Pakistan Registers 98 Million Mobile Phone Users

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has announced that Pakistan has a total of 98 million mobile phone users as of May 2010.

In its latest stats for mobile subscribers, PTA said that mobile companies added a total of 697,073 cellular users in May 2010 with 0.72 percent growth rate, as compared to 0.55 percent growth rate in April 2010.

All cellular companies showed positive growth except Zong, which witnessed negative growth for second consecutive month.

Total tele-density of mobile phone users reached 59.80 percent.

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  • the truth

    Warid numbers are fake – they know that and the rest of the industry knows it. but hey – if they feel secure covering up their poor performance

    • Toufiq

      I disagree. How can you blame on 1 operator that its subscriber’s report is fake? I personally believe that PTA’s May report is based on true stats because most of the people like to use Warid because of its Quality network and attractive packages and since last month they have also shown positive attitude towards marketing by ads on TV and lot of aggresive nmarketing campaigns in local markets.

      • Faisal

        Toufiq , I do agree with the truth , Warid numbers are fake , these numbers are just to make Warid happy .
        I had been using Warid myself & only thing I can describe is ” PATHETIC & EXPENSIVE ” I ported to Telenor & ” WOW ” what I can simply say.

        Never have a call drop on Telenor network & international dialing voice clarity & signal quality is awsome.

        ” TELENOR ROCKS “

        • Yasir Latif

          Telenor good if we compare with other networks. About call quality and voice, its really Rock. My FnF lives aboard and when they call me i and they can talk without any distortion. But when thay call on my other sim Ufone, they cannot listen me well.

  • The real truth

    Can you prove it?? if not then shut up

    • The Truth

      i could but, i would rather warid comes clean. but if you want the stats i am sure they will appear in someones mail box eventually.

  • Why Zong iz showing negative growth???

    • Omer

      I would say because of their worst / somewhat abusive customer services .

  • Illutionist

    98 Million :O

    I myself has 4 sims (2warid, 1djuice, 1ufone) and my frnd has 7 sims.. Hence this data doesn`t shows the no. of mobile userz in Pakistan…!!!

  • nice effort. nice study and nice graphs. great work guys

  • Yasir Latif

    Local & international dialing voice clarity & signal quality is awsome of Telenore. I haved personally used and got good experience. Telenor the really smart call.

  • Imran Saqib

    I dont want to comment against any company but the claimed figure by each company might be little higher
    But this option is available for all companies
    The report submitted by PTA is as per the data provided by the companies (Unaudited)
    People use/keep mutiple connections as an average of at least 2
    so 100% growth could be seen in the days to come

  • Omer

    Zong should work on its customer services, they are really worst at it and can be easily swallowed up by their competitors for this very reason.




  • Electronic Cigarettes Pakistan

    i think this year we are going to see even more then this.

  • techsavy

    telenor is a bit expensive for internet users zong has a cheap internet rate but an awful awful service well warid should advertise more like ufone mobilink is slowly losing its costumers in urban areas due to a stagerring difference in price but will progress cause its present in rural and semi urban areas where others aint ufone agressive advertising campaign helped them a lot well .I doubt the numbers of mobile users cause i got 1 telenor 1zong and 1ufone

  • noumaan

    warid is best ……………….and telenor…………..baki sb bkwaas