          Just seconds ago you were saying that ProPakistani is advertising them for free, and now you claim ProPakistani is biased. This doesn’t make much sense…

          Moreover, this is an obvious mistake of designer, who un-intentionally flipped the layer in Coral, which was not proofed by copy guys and was printed as it was.

          Just to add more, if Mobilink wanted a marketing catch, they could flip anything but not this line which read “Call 111 or contact account manager ….”

  • advertising guru

    dear admin
    i need not to be offensive as i’ve nothing to do with mobilink. as an advertising professional i know various startegies are deployed to catch the attention of the audiences and create viral through discussion forums.
    it may be a mistake on proofreader’s part but i’ll say this wrong did more than right for mobilink, for a ‘no mistake’ could’nt create such viral.

    let’s agree to disagree

    • Unis Khan

      yes that 100% the case in my opnion

  • Saeed

    It’s a big mistake and even approved from the management of Mobilink -:) to targeting Audience.

  • Aleena Naeem

    Saaf pata chal raha hai photshop ki hai photo…

  • Armeen

    Fake photo.. i hav seen this billboard and the writing is NOT upside down. Probably some looser netwrok could not take the competition and stooped down to such a level.


  • Prince

    I think the first pic is photoshopped.

  • samz

    I also thought it is a fake one, because yesterday i saw the correct one

  • Sameer

    Dear All,
    Its a mistake and not treated from photoshop. Mobilink dosent want any viral through these mistakes. They should be asahmed on such a big mistake.

    Zymas Good Work

  • Kashif

    Insaan se ghalati ho jati hai. Ye koi khabr hai. Isko khabr bnane wale ki aql ko salam krna chahye. Ye koi barri baat nhi hai.