Pakistan’s Cellular Subscribers Stats for Sep 2010

Cellular subscribers in Pakistan reached 100,134,748 mark, as of September 2010, according to latest stats released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Cellular teledensity reached 60.1 percent with slight addition during the July-Sep 2010 quarter.

During the quarter, cellular companies showed slow sales or even negative sales due churn or clean up of records.

Thanks to its LBC offers, Zong topped the charts by adding 748,746 customers during the quarter. Ufone remained at second slot while Telenor and Warid seemed struggling for sales and showed moderate positive addition.

While on other hands Mobilink lost some 758,449 subscribers during the quarter. Mobilink said this loss in customers is due to cleanup of records.

Mobilink still tops the total number of subscriber with 31.44 million subscribers followed by Telenor at 23.84 million subscribers.

Check below graphs for more on cellular stats:




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  • Thanks God, Moblink customers are going down, it seems customers have finally realized what their cellular service providing company was doing with them.

    • Yeah , thank God . I also wish mobilink to go down in total number of subscribers. Zong and telenor are best in service network quality and rates . While Warid is also very good in Service and network Quality . But unfortunately mobilink is worst in everything !

  • Mobilink rocks bhai!

    Mobilink is still the leader with 31% market share. Closest is Telenor with 20% Even Telenor needs like 100 years to cover that gap provided the kind of competition we have right now in telecom industry.

    My word to all: Lagay raho bhaiyo! :D

  • And slowly Warid is improving as new marketing compaing works
    Zong is throughing sims in market but the throughput of sim is not good as their subscriber base will drop

  • Mobilink should be thrown out. Lets see what the new management of ORASCOM does. Crappy service, most expensive for no good reason. They are running around asking BTS sites owners to LOWER the rent! Good lord inflation is through the roof and how dare they force people to lower the rent. I thought multinationals might have some work ethics!

    [Comment Edited]

  • GooD Survey By PROPKAISTANI.PK And inshallah Next year Cellular compnayz apne aapko sudhar lengy..

  • Telenor’s business records is increasing day bu day.But their signal strength is very poor.

    I live in North Karachi. Signal Strength of Telenor is very poor.

    I live i sector-10 North Karachi.

    Signal strength Inside my house:
    Ufone = Full Signal
    Mobilink = Full Signal
    Warid = no Signal
    Telenor = Weak (1 bar) Sometimes no signal

  • Just wait for News regarding Mobilink by 15th Dec 2010 because as per my information, Mobilink is in the process of picking up one operator. Lets see how this breaking news unfolds…

    • U r ryt my friend… Warid and Mobilink teams are working close for the merger.. even the Warid team is in Islmabad today discussing the Technicalities ;)

    • well iwould say that this should not happen, if Mobilink takes over Warid they will become too big and they will take advantage in the market. i think the PTA should stop such action as it is not in the interest of the consumer

    • In our appartment Gulshan Block 10-A, Zong is the only one which signals comes everywhere in the house even in inside rooms but no others operators have full signal. I have to sit in the terrace for Wateen internet :(

  • I am a ufone user from a long time but its service quality has grown down in recent year., they are only focusing on increasing member base rather than increasing quality and customers in parallel.

  • some contradiction in the figures for Telenor … how for whole quarter ( July – Sept) subscriber figure (i.e. 37k) is less than subscriber figure of one month of that quarter i.e. Sept (92k+) .. confused ??????

  • Good Pakistan is the most developed country in South Asia in internet and mobile penetration..

    Pakistan Rockss I love Pakistan….


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