Google Translation Now Supports Urdu Language

Google translation, a tool to translate from one language to 57 another languages, has added Urdu in the list.


Meaning that, now you can translate 57 languages into Urdu and from Urdu to 57 well known languages of the world.

This remarkable achievement will greatly help in localizing the content by presenting foreign language websites in Urdu language through Google’s web page translation tools.

At this moment, we must not forget that served for long, as only Urdu language translation tool available on web. But this move from Google is going to hamper PakTranslations, by large, particularly, when it comes to results.

Just to add, Google Translation allows users to upload documents and get them translated with a single click.

Also you can use Google Translate for Urdu to any other Language dictionary.


About the quality of translation, given that in ALPHA version, results are amazing good, but not the perfect. Let’s expect further enhancements with time.

Try Google Translation yourself by clicking this link

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  • Thanks to those who contineously asked google to add URDU on thei transaton page.

    I remember that Microsoft market one version of URDU in 2001/2002 but later due to lack of intrest of URDU users it is obslete almost.

  • google har sector kah stake sirf khud hold karna chah raha hai, i think if they improve it, things will change alot

  • because its not from english to urdu translation only, but from other language, as i tried to check, french and arabic…

  • Great work.. i was waiting for this from long ago.. we also not forget work as you mention them. as i use it for urdu work.

  • a great work. at least Google recognized importance of Urdu language that is very badly treated in pakistan

  • a really good move by google. I hope that it will help us a lot. I must pay thanks to all the contributor of this great solution.

  • i think its more than just a great work. the best thing ever done for urdu language.

  • This is lovely. I wander if it can translate a published book from Urdu to English or the other way round which is not available as a document. A detailed paper by some knowledgeable person on Pro Pakistsni organization will be a great help.

    • You must have urdu book in acceptable (completable) Urdu fonts. If you have hardpaper, or images in JPEG and BMP format, i doubt you can translate them with Google Translation

  • Wow!

    This will help the O and A level Urdu Students in translating lol

    Not that I am an O or A level student!

  • Its absolutely brilliant.

    One thing I miss is that the translation from Urdu alpha to English is difficult in the sense in that we have to write in urdu instead of roman urdu. I think Google should integrate the urdu transliteration with this!
    Nevertheless we can use google transliteration and then copy the urdu from there and then use urdu to english translation.

  • But why google is not following khat-e-nastalique; the standard easy-to-read writing style of Urdu…

  • Recognition of Urdu on international level is the acknowledgement of our prosparity………finger cross n hope for the best…….no doubt we (pakis) will b back on track for more n more edventures.

  • great work done by pakistani supporters to create issues on google to add the urdu language translater

  • Urdu hai jis ka naam hamin jaantay hain Daagh Saray jahan main dhoom hamari zaban ki hai! :D

  • The service is still in ALPHA. I tested it and found 50% correct translations. Although All who tries to use and found errors they must contribute correct translations.
    I’m thanking Google for adding URDU in translation app.

  • Ahan!! it still hav errors.. it doesnt Translate exactly the same sentence we write to translate.. it has many mistakes.. so Google needs to improve and to finish these errors… U can check it

  • This really a great news. Now we can launch urdu websites with local data and our international visitors can enjoy the benefits through Google translations.

    Google is really great.

  • This is funny
    look at the translation of a verse by google…Lolz
    i wrtie in the box
    جو فقر ہوا تلخی دوراں کا گِلہ مند
    and google translated it as

    Gala benefit of the poor air bitterness duran|en|%D8%AC%D9%88%20%D9%81%D9%82%D8%B1%20%DB%81%D9%88%D8%A7%20%D8%AA%D9%84%D8%AE%DB%8C%20%D8%AF%D9%88%D8%B1%D8%A7%DA%BA%20%DA%A9%D8%A7%20%DA%AF%D9%90%D9%84%DB%81%20%D9%85%D9%86%D8%AF

  • i need to all data of the day on reciving my number i save in my computer so how can i do?

  • mie chata hoon k merey din ka pora data calls sms etc jo bhi mie din bhr mie krta hoon us ka record merey paas computer mie hoo to ies k liye mie kia karo

    • If you use Nokia then download and install the tool “Nokia PC Suite” which will enable you to download your msgs, contacts etc to the computer.

  • The translator function in Urdu is now getting better. For basic translation of emails and the like it does the job just fine. Good to see Google are adding new languages to their translation tool.

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