Pakistan Tops the Global Charts for WikiLeaks Searches

Pakistan has again led the world for internet searches, this time for a better term “WikiLeaks”, after the releases of secret diplomatic cables by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.

This is revealed by Google Trends, a utility offered by Google to measure the number of searches sent from different countries to Google.


Google Trends show that Pakistanis have searched for WikiLeaks far more than any other county in past 7 days. Italy captures the second slot with 18 percent lesser searches. Third comes the Finland, far behind the Pakistan.


Pakistanis are taking WikiLeaks very seriously, and rightly so as Pakistan has been discussed notably in secret cables released so far.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • “Sex” is the term which brings Pakistan on number 5 in Google search, surprisingly India is on number 8.

    Wikileaks is no attack on Muslims and Muslim World but on the hypocrisy of Rulers of Muslim Countries, hypocrisy of our politicians, our Government and our Military who are slaves of US in real terms, have slavery mind , get dictations from US and request approval from US before any action.

    For God sake give up affiliation with any political or religious party or leader and consider your affiliation with Pakistan and Muslim World and don’t let these people who are exposed to laugh at us ky awam hai he ullu ke….

    • Ahhh… No, people have to think more towards peace, can’t think of nuking each time.

      No matter what I fully oppose any use of power (unless otherwise its brought on you) but still as a side note, now much of nations of nuclear powerful so adventurism from any side of border will heart the initiator too.

      Also nuking means killing people, ahhhh where is the humanity :-( People gotta need to change mindsets. Including everybody on both sides of border incl me.

  • Bcoz Pakistanis are stupid, kisi na kisi topic per begair sochay samjhay batain kertay hain bus, bayshak khud jitnay bhi galat kion na hon dosron per ungli uthana Pakistani honay natay farz samajtay hain.

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