Face2Face Launched: a Proximity Location Application for Smartphones

Face2Face is a smartphone application that can integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MySpace accounts in one place – to proximately tell you the location of your friends (or friends of friends in case you desire).

Apparently it consolidates all the social networks to enable you to know the location of a friend if he/she is nearby.

Face2Face says that it tells the approximate location to cure privacy issues; however, it does allow you to broadcast your exact coordinates to friends – eventually enabling you to meet them in person; Face 2 Face.

Face2face will offer you to make yourself available to some friends, and not to others, on an individual basis.

Moreover, cross-network ‘friends of friends’ feature can make you meet new people through trusted relationships while ensuring the same benefits of “social selectivity.”

Proximity Idea:

Idea is awesome; it outclasses other location applications by limiting the information about your exact location. Moreover, it gives the control to the user to decide about what contacts to get your location’s information, a feature majority would love to have.

But at the same time, we think face2face wasted an idea by not developing their own (mobile) social network and just by relying on already available social networks.

Just to add, .ws domain is not that pretty for an application like face2face.


Face2face works with most Smartphones including BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and even many J2ME (such as Nokia’s) handsets.


You can download application here: for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, J2ME (Nokia Handsets)

Face2Face was developed by Proximate Global Inc. in Pakistan and the United States, and is launched worldwide.

    • i think we should think before writing, after all our words do reflect on who we are. if you guys have an issues or facing tech problems with the application then by all means, express them. maybe these guys can learn from those observations to improve their product. but personal attacks on the developers is neither creative,productive nor constructive. is it really that hard to encourage our fellow countrymen to achieve success? i think we are all better than that. tell them how to improve their service, so that maybe one day, they can really create a global company we can all be proud of… and no i have no links with the company, but i do wish them the very best… i hope these guys will make us proud.

        • Yes they haven’t mentioned pakistan on their product, but is that the reason to not support them? Even if you look at other servies, they usually don’t mention their country. This is a global service, so why mention pakistan? Let’s just for a second imagine that this service becomes a multibillion dollar global company that is loved the world over. Are you still not going to be proud? I think not

  • Zeshan you wrote:

    “But at the same time, we think face2face wasted an idea by not developing their own (mobile) social network and just by relying on already available social networks.”

    do you think re-inventing the wheel is a good idea? if that so then who will use the already built things. Using already present thing and making your own abstract product is called innovation :)

  • ahaa,
    thats some thing nice, i like it.
    and the logo is cool :)
    moreover it can be useful for variety of purposes.

  • I have deleted my facebook account after Ban. I am still alive hahahaha…… I ensure, we can work and live without using facebook.

    • haha dude get rid of your internet and computer too! i’m sure you can live without that too!

  • what if you don’t use facebook…?
    you can use DOS to chat… haha… thats none of your business…
    anyway! this app is very dangerous for hackers (something like me) coz if any of your bit got traced… they can use anything to get you, (it may be face2face)))

    and one thing more.. id don’t have such mobile to use it… lol

  • guys.. i think its an great app. its not only for facebook you can use thz app with some other networks like twitter , myspace & linkedIn… u can find out ur nearby frnds n friends of friend. u can chat with them without paying any single peny….
    realyy its a different app n last but not the least its development is done in Pakistan so we all have to proud of it & thz app will bring out country to the World IT map along with a different style.

  • @Aziz

    Your product sucks big time, plus its unstable, how much are you paying these kids to write good stuff about your product.

  • i used this application but the applications in BlackBerry(facebook for BB and Twitter for bb) is still superb and still unmatched !!!

  • Still its a stupid app, the app never works correctly, always crashes and plus whoever their tech support doesn’t know anything, just ask stupid questions

    @Face2Face Tech Support

    Get some knowledge, stop acting that the users are dumb

  • What can you expect from a pakistani company just bullshit, come one just look it the name its just copy of facebook now that an idea to face2face. Pakistani always copies things, in the case too. The App was made when the guy was drunk or something

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