PTA Reports Massive Violations by Telcos in Selling SIMs

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority conducted a survey/ inspection to monitor sale of pre-active SIMs to check if cellular companies are selling SIMs in accordance with the standard operating procedures (SOP) defined by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or not, told us sources familiar with the matter.

Survey results, which are exclusively made available to ProPakistani, revealed that all cellular companies are violating SOP in selling postpaid SIMs, while Mobilink topped the race with 7 out of 9 Customer Service Centers and 18 out of 26 franchises have been found guilty of selling SIMs without fulfilling the described procedures.

Our sources have confirmed us that a Warning letter has been dispatched to CEO of Mobilink regarding the violations.

We had sent a query to Mobilink to know their viewpoint on the said issue, for which we are still waiting for their response.

Following are highlights of survey results:

Customer Service Centers:

Company CSC Surveyed Violations
1 Mobilink 9 7
2 Ufone 4 0
3 Telenor 11 6
4 Warid 9 4
5 Zong 11 4
Total 44 21


Company Franchises Surveyed Violations
1 Mobilink 26 18
2 Ufone 35 18
3 Telenor 27 18
4 Warid 28 17
5 Zong 24 15
Total 140 86

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  • Aamir bhai, in both comparisons, Ufone is quite better than all other Telcos. Good ufone! Keep it up!!!

  • Mobilink is not only Market Leader in terms of Customers but, is also a Leader as it has topped the race for VIOLATIONS of PTA rules. HATS OFF to you Mobilink…..

  • Why U has only 4 Customer Service Center being scanned for violations???

    ratio must be equal and also in which cities?

    survey is incomplete in technical sense.

    • @U. my bro u just have noticed about Customer Services Centre, but u did not observe rest of the Franchise Centre which are more than others…. clear

    • dear,

      u have object that only 4 CSC survey for ufone…n what abt franchise survey…!?why u fone has been survey 35 times….? be mature or at least act like one…
      for every survey there are set of standards and rule….now u’ll blame PTA…wow great

  • Ufone duz’nt violate PTA SOPs @ SCS level they have been fined once 2 bt I disagree wid stats relating 2 Telenor they r da market leaders in term of violating all da laws tht cum acros…

  • Every operator is violating the law, 789 does not guarantee 100% genuine activation. If you know antecedents of any person you can do anything with that person by misusing the same after getting registered it on his name.

    Company operated service center staff is being pushed by management in increase the sales as a result in the process, CS staff violated the SOP by issuing connection on CNIC photocopy of the person visiting for new connection, so data is authentic in this regard.

    It’s high time that interior ministry should step-in and should instruct the CMTO’s to sell their connections only though company representatives, this will ensure genuine user data while responsibility will solely lie with the company. In various cities pre-activated Sims are available in market which are sold at high price then normal.

    It’s our mutual responsibility to highlight any retailer who is violating the SOP and should report it to PTA as it’s our national duty.

  • A good step by PTA. If such practices (and enforcement) continued, telecoms will soon start to follow the regulations, which will make life easier.

  • its main reason that postpaid sale target is not on market demand and franchise is forced to do illegale sale,i m 100% confirm

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