Warid Soft launchs Call Block 9211

Following the footsteps of Zong, Telenor and Ufone, Warid is soon going to launch the call block service named as “Call Block 9211“, This service enables you to block annoying calls from any number so you can enjoy the freedom of control.

How to Subscribe:

Though the service is in test phase and not commercially launched yet, you can still subscribe to it :

To subscribe send Sub to 9211

To add a number in block list send Block <space> Number and send to 420

To delete a number in block list send Unblock <space> Number and send to 420

The service is in Test phase so its possible that these commands may/may not work.


  • Monthy charges are Rs. 25+tax Rs. 19+tax
  • Sending a Sms to 420 costs Rs. 2+tax
  • This service is only for Call blocking, Sms service is not included.
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

Update: Rs. 19+tax are charged when you subscribe to this service though Warid representative still saying it costs Rs. 25+tax.

  • For smartphone users such services are useless when they can achieve the purpose using softwares. I use a freeware MCcleaner on my nokia and it works awsome, I can block calls and send sms to spam.

    Why would I waste my 25+tax =33.75Rs a month.

    • everyone cannot afford a smart phone..with so many crank callers around i think users will be willing to pay any price to get peace of mind. All operators should have this facility including ptcl.

        • in nokia phone like 1100 and 1200 series only no. screening is available that send your screened no. sms in a separate folder named as screened messages and on incoming call the phone intimates you that screened no. is calling in a silent mode. So still you can be annoyed by the obnoxious calls even if u skip the sms

          • Cheap chinese phones have this feature, also smartphones aren’t very expensive now, old 6600 is even a smartphone in 2000 in market.

  • Features:

    *Customers can create a block list for the obnoxious caller(s) that will be maintained at Warid’s end which may contain unlimited On-net, Off-net and International number(s). Once subscribed to the service the obnoxious caller(s) will be assigned a default announcement.

    *Customers can also choose from a wide range of pre-recorded fun announcements against a specific caller(s).

    *Subscribers have also the option of assigning self recorded announcements (subject to approval) against the obnoxious caller’s number(s).

    *Customer will also have the option to subscribe to the SMS notification facility through which they can be alerted whenever the obnoxious caller tries to call them.

    *The service is available for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

  • Pls correct

    “To add a number in block list send Block Number and send to 420

    To add a number in block list send Unblock Number and send to 420”

    it should be,

    “To add a number in block list send Block Number and send to 420

    To delete a number in block list send Unblock Number and send to 420”

  • mere pass china M9 hai
    is main bhi call block ki option hai aur 20 numbr block ho jate hain 1 time mian un se call nahin ati hai
    par sms aajata hai
    to ham warid ki is fazool servise ko use kyun karen

    • Dear Haris,
      Everyone out there doesn’t use china phones due to their non-reliabilty, yet they are successful in market but every user has its own perception. despite of your china phone offers 20 numbers to be blocked at a time warid call block offers you unlimited numbers you can block

  • wrong call aur number block kurwana hai too PTA ko email kardo simple paisay zaroor kharchnay hai is ____ servcie pur

    • Dear Rizwan,
      There are different options to get rid of obnoxious calls, you can e-mail or even call PTA helpline too but not everyone common man have acces to internet and emails out there.
      Its not a force on you to use call block service its a utility for those who want and can afford the services.
      Even if you dont want to spend charges and you’re being bothered on your warid number or any network number by a warid number, warid offers you to lodge complaint on their own helpline against that number, comparitively other networks donot offer you complain against their network number if you’re being bothered by an offnet netowrk.

  • Respected “Muhammad Zohair Chohan” you should include a comparison of service charges of other networks like zong and ufone giving Call Block Service.
    In Ufone Monthly Subscription = Rs. 9.99+Tax AND SMS Charges to 420 = Rs. 0.50 + tax

    In Zong Subscription charges for the Call and SMS Block service — Rs. 15.00 / month + tax.

    I dont think that this offer by Warid is very good because it is one of the expensive one w.r.t other network’s price comparison.

    • while comparing the service you should also compare the features offered against the subscription charges
      ufone offers to block only 20 local numbers and none of the operator offers an intimation through sms service if you want to know that a blocked number attempt to call you.

      • Reyan, I agree with u when we are comparing service we should include features offered.
        But in my comment i clearly specified about just “comparison of service charges”.

  • the obnoxious called will be charged as per his tarrif for calling a warid number which has blocked it.

  • The main headache is SMS, i get lot of spam messages daily about some boutique, academies, old cars, property etc etc and only zong is proving sms block facility.

  • Warid has some great offers and add-ons/services but because of their poor marketing approach, they have failed to cash them!

  • Initially it was decided to make the subscription charges Rs. 25 per month. But later it was changed to Rs. 19 per month (tax exclusive)

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