ZONG launches SMS Delivery Report at Rs10 per month

ZONG has launched SMS Delivery Report today. Keeping in line with its history of providing distinctive services, ZONG has launched the SMS Delivery Report at a very negligible price and will ensure that the subscriber always receives the report for their SMS.

It’s always important to know whether your SMS has been delivered to the recipient or not. Previously, SMS delivery was given by most operators free of cost but due to the traffic on the messaging system owing to these delivery reports, most of the times the operators would shut down the delivery report service. This would leave subscribers in the dark having no option of knowing whether it is a system glitch or their SMS has not been delivered. Currently operators are revisiting their SMS delivery report situation and developing a charged subscription service for this purpose.

This service will add to the list of value added services being provided to its customers. With this service, customers will get information in real time as soon as the SMS is delivered to the recipient and will be assured of the delivery of their SMS on the destination.


For subscription, subscriber can send “SUB” to 533 for activation of this service


The charges for Delivery Report Service are Rs 10+t per month.

source: Telecom Recorder

  • no offense Sana but you said

    ” Keeping in line with its history of providing distinctive services, ZONG has launched the SMS Delivery Report at a very negligible price”

    a- its not distinctive ufone is already offering this service
    b-ufone is also offering it at 10 rs

    p.s its clear from your style of writing that your a new writer keep on trying and you’ll become a good writer :)

    now some thing for amir

    i don’t get one thing why are you advertising a blog that copies you , (telecom recorder ) even if it pays you lol .As far as my blogging experience goes copying never works :D and another thing your site is too crowded with ads try to to change the theme and put the ads where they don’t look like em ( currently the ads ruin the look of the site ) . yes i understand you need to earn of the blog but try to put the ads where they look alright don’t spam the blog with ads .

    A fellow blogger

    • Right Pro Pakistani is crowded with ads,there are like 10 ads on a page now thats too much and it also includes video ads.

    • Please reduce ads on your site or at least put static ads but not animated-flash-video ads.
      Open task manger in XP and open your site, it will consume 100% processing of CPU!

  • I have activated it,service sends a standalone message as delivery report instead of an alert…with other delivery report services, there were not delivery reports for the messages sent to many users together, but this time zong ensures for the delivery reports of all text messages, you even receive a report if the delivery is delayed temporarily. seems to be great.

  • let me ask a simple question what % of your SMS’s do not get delivered these day – i see operator QoS in 99% sucess in busy hour, so outside busy hour it should be 100%, isnt this service a waste of money – i saw someone say that operators are stealing from the poor people! well if poor people are stupid enough to pay for a service that is between 99 – 100% sucessfull that costs 0.000001 rupee in a bundled offer – you should get screwed out of your money !!

  • well now a days usage of delivery report is not only to confirm that sms has been delivered. It is also to check that someone’s phone is on or on Divert.
    Am i right?
    Some time we send sms but if someone’s phone is switched off then how should we know? Thats why Delivery Report service is useful.

    • but nothing changes – if the phone is switched off it is switched off, you cant change the condition, okay you may know when the phone is switched on when you get the deleivery report – but that is not a good indicator as the retry scheme extends over time so after a certain time the if you are out of sync with the retry scheme you will only get a deleivery report response whenever the next cycle time commences.

      • The so called truth sahib!
        If u dont realize the need of delivery reports, its ur ignorance. Dont try to impose ur opinion. Let the sensible people pay n use the service. If u dont need, it doesnt means nobody else needs it.

  • Zong is best and i think propakistani can show ads and eran some money to work good and provide good info and breaking news

  • the main problem in this delivery report is you cant turn it OFF !
    if you are sending 500 msgs per day you will get 500 sms of delivery from zong !
    thats pathetic !

    you will get one regular type sms from zong that the msg on that number has been delivered and you will get that in your INBOX ! bull S***

    you cant turn it off , you can just unsubscribe !
    zong should work over this .
    this is really irritating

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