Poll: Do You Support Ban on Facebook?

There is a debate in the country, where some say Facebook ban is good while others term it a bad move by the authorities,

Please vote in following poll to determine somewhat of opinion in the masses.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I don’t support ban even a single URL… Internet should not be censored. let the people decide what they want to see and what not

    • Mr. Kashif……R U one of them, i think u r not a muslim, otherwise u didn’t say this…..
      They tried to insult our Holy Prophet (Na-uzu-billah)

      • Mr.Abubakr, Y do i always see all the muslims like you tring to be the only muslim? If kashif have any opinion of him it your responsibility to read him and respect him. You can only change his mind by love. Not by saying “U aint a muslim”.

        Just tell me one thing, “If our prophet is alive today, tell me frankly what will he do to this action” Dont forget his actions of the Taif and others.

        Also if you have time, can u answer questions like

        • Assalamualkeum,
          waqas first read and understand about islam, if our beloved prophet PBUH is alive today he will give the orders to cut their necks who do all these shits. go the masjid ask the right molvis about it.

          • Walaikum Assalam,

            Abid i really agree with you, If you ask maulvees then difinatly they’ll tell u to cut the necks.

            I wish , k someday , u take some time out and think of your own rather than depending on all the maulvis out there. Unhoo ne hi hamarai mazhab ko is stage pe pohanchaya hai.

            But if prophet zinda hotai to he would do something similar to wat he did after fateh Makkah.

            He only fight with those who fight against him.

            • My dear brother Waqas

              you’re right about the fact where Prophet PBUH forgave a bunch of people at the instant of Fatah e Makkah, but it was Prophet himself and it was upto him whether or not to take the revenge and he also kept the right to forgive because he was the actual person who was hurt by them. so it was his big heart that he forgave all.

              but we, as representer of Islam are supposed to defend and preach Islam at all costs. For those non-believers who readily embrace Islam, we welcome them. or if they do not embrace Islam, they’re supposed to live by paying the Tax to the Muslims (keeping this fact in mind here that In Islam, Muslims are to rule over the world and non-muslims are the suppressed).

              But for those non-muslims who neither embrace Islam nor pay the tax to live rather they try to occlude the preaching and spread of Islam and fight with Muslims, Here WE MUSLIMS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO JIHAD AGAINST THEM AND CUT THEIR NECKS OFF. If now we stay quiet and let them vilify about our Prophet PBUH, believe me we’re in hell for sure then………..WE SHOULD NEVER COMPROMISE ON THAT!
              THEY’RE WAJIB-UL-QATL!



              • Dear Friends

                Ones who draw those pictures can draw their ______________ pictures and hang in their homes and enjoy them, if any one want to manipulate Islam DOT IT WHERE WE DON’T SEE IT , OTHER WISE YOU WILL FACE IT ________ ………WE WILL NEVER USE THAT SITE AGAIN, ITS A PROMISE TO OUR PROPHET (PBUH). …..

                [Comment Edited]

    • Pakistan is an Islamic Country and the respect of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is obligatory for every Muslim.

      Lahore High Court deserves accolades for issuing the order to ban Facebook. PTA deserves credit as well

    • Kashif, If you agreed that we Muslims don’t need to block such kind of sites over the internet & let the ppl who uses internet decide what is right or wrong,

      Then I’ve one question for you !

      I assume you love your parents & family members If ppl start discussion erotic stories refer to your family members, will you condemn that or will you say “I don’t have any problem let ppl discuss erotic stories with my family members”.. I believe you were thought to murder that person how dare he said any think for your beloved ones..

      • Umair,

        First of all , everything happens for a reason. Can u think for a second why do all those western hate our prophet?

        I did watched the videos on youtube before the ban, and all i can conclude was that they hate him bkz they hate us. We muslims have done so many rong thigns that they hate us and think that if muslims are suicidal, how can their prophet be like?

        Its out fault , that we gave him a change to think bad about us.

        If a child is spoiled then every one will assume that his mother is also evil.

    • I agree with Kashif.Censoring the internet is against the fundamental human right of freedom of choice. If you find some websites offensive don’t visit them. But please don’t tell other people what to do.

    • to mr Kashif
      Mr if u r a Muslim then i don’t think so that u have to say that on the day of judgment what will b Ur ans when u will be ask for this ques that what u did for ISLAM and Ur Prophet. if we cant fight to them at least can boycott their products and we are in favor to ban the face book and other sites forever

      Be a True Muslim

  • To keep facebook’s server busy, go to Start > RUN and type this “ping -t -l 1300” without qouts, and press ENTER and keep the prompt windows open. By doing this, the server of facebook will be busy and no body will be able to open this site.

    • Buddy, it was wrong trick. because we have no access on facebook so how our computer send ping attacks on Facebook server. you should have to use web server for this. because web servers has lot of bandwidth with high internet speed :D

    • If only it was this simple to keep facebook’s servers so busy that no one would be able to open the site…

  • Ban forever! Make stand against this little piece of shit at least!! Don’t repeat the history of longest march in the country powered by public and on call of one bald asshole, everybody returns home from Gujranwala to bear a monkey president until now!! Don’t do that again please.. Don’t lift ban to let people go back on it to have whole west laughing on you all..!! Ban it forever!

  • Yes… I strongly support ban on facebook. The facebook admins don’t care for muslims. Why should we care for them.

  • LHC/PTA should have notified Facebook about this and should have requested the removal or blockage. In case of non-compliance from Facebook, I am all for ban.
    Right now we have made our position problematic for nothing, and we are just helping those guys to promote their non-sense.

    • Mate. The page was reported by thousands of people through facebook standard reporting procedure but no action was taken at all but instead they only took 20 minutes to shut down a page against jewish on demand of some bloody jewish cyber force. Doesn’t it just explain the discrimination against only one race and religion? I wonder if people didn’t undersand the yesterday post about “How best to react?”.. It was all explained in there with links and everything!

    • @ Zaigham, the page violated the guidelines set by Facebook itself and was reported by thousands of people.

      For every muslim the respect of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is obligatory and supersedes everything (including one’s family)

      Facebook was rightly banned (and the ban should continue) and my Salam to people who give this order (to ban Facebook) and implemented it.

    • Mr did u know that a Muslim boy creates a page Named as “Every Body Draw Holocaust” but did u know that no body reports it as spam or something else the face book admin block the account of the creator and also said that it is against their Policy and in their policy that u cant hurt any one’s religious believes. then y they don’t delete the page “every body draw Mohammad Day”. y u people don’t realize that what they want. they just want to make hyper the Muslims and show to the world that Muslim’s are not a Piece-full.

      • I cant belive the words of that muslim boy so easily, just try to search loss of facebook due to ban on pakistan.

        u’ll get tons of results all from paki bloggers claiming that BBC has report something like 2billion euros loss in day.

        While they all fail to give any reference, and their is not such thing found of facebook.

        Now this is enough to show how good we are at keeping things fake. Yet we show love of our prophet love isnt showed by yelling out slogans in the street but to follow the path that our prophet told us

        • Mr Waqas
          with due respect i want to say that y u peoples are hyper on the ban of facebook its true he give the evidence of this he take a snapshot of the community and then the blocking of account and also mail from the admin of the facebook

          one person says that done hate the game hate the player mer if game still exist how can we stop the creation of more player like that if the facebook exist then it will happen again again n again and did u see the community “F**K the Muslims”and “Muslims are Terrorists” then how can u stop it

        • Mr it really dsnt matter that u believe or not that boy give the evidence of that he take a snapshot of banning his account and also the mail from facebook admins
          y r u so hyper cause of banning facebook
          Mr sheru says that Hate the playe not the game mr if game still exist how can we stop the creation of more player like that if the facebook exist then it will happen again again n again and did u see the community “F**K the Muslims”and “Muslims are Terrorists” then how can u stop it watt u think admins of facebook didnt know that. no they know every thing its a preplanned things ok be a true MUSLIM

            • Yaar, salman bhai.

              I’ve already checked it.

              He have provided enough evidence. Thanks for resending. But I am sorry , i cant belive this when i see all the lies around the web by Pakis out there realted to Facebook Hype. I can make such screenshots as well, its not a big thing. Any way, cut the crap I am sorry if i hurt you by my opinion. And i totally agree, FB should have to take a stand and block the page all by it self. Any way

              Just tell me one thing, If our prophet is alive today, tell me what do you think he will do, and ask his ummah to do about this. Do keep all of his past records in mind and how caring he was to his opponents.

              And a Muslim is supposed to follow the same path which his Prophet has taught him.

  • I support the ban but it only makes sense till May 31st. Not after that. And there was no reason to ban Youtube and other sites. Only FB.

    P.S: I also appreciate Foreign office’s official remarks on the issue.

    • Aslam o AL=laikum bro
      @ Hameedullah Khan

      bro we are in fovour of banning the facebook for ever due to the reason cause they dont take any action against the page some jewish created to heart MUSLIM.what you think that admins have no info abt it or they dont have any power to del that page bro they have it. these are a preplanned things have to aware others

  • They come to know that Muslims are blocking Facebook in their countries so Pakistan Govt must approach them and make a strong case on them who are taking such type of Actions against our Religion and our Prophet.
    They are approaching other sites for their bad activities against our Religion.Pakistani Govt need to take action now, its the time to show the world of bastard Westerns that Muslims are united still so you don’t dare to do the bad activities

  • Guys where is this software and email:

    I did not receive the email and tribune.com.pk did not publish the email in their article, but they published the Facebook proxies in another article!!!:

    LAHORE: A chain-SMS initiated on Tuesday reached thousands of mobile phone users by Wednesday, urging Facebook members to download and run a bug to help crash the website.

    The text message read, “Hello guys, I need volunteers. Please forward this message to as many people as you can. I have made this software to stop the Facebook page promoting the ‘Draw Muhammad Day’ competition. I just need people to run the software with me for a mass attack that will bring Facebook to its knees.” The message ends with the software developer’s email address. If you mail him, you get an auto-reply within seconds that points you to a link with two downloadable files.

    The first promises to send ping requests in thousands to Facebook. Abbas Hayat, a software analyst explains, “A ping request is a small packet of data sent to a web server or website to gauge how quickly it responds. It primarily checks for latency.” “If multiple users simultaneously managed to ping one site repeatedly, it can very easily clog it. The webpage crashes and nobody can access it. The overburdened site recovers only after it has replied to millions of pings.” “This is called a ping attack.

    If the person is asking users to download a particular software, then once downloaded the software will automatically keep pinging the page,” he added. The second file on the link is an application that promises to repeatedly open the webpage drawmohammedday.com. The developer leaves this explanation, “Every site has limited bandwidth. If it gets a lot of traffic suddenly, the bandwidth congests and the webpage can be effectively taken down temporarily.

    However if we keep this up over a period of time, the website can be crashed permanently”. Abbas explains, “Theoretically the advertised attack is possible. But every user who downloads the application needs to leave his/ her computer switched on and have access to a constant internet connection for the attack to be successful.” “Facebook is a massive website and it would require at least a million users to choke up the page. But with the LHC ban on the website until May31, the software will no longer be able to send ping requests until the ban is lifted.” “This venture can continue once the website can be accessed,” he added.

    Pakistan currently has 17.5 million internet users.The undertaking is just a speck in the vast pool of responses generated after April 20 when a Seattle based cartoonist created an artwork and posted it on the internet. The message is not the only one of its kind either. The Lahore High Court (LHC) in response to a petition filed by the Islamic Lawyers Movement directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block Facebook until May 31.


    Guys give me the email.

  • Banning facebook..Duh!These Pakistanis are too immature to use internet and what the hell is it??Banning facebook is a seriously hideous & wrong step, therefore, facebook must not be banned and further more, facebook has deleted that page!
    We , being Muslims can help to spread the message of Islam on that forum.

      • Saria Bhutto !!!!

        You need to grow up, This is a pre-planned activity by facebook administrations! billions of people had reported that site as Abusing but no action was taken… in comparison to that i have seen Pakistani pages people getting blocked by facebook in no time after being reported for a lil mis act!

        The Ban will make them Bend on their knees, as they have no investigating the issue and making lame excuses to Pakistani administration and others by saying its difficult for us to keep an eye on issues as we have trillions of users but we are looking into the matter ! Bloody Liers :\


    • @ Saira, for every muslim the respect of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is obligatory and supersedes everything (including one’s family)

      Facebook was rightly banned (and the ban should continue) and my Salam to people who give this order (to ban Facebook) and implemented it.

      If you don’t like it, there is not a thing you can do about it. It is a matter of our faith and we would not let anything come in our way

  • well i do support this ban esp after what i read about the jewish thing by jabran! but my opinion keeps changing so if it changes again will let u knw lol

  • With all MY HEART!

    reason : to send out a stern, clear and concrete msg that there are limits that shouldn’t be crossed.
    It’s simple and straight to the point.

  • very bad decision by government of Pakistan and PTA to block facebook and youtube in Pakistan

    • It is because, everyone tried to report that page on facebook but the facebook authorities did not take any notice of it. Few days back, holocaust page was created by some guy, and it was deleted within 20 mins. This is why we’re against facebook because it is biased.

    • Saira you mean we beg to them that please please for GOD sack do not do this….. Let it down so that they know what we are and what we can do…

    • wrong.. facebook didn’t delete that page even after so many reports. Facebook is responsible.

      • Wow ! You mean you just discovered that the world doesn’t revolve around Islam/Muslims ?

    • Saria

      If u feel like moving on streets nude and government allows u to do so… should it only u to be blamed…???

      there r certain rules to adhere in any society and community and if one does not comply them then the primary culprit is the governing body and then the individual…

    • Saria y don’t u realize y u r talking against the ban and one thing more its not the decision of a youth its the decision of All Muslims

  • Guyz.. why facebook ban ??? :s
    just take a example ..! if some one murder with knife then why to blame knife ???..! while other is cutting vegetable with same knife .. FB should be open again..!

  • On the day of judgement, when Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) ask, ” what you have done when they are insulting me? ”

    and the people who stopped using facebook or banned can atleast say we left the place where u were insulted, we were against them.

    do u think Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) will love the people who are showing sympathy for facebook?
    absolutely not.
    nothing is more important than our Prophet (PBUH)..

    Facebook is demolishing our youth, they are wasting their maximum time on using these sort of websites or other material.

    kindly open your eyes and think, this world is temporary, prepare for what is permanent.

  • ban it atleast till 31st may or until facebook administration completely remove that page.

  • I am wonder that why Telenor still keep the icon and link of Facebook on its website. Even Ufone, Mobilink and others have removed the link and icon of Facebook. Amir bhai could you send the msg to Telenor management regarding this thing….

  • I think we as a nation of are in the habit of looking at the small picture. No one’s looking at the big picture here. Would banning such sites/ pages stop those from coming up with new ways of getting to us? The more we react, the more they will provoke us. If they want to indulge in such activities, then let it be man! How does it affect our faith in our religion? How many of us are really following the basic things of Islam let alone loving the Holy Prophet (PBUH) truly? How many of us pray or do the basic things that our religion requires us to do?

    What im amazed at is the ignorance of people. The damn even wasnt even organized by facebook…some random site started it and a page was made on facebook….why does anyone care about such stupid events anyway? Does the hue and cry of already defamed Pakistan matter to them? They would have stopped if they wanted to!

    I perosonally know a number of people who conduct their businesses through these social networking sites…who’s gonna think about them?

    how many sites is the government gonna block? This is a plague and NO ONE can stop it! What are they gonna do, put a complete ban on using internet altogether? What would be next, ban on text messaging??? Be realistic people!

    This is pure pagalpan and nothing else! Not even a 50% of muslims here are practising muslims and then without thinking they take part in such pointless, mindless idiotic things! Bohot farigh time hai logon!

    This is NOT the way to protest!!!!

    • oh my dear just you tell me that solely you are practicing Islam teachings…….?
      their is big question mark.

      Due to precious thoughts of like you people, western people start thinks and they are more encouraged that Muslim community doesn’t have any objection aginsnt our act, because Muslims are thinking that on internet which is World Wide Web, it is difficult to stop anybody by doing such acts, but madam Hifzah there are some kind of rules and protocols which whole web community has to follow, if they don’t, then Authorities will take Action, and if we All Muslim Community stops abusing them then they will surely think that Muslims don’t have respect for their religion, no one here to Stop us, but madam whatever anyone from Muslim Community is doing, in all our efforts of Muslim community ALLAH ALMIGHTY is helping us to stop those bastard’s acts which are badly harming our religion. ok just think about it, may be you got the answer

      • Actually it is the other way around. The more you abuse them, the more they will do these things. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is in your heart not in Facebook. And this banning hasn’t hurt them at all. Lucky that I don’t live in Pakistan. And my request to you is that stop using internet if you are so much a fan of banning, because there are many sites like that on the internet, and you can’t ban all. Quiet frankly, you don’t really care about the insults against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

        • No that is creepy thoughts that tells about your knowledge, Facebook have been badly damaged over the ban as most of the advertisers have either stopped advertising on facebook or paused the campaigns. Despite me doing massive marketing over 1000 USD budget a month have blocked it up then you will find so many other people living in Pakistan who use to use Advertising facilities of FB. If we let them go away like that every year will be 20th May. Crack them down so hard they don’t even try to bug us, If you feel that part of ‘lil extremism ‘ inside me that is justified one.

          One more thing if some one draws off your mommy and spread it everywhere would you freaking ignore it or try to remove it.

          • Mr. Ex, i’ve tried to search some evidence about how much loss did facebook suffers by the Ban in PK. But all the numbers i found are stuffed by paki sites claiming that they are provided by BBC news, While BBC dont have anything like that at all.

            One thing i noticed is that FB has a total of 400Million users, and out of them only 2.5Million are pakis.

            Thats more like a drop in the ocean.

  • At least pakistanis send them a message about their protest. This is all we wanted to do


  • What else can we expect from a bhutto other than boot licking of the west! They are all puppets of the west following their orders.

    People should have freedom of expression on the internet BUT not by making fun of someone’s prophet. Whichever idiot thought of ‘Everybody draw Mohammad Day’ should have been warned by facebook and the page should have been removed. But facebook didn’t care about sentiments of Muslims. However, as soon as there is some anti-semitic (anti-jewish) comment, there is brewhaha everywhere. why the hypocrisy?

    We Muslims have started losing our identity by trying to copy the western lifestyles where family values have been almost destroyed. This is how the west corrupted japanese and now the Muslims. You dont have to keep a beard or wear a hijab to be seen as a Muslim but you should at least be proud of your Muslim values and culture instead of trying to change your name to Mo or Joe just to please your western masters.
    May Muslims unite and rise just like they did 1000 years ago. Amen!

  • Attention!!! yesterday the page had 53000 members today it has 92000 members :( now think again what we have done

  • why not ban google. pics are on google as well. in both facebook and google we have to search them so whats the difference???? anybody can explain to me????

  • yes PTA blocked GOOGLE search engine also, great efforts by PTA this time…….

  • We Dont Need Facebook, Our Life Were also Gone Happy when the facebook was not created. PTA Does a very Honourable Step ! That Incredible step give a chance to Proud to be a Muslim and Pakistani.

    And for Our beloved Prophet we don’t ever think about our life, So wot the facebook Bullshit is it…!!!!

    FACEBOOK Must Appologize to All Muslim Ummah !!

  • Saira Bhutto I agreed with your saying, but there are little no of youth who are against blockage of FACE BOOK, many are in favor of permanent ban on this site and many are saying that PTA must block or ban the YOU TUBE, TWITTER, FACE BOOK, GOOGLE SEARCH forever, because these are the main communicating sites of Jews, through which they involve in doing bad activities and propaganda’s for Muslims and for their religion also, so I requested already to PTA to make completely ban on these main websites, who are helping actually in producing such bad and totally wrong material against Muslims and our Religion Islam.
    I need support from all Girlz & Guyz to forward there requests to PTA complaint section for ban on these websites forever.
    i hope people support my decision

      • why you disagreed, then why Google is supporting Face book until now and still showing images and video’s links to that bloody draw of sketches ,are google is paying you for their support… in Pakistan

          • Ufsoos unn logon par, jin kay leay paisa he sab kuch hai even much more than their aakhirat!
            o eX agar tum muslim ho tou Rabb-ul-Aalameen ko Rabb mann kar tou daikho. He even gives food to the insects in the stone. Kabhi Rabb ka Kalam parh kay tou daikho, sab samajh aa jaey ga.

            • google has got nothing to do with this MR Ahmad, the super relegious.
              they just show what the web has to offer. grow your knowledge before commenting.

            • Ahmad tum to kuch zyda he uchal rahe ho, Google haven’t did anything. I said a general thing. If Google does it i don’t need such money

              We didn’t saw any administration flaws like Facebook. And even if Google indexes pages like that, That is all automated.

              • @ EX
                brother, in above given comments i glimpsed at one of your comments where you criticized a brother’s grammer so here it is to inform you that WE CAN NEVER USE THE SECOND FORM WITH “DID”. as you wrote “We didn’t saw….”
                so better correct yourself before criticizing others.

                apart from being sarcastic, i’d like to pour this into your mind that the purpose of writing here is not to show-off one’s skills anyways but to convey the message irrespective of the way in use.
                i hope you get it.
                May Allah bless all of us!

                • @Ali
                  Aslam o Alaikum brother
                  hum yahan per na to lrai ker rahay hain or na hi or kuch acha hai k ap nay grammer ko highlight kia but aik baat k yu sab ki samnay criticize nahe kerna chahiye meri eng b bohat buri hai ap wo b daikh saktay ho mr ex nay jo b kaha wo galat hai but kisi way say samjhaya jata hai awareness crete kerney ka koi way hota hai MashaALLAH ap perhey likhay insan ho agar ap b wohi way use kero gay to kya faraq reh gya or jahan tak rhi ex ki baat to mr ex insan k liye paisa hi sab kuch nahe hota hai Akhirat b koi cheez hai jis ko hum aj bhool ker baithay huey hain. or kabhi kbahi hum ko aisay b kaam ker kainay chahiye jo hum ko faida na dain is dunia mai hope so us ka ajar akhirat may miley ga on the judgement day INSHALLAH keep it brothers and keep boycotting facebook n youtube
                  ALLAH HAFIZ

                  • walaikumusalam brother

                    bhai jan actually i felt bad myself na k yahan bat kya ho rhe the ur ex nay emphasise kya to grammer pay…..isi lya i wanted to make him realize but jesa k appnay kaha to i admit k shaid mera samjhany k andaz ghalat tha…..you’re right about making people understand in a polite way….

            • or Mai Muslim hoon kyun k last time mai nai jab apne real name or website dali thi to some f*g DOS’D my site :@

    • i agree with ban on fb but not on the others – who are we to judge? that is the business of supreme court not us. we have evidence against fb but not against other. You need to provide evidence before u start campaign now.

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