Valuable Uses of LCD’s

LCD’s active matrix display was produced in USA in 1960’s, after hefty investment injections and lot of time spent by researchers.

As per estimates, till 2008 LCD TV’s had captured 50% market share out of total 200 million TVs in this world in 2008 (Wikipedia).

LCD’s are highly equipped devices with high resolutions and color displays on a single screen from inches to feet’s (dimensions and specification list is huge).

In Pakistan, for last two years LCD’s monitors have replaced the usual CRT monitors, though one can still easily find local markets offering CRT monitors on comparatively low prices as compared to LCD’s monitor. But difference in price has slashed down in a way that many may opt for LCD’s instead of usual CRT monitors, considering the benefits and advantages of better look and feel of LCDs.

LCD’s are more liked amongst masses due to crystal clear picture quality, its compactness and relatively better look and feel. So, in that sense LCD monitors are also capturing market share from CRT displays and can play major role in replacing old technology.

With that, if a LCD user plug in CPU with monitor, it might serve as PVR (with TV tuner) and at the same time can give multiple other benefits. What are those? Keep reading to find out…!

LCD TV can provide benefits in its capacity and features. Most of the LCD TV’s have different input features like Monitor cable port, RCA cable, Component Cable, HDMI, USB FLASH / HARD Drive Ports, built-in WIFI card links and etc.

Benefits of Monitor/VGA Cable Port:

This port can provide features like offering displays for laptops and CPU’s and by connecting it with any VGA output compatible devices with your LCD.

This can be helpful in having immense value with single piece of device i.e. LCD TV. Like if you are used to of downloading movies from internet (torrents ), then you can easily watch them on LCD TV by just simply connecting CPU or Laptop to monitor port of the LCD TV. This will help you avoid burning DVD’s or CD’s and then watching on standalone DVD Players.

RCA Cables / Audio Video Cable:

This option is also available in the TV’s and most of the TV users are already known to it. You can watch HD videos directly from your HD handy cams, compatible flash drives and so on by just giving input to LCD TVs’ Audio Video input.

Component Cable:

Component cable ports have also been provided in some latest TV’s, but still it is an attribute of LCD input. Most of experts opine that Component cable is almost near to HDMI cable as it transmits the same video signal by using three pieces of cable, but in contrast to HDMI, component cable can send this by using single cable even for value added Audio. It really helps in watching crystal clear picture with your STB’s of satellites of digital cable receivers.


High Definition Multimedia Interface cable has been designed especially for high definition outputs and inputs on displays. HDMI Ports is almost common in newly manufactured laptops and can add immense value while using with LCD TV.

USB Flash/ Hard Drives port:

Most of latest LCD TV’s have this feature of connecting your existing USB Flash disk or drive to the LCD TV directly and may serve as personal video recorder and viewer as well.

Please consult your LCD TV manuals for hard drive partition formats and connecting procedures, this will reduce the error of not responding while connecting with your LCD TV.

BUILT-in WIFI Cards:

Yes, you can use Metacafe, blip TV, and other online websites that offer videos, moreover you can get weather Updates, other widgets and online applications (if supported & installed).

These WIFI cards equipped LCD TV’s also help you in browsing Internet TV’s and you can watch those TV channels available online. This segment is still evolving and in future we may see some radical changes. But till now, it is possible to get updates on the same LCD TV while watching movies or TV, like what you friends are doing, what videos they are sharing or weather forecast and list goes on.

  • Wifi equipped LCD’s are not available in Pakistan plus USB ports available in Pak models only play MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and JPEG. No Avi and no MKV formats.
    However, Samsung LED models 40″ and plus offer these features.
    Planning to import Western Digital HD TV media player to get all these features for my Sony Bravia EX-400 series. :D

      • Simple… called one of my relatives coming from abroad next week to bring it over for me (price is approx. Euro 100 ~ 110) :D

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