Nokia is in Trouble

Nokia is apparently unable to combat the challenge given by touch-screen smart-phones manufacturers and they were humble enough to admit it on the record.

Nokia’s performance has plunged over the years and in sales specifically. Still they are standing at 40 percent market share, but all those are low-end, in-expensive cell phones with little margins.

Recently Nokia cut its forecast for profit for this quarter reasoning intensifying competition in the high-end segment, a shift in its product mix toward devices with lower margins, and the depreciation of the euro.

It’s not that Cell phone maker is quietly witnessing the empire to fall, Nokia actually reorganized its business twice in recent months, replaced a top handset executive and creating a business unit to focus solely on smartphones.

But maybe that’s not working out as Wall Street Journal said: Nokia Dials More Wrong Numbers!

The company plans to launch a new lineup of Smartphones later this year, but industry watchers had expected the devices to come in the first half, underscoring concern that Nokia isn’t getting new phones to market quickly enough. Nokia Ovi Store has also fallen far short of Apple’s App Store in terms of the number of downloads and applications it offers.

There are similar concerns about Nokia’s user interface – another key battleground in the smartphone segment as users seek slicker ways to navigate around the growing array of mobile applications. A new version of Symbian, Nokia’s dominant platform, had been set for launch in the second quarter, but Symbian3 now won’t arrive until the third quarter.

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  • i bought nokia 2730 and there was not data cable in it. i was disappointed by this act. this is something very cheap.

  • @ADNAN SWATI : oye itna mehnga set lay lyeaaa aur Data cable nei oye hoyeee yaaaaaaar…

    OOOOO bahi es say cheap tu phir vo apko free hi day dian.. ab kuch un kay pas be rehnay du Nokia hai vo china ni :)

  • No doubt, Nokia is loosing its market share quite fast. A company who can not compete in US market can not survive in world successfully because US market is the big buyer market. iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Motorolla are performing quite well…Reason is only and only Thier Operating System. iPhone using iOS 3 and 4, where are Motorolla and HTC welcomed Android. Nokia showed some Ego by not switching from Symbian to Android and now start struggling in US as well as in Europe.

    How Symbian can be better than Android/iOS/RIM OS etc. Nokia should shed its ego and welcome Android on its mobile sets…very fast it will catch up its sales back. See Samsung, LG, Motorolla…A year Ago they were not performing well…But After Android, Motorolla Droid is Second biggest sold Mobile after iPhone. See HTC also.

    NOKIA should move towards smart phones…means real smart phones. Not like N95 etc. Otherwise NOKIA will loose its brand identity and people will take NOKIA as a mobile for poor people.

  • Gone are the days when mobile phone was associated with Nokia. Nowadays, we have the HTCs, Blackberries, Iphones which have taken the market share away from Nokia!!!

  • but still nokia ip the best. Wait for symbian ^3 to launch. Nokia’s mobile phones are best in quality and espeiclly symbian phones. I have nokia 5320 XM and i love it alot. Because of its performance, 3d games, softwares and also its best for my views nokia ip the best.

  • Symbian is history now. It is never easy to catch up Android and iOS for Symbian…Secondly Symbian platform lacks many things…the biggest is LACK OF DEVELOPERS that Google and Apple have. Secondly who will work for Symbian, when LG, Motorolla, Samsung already saying Good Bye to Symbian. Open Source Developers works for such softwares that are in demand and ANDROID platform is already doing best for Smart Phones.

    So NOKIA should see itself where it is standing in BCG Matrix. Camera, Bluetooth, Music Features, Screen matters less now a days… The thing that Matters is Strong and Solid Operating System, a system that is very user friendly and customizable.

    NOKIA has technology to produce high end phones, only problem is that its Symbian platform is not able to serve in SMART PHONES market.

    • Nokia is focusing our local markets in now a days. in now a days Nokia mobiles are really cheap in cost 2730classic, Nokia 1616, Nokia 2690 are examples.

      In-terms of OS I love to stuck with Symbian because iam use-too of it. And lets wait for Symbian^3 it can easily compare with iPhone 4G or Android OS.

  • If Nokia interested to regain in the market they should need to cut down the cost! the cost factor of Nokia mobiles always been headache for everyone! It is the only way through which Nokia can caputre the market

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