Warid Brings SMS Blocker!

After the recent launch of Warid call block service, Warid now brings the SMS blocking facility to block all those annoying and unwanted SMS.

Simply follow the instructions provided below and get control over your incoming SMS traffic:


  • In order to block SMS from a particular number just send “block”<space>0321xxxxxxx in a SMS to 430.
  • The request shall be logged at Warid’s end and will be verified within 24 hours in case of an On-net SMS blocking request or 48 hours for an Off-net SMS blocking request.
  • Once the request has been verified the obnoxious user shall be warned the first time.
  • In case of another complaint to the same number the outgoing SMS facility shall be barred.
  • You will be informed regarding the action taken against the complaint after your request has been processed from our end.


Charges of Rs. 2+tax per SMS shall be applicable.

It is interesting to note here that Warid has introduced Call and Sms block as separate services with separate charges.

  • SMS and Call Blocker are name of same thing. These should come together. It is not good to earn money from everything.
    Agar ye dono services free ho jay tu kiya he baat hai :(
    Warid management :) Please ye dono services free de do :(

  • Call and sms block facility is available free of cost in samsung handsets these days,in addition it does notrequire to buy expensive handsets, IF u buy even the cheapest new handsets of Samsung u will find such facility, its not like number screening in nokia,its much better, if u block sum1 number for sms, u wouldnt receive it, and If u block sum1 number in call block list, the person dialling ur number will listen that the desired number is busy, and the receiver will see rejected call on his screen. Moreover its not restricted to expensive handset,handset with any price range has this feature.so if u want this service free of cost than use samsung, remeber this feature is in handsets introduced during 2010.

  • This service can prove so expensive that i want to use the word ____ in my sentence as a compliment to these looter celcos.
    For now i will use 4 asterics.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Does Warid Charge Rs 1 everytime an SMS is blocked? I mean if i get 100 SMS /day that are to be blocked then i will have to recharge Rs 100 Card every day

    • its a complain service. well yes if u get 100 sms for 100 different numbers than you have to.
      Actually when u send 1st request the warning will be issued to obnoxious sms sender and on 2nd request his outgoing sms facility will be blocked.
      action to be taken within 24hrs incase of complaint against on-net number and 48hrs incase of off=net number

    • If 100 SMS are from same number then you wouldnt be charged seperately for every SMS. Because after blocking he wouldnt be able to send you remaining 90+ SMS

  • I use free symbian software called McCleaner on Nokia phone..it blocks sms and calls..no need of these services.

  • Dear Pro Pakistani Team,

    You have mentioned wrong charges for Warid SMS Blocker Facility. The right charges are Rs. Rs. 2/- + tax per SMS whereas you people have mentioned “Re. 1/- + tax per SMS” which is wrong. Kindly make the correction.

    Thank you

    Muhammad Omer

  • f**king service. you got blocked at any ones fake or prank complain. A person can not sms to any one after being blocked and ever can never know who complained against you.
    Yeh service banay walay son of Bitch, bloody idiot, a high class mother f**ker, bull shit ……. F**k you Warid.

  • if i receive 100 sms from a same number per day then how much i’l be charged??
    and does service warns that number that i have blocked it??

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