Pakistan or Pornistan?

By Hamad Dar of KoolMuzone

Disclaimer: This article might not be suitable for all audiences. Readers discretion is advised.

Today Fox News published a report on Pakistan and refereed to it as Pornistan claiming that it is “No. 1 Nation in Sexy Web Searches”. Whatever keywords Fox News has mentioned are factual and not made-up.

I don’t deny the fact that Pakistan ranks 1st on these keywords. I also don’t deny the fact that porn is popular in Pakistan. However, I deny that Pakistan is “No. 1 Nation in Sexy Web Searches” as claimed by Fox News.

Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for “horse sex” since 2004, “donkey sex” since 2007, “rape pictures” between 2004 and 2009, “rape sex” since 2004, “child sex” between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, “animal sex” since 2004 and “dog sex” since 2005, according to Google Trends and Google Insights, features of Google that generate data based on popular search terms.

It’s funny how the mentioned keywords are few of the least popular keywords when it comes to pornography. Below is the image of comparison of these keywords along with other major keywords related to pornography like “sex”, “porn”, “big tits”

If you have a look at the image, the search volume for keyword “sex” is FAAAR more than other keywords. Keyword “Porn” has the 2nd highest search volume. Followed by “big tits” and then there is this little search volume for “rape sex” and “horse sex” which you might spot with a magnifying glass.

Since we have an understanding that other keywords consume much largely to porn searches, let’s now have a look at their traffic distribution.

Regional traffic for “Sex”:

Regional traffic for “Porn”:

Regional traffic for “Big tits”:

I don’t see Pakistan occurring even in the top 10 regions here. It’s a shame how Fox news has refereed to a country as Pornistan just to sell off their papers. We all exactly know the status of Fox news in international media. The stunt they played is exactly like referring to Pakistan as “Number 1 nation in music searches” since it ranks number 1 on keyword “Sufi Music”!

Just to add further, as per FoxNews’ formula, whole of United States of America is inhumane and USA is wildest nation as a whole – see following if you don’t believe me:

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Google in a statement has said that facts produced in FoxNews report are not accurate.

  • The report is misleading. There is no doubt a large number of Pakistanis use the Internet for viewing porno graphic materials.

    The truth is that these pornographic websites depend on PAID SUBSCRIBERS.

    95% of paid subscribers are Americans and Europeans.

  • Govt. should take action against it and sue Fox News for ruin respect of Pakistan and claim Harjana.

    Kind regards,


    • Agree with you Vicky.
      but whom you are telling??? Govt???
      A bunch of idiots!

      • Hi
        bro you didn’t say much, our govt is not a bunch of idiots but they are dozens of idiots around us in 4 provinces and working effiently and wid more excellence hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
        Pakistani govt idiots Zindabad

        • Absolutely right bro
          its all about our efficiency to re elect them again and again

  • Well done, great report! Fox news sucks and has always been a biased and sucky new channel.

    Kudos for the research!

  • And we have Nuclear weapons too. Don’t Forget that!

    There is no factual evidence in FOXY News report! And I am wondering that if they call it PORNISTAN for the reasons they mentioned then what would they term their Culture where a women is raped every two minutes?

  • The fact is pakistan meight be the only nation who have less internet subscribers than a small village of a europeon or any western country. and they think still pakistan have more hits on porn than any wester or may be any middle eastern country.
    that is so lame……

  • Feel sorrow on the report but no problem…even if our guys search such words… I have discussed these kind of search trends with many people and reached to conclusion that when our guys hear in news or on web that westerners do animal sex or incest…then our people tries to search such words to find that what is this actually.

    Secondly, our media should play vital role in replying to such reports. Government should allow English news channels…that it is not allowing on big scale because then their political stories will be seen by whole world…but our media should give time to other issues too…Not only Politics or only criticizing Politicians…

    Media should make documentaries to let our people understand that where we are going…and where left of world is going…

  • Its possible that the results are very true but FACTS are not against us.

    INDIA is the biggest country that has most people who are HIV positive.

    And what the searches are all about, Britishers and Americans are the people who do the dirty work.


    Sex is the thing that every body loves to do and on body wants to talk about WHY ? we should talk it to a forum and save our children with adverse effects of sex.

    We should let then know and understand the devastating effects of unsafe sex.

    The best post in the history of
    yeah I know I am a bit exaggerating… but just to let you know the importance.

  • “Fox News” is Like our “Geo News” which Hypes up everything!!!

    by the way “Geo News” is a replica of “Fox News” for Pakistan by Pakistani.

    • Read geo the way its written and it makes JEW, therefore Geo the jewish channel of pakistan..

    • Many people don’t know that Fox News trained the whole GEO News team prior to their launch and continue to come to Pakistan to provide additional training for their news anchors and on-air personalities. There is a rumor in the market that Geo is partly owned by Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, but I have not been able to find any solid evidence of this. It would explain why they are so much like Fox in every way though.


    • Yes, Admin change the heading ASAP. This is not a right way to give such name about Pakistan.

  • One word, “FAKE” or bloody fake I must say,

    The internet nation of Pakistan is just a few millions which much much much lesser than that of India, Russia, China, US, Canada.

    What they did is picking some wacky keywords that aren’t searched much from around the World, and upon basis of those keywords they’re calling us “No. 1 Nation in Sexy Web Searches”

    And dear editor, please show some respect to our country name and remove the word p***istan. Let them say that word but we shouldn’t.

  • I think Mr. Hamad Dar is misleading the story as i personally checked it on Google Inside and the data is supporting the point of Fox News. Pakistan is on higher rank in search of sex contents.

    • I think you mis-read it. Let me just paste some of it from what i wrote above.

      “I don’t deny the fact that Pakistan ranks 1st on these keywords. I also don’t deny the fact that porn is popular in Pakistan. However, I deny that Pakistan is “No. 1 Nation in Sexy Web Searches” as claimed by Fox News.”

      and later in report I have only tried to prove how the mentioned keywords contribute in very low volume to porn searches. Give it a read before you point fingers.

  • یھ لوگ اس پروپیگنڈا کے زریعے پاکستان کی امیج خراب کرنا چاہتے ھیں.اور حکومت کو چاہیے کے ایسی ویب سائٹس کو بلاک کرے.

  • I think this is Indian Propaganda against Pakistan we all know that in the Team who advises Barrack Obama there are Indians who guide American Parliment against Pakistan. I think this news is published by an Indian and no one else.

  • If India does not refrain from doing Propaganda against Pakistan then they will have it from us.

  • No doubt porn is popular in Pakistan, but fox news being a typical anti to Pakistan particularly, it’s another lame try of picking on Pakistan.

  • Awesome article, you did a great research. That is a slap on the face of Fox News and other propaganda media’s. 10 out of 10 for you.

  • i would agree that most of pakistani ue internet for porn. internet cafe are mostly used for porn. although i dont agree that pakistan is no. 1 . still govt. should take action against porn sites

  • i am off to the police station to launch an FIR against FOX news owner, and i’ll ask the police to contact Interpol to arrest them ASAP, i’ll also follow up on the FIR against Facebook owners


  • Mr. Adnan Swati, i think you are hoping against hope, there are two things wrong with your request. In a country mauled by internal conflicts and terrorism, its not such a bad thing to have porn, as it is, there is very little entertainment left in the country, cricket gone, movies banned, outings yeah if you want to have a bomb proof armoured vehicles.. oh wait they all with the goverment, tourism ?? well yes if you want to see the new ruins of Swat amongst the beauty that use to be.
    Plus you could actually use porn to fight terrorism, get those brain washed idiots to look at those sites im sure they will stop dreaming of the virgins rewards in their headless afterlife.
    As far as the searches go, heres a theory .. government must be involved in pornographic searches themselves, heck they probably account for half those searches generating from pakistan and we all know where the horse sex searches are being made from, didnt our beloved president do jail term for his love of horses ? ..

  • Great insight Hamad! At last someone stepped up and showed us the true picture. At least Hamad made an effort to clarify the propaganda.

    I salute you Hamad!

  • This is our learning lesson, we must focus on this issue, and trying to follow the Islamic thoughts and try to pay attention with our childrens activities on internet.
    Fox news is not the authentic and news looks Fake.

  • The idiot who wrote this news report is trying to bad name a whole country without doing proper research.

    “Remember, Google Trends shows users’ propensity to search for a certain topic on Google on a relative basis. For example, just because a particular region isn’t on the Top Regions list for the term “haircut” doesn’t necessarily mean that people there have decided to stage a mass rebellion against society’s conventions.It could be that people in that region might not use Google to find a barber, use a different term when doing their searches, or simply search for so many other topics unrelated to haircuts, that searches for “haircut” comprise a small portion of the search volume from that region as compared to other regions.” google trends help

    Pakistanis don’t know specialized terms of pornographic material. If you would like to see results for bestiality ,child pornography you won’t find most hits from pakistan but from canada & US. The google trends result are highly misleading…..I don’t mean to say that people in pakistan don’t access pornographic material at all but the data shows a twisted picture for reasons that are not apparent.

  • The funny thing is that every Maulana in the country came out for Banning of Facebook becase of “Draw Muhammad Day” but no one seems to be interested in banning porn :D

    • And 90% of Maulana Hazraat even don’t know what the Facebook actually is :-)

  • Sorry to rain on your hate parade but having worked in the ISP industry for over 8 years at the highest technical levels and still being associated with it, I can tell you that more than 60% of our internet traffic IS porn! This has been the case since the days of dialup when static images were popular. The broadband explosion brought the low quality videos followed by the hi-res vids that are so popular today. I am talking about the actual traffic and not particular searches on Google or other search engine.

    Accept it that we are a sex deprived nation going maniac. :(

  • What the Hell is this pornistan Author should say sorry to Pakistan this is not the way….. how could he say any thing like this to Pakistan And You Guys are silent this post is not good…
    No one Can make fun of my country I feel pretty shame on you all guys who read that and didn’t even complain about it….

    If the people of Pakistan saw such hex that doesn’t mean author make these type of fun its fully propaganda Its my request to the administrator change the title of this post or remove it…..

  • As Pakistani’s, it’s our greatest misfortune that we don’t accept what we do… Instead of getting ashamed, we are just trying to hide our real face.

    Shame on all of us :-(

    Produce the courage to accept, even our wrong deeds.

  • you think its ok to change name of country like in title

    Pakistan or Pornistan?

    I can’t stop people of our nation but atleast can feel shame of what author wrote…..

    • Hello Fahad,

      I wrote the article and I guess you jumped off to comments without reading a bit of the article. The article says exactly what you said that “Pornistan” is NOT the word to be used for Pakistan which “Fox News” did.

      I accept criticism, however, it’s better if it’s factual.

  • How dare they call our Pak Pakistan in that word. But Pakistan Government should order local isp’s to block the website and make another website to report about pornography to safe children from porn websites.

  • And did Fox news report who searches the term ‘child porn’ most in the world… Boohoo Fox News, the hell with you if we are a nations of proud pervs

  • Sexy movies are being watched all over the world no one can deny but in ranking to hold Pakistan Ist is not correct, its a propaganda to defame Pakistan. I would like to invite the Fox News to collect data of video makers and the artists who play with horse, porn, dog and donkey and publish the report on line. I am sure the European countries will be big tits.

  • Question:

    Which country has the biggest porn industry in the world ?

    Its USA with $13 billion Dollars.

    Which country has the biggest porn industry in Europe ?


    Haven’t they tried all sort of sex ? Who pays on their porn sites 99% originating from USA, Russia, China, and Europe ? Ofcourse Americans, Europeans.

    They don’t need to give searches on google, they simple use credit cards and watch all sort of sex including child porns, animal etc.

    Fox news owned by jews never spare Pakistan, and they know how serious we take them. The day we stop taking them serious, they might show seriousness towards Pakistan. These sick people can’t digest many good social values of Pakistan still exsiting.

    On the other hand, why PTA is more keen to block VoIP but had done nothing at all to block porn website ? Everything is so damn open becuase it isn’t against politicians, army ?

    • Okay they don’t deny anything you say about them or call it a propoganda or a conspiracy against their country.

    • Dear one, I am respecting your views here. But try to be more realistic. Fox News article is based on facts so not just try to give excuses here and accept that we are at the top on searching those keywords.

      Whereas you saying “They don’t need to give searches on google, they simple use credit cards …. “. Well, isn’t it funny ??

      I don’t know any credit card in the world, offering porn to its customer. Or it’s simply means that the people who keep credit cards don’t need to search out for pornographic websites?

      Isn’t it really funny ?

  • I don’t defend Pakistanis, but it’s also true that these days Western media (even our own media) is into a lot of conspiracies about Pakistan. First they made every one (including our own people) that we are the center of terrorism. Now as every one believes this, they are coming up with new propagandas to further defame our country, and our religion.

    • Yeah it would be hard to believe that Pakistan is a centre of terrorism, even after that is all we see everyday. Which planet do you live?

  • Sorry for jumping in late – I was too busy watching porn movies and looking for my favourite chicken :-)

    Everyone knows that porn is the biggest driver of internet usage in the world, not only here in Pakistan – but everywhere. Now, the question is can we handle it as a nation and admit that this type of content exists in the ‘big bad world’ and accept it and move on with our lives. it is an individual’s choice to use the resources such as the internet for religious study, jihadist proliferation, research – or good old fashion porn, but don’t censor my life, I have limited time on this earth and I want to enjoy it the way I see fit.

    Baaa, Baaa, – ‘yes dear, I am coming’ :-)

  • I think the report is true. Just becoz its from fox doesn’t make it a propoganda. Because anything that supports your argument is true, but whatever goes against it becomes a propoganda.

  • This reports Misleading… i have searched for Fox report and it turnout to be a valid report so far.

  • This is nothing but another reaction to the facebook ban and other related things. They don’t want to say anything good about Pakistan so they keep coming up with their new pathetic ideas to defame it. But who cares! i mean in a country where people (a majority of them) don’t have jobs, food and security what difference would these so called facts based reports make in their lives?

  • Okay,
    lets take the Fox news article as a propaganda against us but at least do accept that it’s actually based on facts.

    Instead of getting emotional, why don’t you all try to collect the real facts about search trends against the keywords mentioned in Fox News article.

    Above is the Google Trends site, try it and find yourself that where Pakistan is right now to search the keywords like Sex, Child Sex and the list goes on..

    SHAME ON US :-(

  • well it is true that the report frm fox is misleading. but the point here is hypocrisy.

    if pak is gonna ban facebook fr some content y is it not banning porn. this is not an article fr the ppl of pakistan but rather the lawmakers.

    pak’s shld stop calling everything a conspiracy and shld change the way things r done. we have to learn or lessons. 63 yrs after freedom and this is where we are now :( (forget porn , generally).

  • That is good so we are all in agreement. Here is the situation:

    Sex and porn is normal for normal people and in most countries it is OK. However, the child sex, animal sex and rapes are the crime against humanity and the worst of the worse. That is where Pakistan comes on top and takes the prize. Not in the normal healthy form of sex but the most perverted and criminal form of child molestation, rapes and cruelty to animals.

    Most people fail to understand that homosexuality is not a crime in many countries but if the kids are involved it is a major crime and severely punished.
    That is exactly the difference between the civilized and countries like Pakistan.

    I know some would term it a conspiracy against Pakistan and defend such acts. But these crimes are the lowest of the lows and there is no
    denying about that even by this author.

    The facts and numbers do not lie and cannot be denied. Unless we accetp our faults we cannot change for the better.


    Mirza, USA

    • We must have to accept the facts & figures. We cann’t deny it. We can deny the name used by Fox author, the name ‘Pornistan’ which is totaly a conspiracy to defame our country.

      Instead of getting emotional we must have to take it seriously. As a muslim we must avoid such type of things.

      There is no doubt about the propaganda of Westren media against Pakistan but we can defeat them by our actions.


    • Okay, so we have the highest ratio of searching the word rape on Google, this is why we should be called a sick nation and other countries will be called civilized.

      Dude, in which country do the most number of actual rapes happen? Which country has the highest ratio of child molestation? Which country has the highest ratio of people (mostly women) being involved in animal sex? You know the answer, nothing more is needed to be said I guess.


      Hassan Abbas, Pakistan.

  • Assalamualaikum, all

    Regardless of the statistics, we know that we are involved in this. As a nation, it is time to stop being hypocrites, accept our mistakes, and do tauba. Until we sincerely repent to Allah, we will continue to receive punishment both in this world and the Hereafter.

    I wholeheartedly agree that one positive step would be for the government to ban pornographic sites. Why don’t we lobby for this?

  • I’m agree with the facts, fox news issued wrong news & International lobby is behind these acts.

    I agree that there are searches in Pakistan of pornography, but let me make you clear that Pakistan has 17 crore of Population & 32%-36% of its population is literate while the remaining all are illiterate. The no. of educated people are not too big, so how Pakistan is no.1 in these searches? The European & American countries are involved in all these acts. Shame on You.

    Google denies all these news & said that they didn’t find Pakistan in the list.

  • Pakistan ranks no 1 in searches for ‘sexy’ and ‘sexy pictures’. i dont think a lot of our people know about the word porn( at least i didnt when i searched for it!). And Pakistan is 24th in the internet users list.

    with only 18 million users, we are beating even china with 420 million. So its pretty obvious people in Pakistan have a greater tendency to search for ‘sexy pictures’ on the internet.

  • Dera Viewers:

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  • listen up pakistani’s
    if we cannot accept the reality how can u we change something gud to ourself.stop acting like ill-minded persons. come on its n’t a big issue if we take this seriously rather than blaming others

  • Good research. Fox News facts are misleading. And as your stats shows, its just to specifically target Pakistan.

  • @Mirza/Sam
    Sorry but you are famous on Internet for your sexuality, I don’t want to talk about that though.
    We are not involved in making animal sex porn, child porn. Who are they ? You better know. Give your lectures to them and not to those who search for this. Animal sex is a crime? wow…then ask US to shut it down as it is below humanity which they have dropped themselves to.

  • These bleddy “GORAS” (WHITES) and “INDIANS” never miss a chance to humiliate Pakistan. But for sure there are always Indians behind this sitting in these institutions. The Bleddy Indians have forgot that time when Britishers wrote very clearly at their doors “Dogs and Indians are not allowed”…..

  • Another fake story, Propagated by the Western Media to let down Pakistan and Pakistanis. We must and we do strongly protest the same!!

  • Who is producing porn? who is presenting their women to be seen all over the globe? This presentation of nudes is called freedom of women by them. Shame on them.

  • Dear all

    This is the sad fact that one of the most porn maker in the world is making fun of us. Yes I do believe that the facts and figures given in this aritical are totally out of the context and this is one of the tectics to defame Pakistan. I want to figure out 2 things.

    1. Search for Sexual or porn related vedios does not means that our nation is most sex veiwed nation, since searching means to search for some thing for wihich you dont know. may be other nations already know the direct links so they are not using the search engine.

    2. Apart from this GOVT has to take following actions.
    a. Block Porn sites as many as possible and it has been practically done in many counteries including Kuwait and Saudia Arabia. They are widly successful in blocking almost 95% of the Porn Sites.

    b. There are some porn sites which are running from Pakistani soil or they contain adult material in Urdu language. This can be the disaster for the nation. A strong policy should be made for such people. and they should be punished.

    c. There are some TV Channels on HOT BIRD satellite which are promoting adult material and now they are also broadcasting Pakistani phone numbers to communicate with the prostitutes. Urgent steps need to be taken in this regard.

    d. There are some popular websites like which are advertising on face book using SEX as a tool, while the site name is a blend of good thinking and word PAK but even then Girls of 20 to 25 age are continuely advertising their sites on Face Book and thousands of young boys and girls not only joining their groups regularly but also praising them for their act. we should take strong and urgent steps agains such factors in the soceity.

    I do believe that Pakistan is a Democratic country and every one has right to live his own life but in any decent society, we are living with some ethical bonds and therefore it is the combine responsibility of the nation as a whole to strengthen this bond.

    Zeeshan Ahmed

  • bullshit……

    western media is bullshit, goto and see what Pakistan’s top watched/visited websites, there is no porn website listed in TOP 50, we are way better then India, Japan, USA.
    Pakistani internet users have a sophisticated approach, and we visit only informative websites, the so called is not even TOP 20, hahaha SHAME ON YOU WESTERN MEDIA and _____ your thinking.

    [comment edited]

  • Absolutely baseless allegations by FOX news. I always wonder how they get all the data that is always anti Pakistan. I admit a lot of Pakistanis have access to porn on internet but I cannot abosrb the fact that Pakistanis are no.1 in the list. Another disturbing fact is that top 7 countries in the list are Muslim countries. So we can very well imagine who is behind all this. Shame on you FOX news. You have really proved yourself to be as cunning and coward as a true FOX.

    Shame on you FOX News. We dont trust you. We will never trust you.


  • Before this report was published i checked on Google trends and i found we Muslims are greatly involve in searching these kinda websites. anyhow ALLAH knows Better!!!

  • the problem is not the fox news (british or whatever…
    the problem is us.. how?
    this report will went in front of the Pak Cyber controllers (or whatever), so why they didn’t blocked it or why the govt didn’t took any action… so who is the problem, in fact we. and not the govt, the citizens… we do not fight for or rights…
    so, enjoy hell at earth…

  • Great effort man, i have read an article which is on the same topic at presslancer.
    Good work from you all keep it up

  • y dont they issue the ranking about people who dont knw abt their father’s name. Bloody cheap people.


  • I do accept that most of our internet traffic may be to pornography but if they say that we are the No. 1 then I wont agree, as the volume of our internet user is too small to become no. 1.

    as many of my friends have requested govt. to block access to such sites, I dont think it ill b possible, for your info there are many porn sites that are hosted in PAKISTAN ( cheap labour you know) who pays taxes, and our govt needs money no matter it worths our nation’s destruction.
    GOP wont do anything its our duty to refrain from such activities and teach and monitor our young ones to keep them abstained from porn

  • the best way to keep yourself away from porn is to place your system at such a place that is visible to every one just like t.v
    avoid visiting cafe that has hidden its pc in cabins

    this will also prevent our young ones away from such sites

  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!thats great

  • pakistanis have no work and nothing to do and they are illetrate thats why the are doing all these things to get rid of tensions but this is a wrong way of getting rid of tensions there are many other ways such as tourism. pakistan northeren areas have great potential of tourism.

  • Important question is why Pakistani’s like to have ANIMAL SEX ! Donkeys ? I feel ashamed that we cant find women and rape the poor animals instead.
    And that is why our women like to be fuc#ed by American men. I feel so ashamed.

  • Ok pakistan is pornistan in searching for the sex content movies n pics. But somebody ask fox news what they will call the nation who has the honor of producing most sex content.. For internet
    Its america or assucka ??

  • from:

    There have been many articles splattered across weblogs and news agencies in the past couple of years. I think the first reaction to reading a bit like this, would be geared towards condemning the muslim nations under question, and in general, condemning the Islamic prohibitions and dress codes – denouncing them as useless or counterproductive.

    However, I think that there is much more that meets the eye. As you know I’ve been a part of the media for a while now; and to me, these pieces are nothing more than propaganda designed to make you impulsitvely feel negatively towards Islamic moral codes. After all, such irrefutible data cannot be neglected!

    Well, Foxnews did their search on Google Trends, and here, I’ll present the results of a little searching I did myself on the same website:

    “rimjob” (the sexual act in which one partner orally simulates the other’s anus) 1.Norway 2.Sweden 3.Canada 4.Denmark 5.United States
    “golden shower” (the sexual act in which one partner urinates on the other) 1.South Africa 2. New Zealand 3.Australia 4.Norway 5.Ireland
    “bukkake” (the sexual act of several males ejaculating on one female) 1. Italy 2. United Kingdom 3. Spain 4. France 5. Australia
    “poontang” (female organ) 1.Australia 2.New Zealand 3.United States 4.Canada 5.United Kingdom
    “twat” (female organ) 1.United Kingdom 2.New Zealand 3.South Africa 4.United States 5.Australia

    So what is my point in mentioning these words and the stats that go with them? Well, based on the above, can I make the conclusion that the number of people searching for sex in Islamic countries is very small? (If you pay close attention, not a single Islamic country is on this list). It is obvious that such a conclusion is wrong – much like the conclusion that Foxnews and other similar outlets want you to reach.

    Now I haven’t just listed these terms to make this simple point. There is more. When I saw the statistics given for Pakistan, it made me think: why is it so?

    And with a little bit of thought, the reason behind such a phenomenon became rather obvious. Of course there is always more than one reason that is behind any event. However, there is one here that I would like to make a hypothesis about. I think the reason behind Pakistan -and other similar countries- ranking high on the list of searches such as “sex”, “child sex”, and “animal sex” is because in countries such as these, those who search for porn are novice individuals who are not very good at English.

    A person living in the US for example, knows very well that he won’t be able to find anything sexual by searching the term “child sex”. Due to all the legislation against child pornography, an experienced western pedophile knows very well that such a search would be fruitless. Therefore, he would search for phrases such as “[email protected]”, words which mean more or less the same thing but have a much higher chance of yielding a desirable result. But a person living in Pakistan or some other country which has not yet been rampaged by sexual bombardment, doesn’t know any better! They wouldn’t even be familiar with advanced sexual terminology and would be stuck with the very simple expressions such as “donkey sex” and “camel sex”.

    When looking at Google Trends and the numbers appearing in front of the term “sex” for a country like Pakistan, one must keep in mind that this number is virtually all the people in the country who are searching for sexual content on the net!

    Now if you put this number into context, and look at it against all the more advanced and more fruitful sexual terms which are searched for in western countires, the numbers put up by Islamic countries are trivial.

    In the end, it is just down-right devilish to use such statistics for undermining the religious morals, dress codes, and rules of conduct in Islamic countries. After all, those who are looking at porn in Islamic countries, are more often than not the ones who oppose the Islamic codes of conduct, and support western ideals.

  • Sorry for comenting on an old post but we was discussing that news on a forum today. Actualy the shame is we are on top on so cheap keywords, i mean i addmit every one watch porn but dog, horse, child? Shame.
    P.S Fox news is a bias network every one know about that.

  • Bullshit, they always try to blame Muslim nation, like Pakistan and other Muslim country, they created themselves and blame to Muslim. They have mind control system including media, music, news and other entertainment. They have IP monitoring system which they can edit and change in to another IP Address.

  • main pahlay na kahta tha yah sb bakwass ha .Pakistan ki itni papulation hi nai ha internet users ki .agar pakistan main 7 crore internet users hain to america main 20 crore .7 crore pakistani din raat sirf yahii keywords repeat kartay rahay hian .sub bakwass ha Pakistan kay khalaff propaganda ha .MOre media iss baray main batay ga More loog iss ko search kareen gay .fir wakie main figar upar jay ga .

  • You may want to try some other terms in Google Trends, like “child sex”, “vaginal sex”, and “lesbian sex” and see who comes out on top – Pakistan. Also in the top 5 for “prostitutes”, and #2 for “call girls”. And so on. Pakistan has a sexuality problem.

  • The writers brain is ‘freeze’ by watching too much porn!

    The report says ‘per person’ search and not total number of searches. e.g say pakistan searches porn 8 crore times a day and US searches 18 crore per day.

    i.e Paks 8 crore search / 8 crore people = 1 per day per person is higher than US 16 crore / 36 crore = .5 per day per person..

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