Ufone ki Saaf Awaz ka Jadu [Advert]

It looks, Ufone is never going to change its marketing approach, and rightly so – as these hilarious TVCs are much liked by the masses.

In its recent TVC, Ufone emphasized on Saaf Awaz – and below is the video. I am not saying much as video says its all – though you can leave your feedback below.

  • hahaha…ad is hillarious…but truth is ufone voice quality sucks big time..and that is why they made this ad probably to make those people laugh who are sick of ufone voice quality. ;)

  • Quite an innovative advertisement but I dont think publicizing what is not their strength will make it their strength, its public statistically obvious.

  • Ufone got bad network really – we all left Ufone and are not using Warid thats really good

  • I am using Ufone since long time and voice quality is not up to the mark. Mobilink and Telenor has much better voice network!

  • Ufone is superb im using ufone since 2003 on parmenant basis but i have no problem with it. Voice quality is superb.I also used other networks but i found that mobilink and warid r nt gud in voice quality in faisalabad.Im from fsd. I dont know about other cities but in fsd ufone is superb.Long live ufone.Long live ufone TUM HE TO HO


  • Ufone voice quality cant be said superb bt also cant be said bad. no doubt sum of other networks hv improved voice quality. bt still ufone rokkkzzzz. i cant even imagine to change my permanent network to any other.ufone packages are awesum n network is also gd

    • yes agreed with you .. I was using mobilink for 7 years but i port my number to Ufone just becuase it was bit expensive for me . Then i reliazed that the voice quality really matters becuase the voice quality on Ufone is not as it used to be on Mobilink

  • and yes the add is awesum.. one of the best add i ever seen… love ufone marketing techniques.. love ufone..;-)

  • KYA HUA?

    Ufone’s ad team is probably the best in Pakistan today. The ads never fail to impress!

  • Don’t you think that we are making fun of people having problem with their voice?
    There can be other ways to communicate the msg, but this one is really funny but highly un-ethical.

  • if telenor is good then warid has to be good cause its owned by telenor.. but the irony is both suck

    • who said warid is owned by Telenor?? u need to make it sure first, Warid is not owned by Telenor or any..

      btw telenor is big time sucked and shifted my network from telenor to warid year ago and since then i am very happy with the warids’ network and packages..

  • i wana know which cellphone the girl has in this add? if any one know the make and model on this cell please let me know.

    • if we know her number then Y we given to u? we have an eyes to see that much Beautiful girl,She is sooooooo Beautiful and attractive

  • Folks,
    Everyone is missing one more point, Voice quality is dependent on Handset as well :-)

  • the add really sucks !!!!! i guess em ready to marry the lady in the add … can nyone help me out ??????

  • I use warid conection it was the best connection in the pakistan. I liv in okara. Ufone is very bad conection.i signals comes not in every city so i advise u to plz plz plz dont get ufone sim.thanx

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