Century Paper Reduces Financial Reporting Time with Oracle E-Business Suite

Century Paper & Board Mills Limited (Century Paper), a producer of packaging paperboard, has cut 11 days out of its monthly financial reporting time and now finishes the process three times faster with the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

Century Paper initiated the project in 2008 to replace a range of legacy accounting, purchasing, inventory, and production systems that were unreliable and were slowing down decision-making across the organization.

“The Oracle E-Business Suite has streamlined Century Paper’s business processes,” said Irfan Farooqui, Senior Manager, Supply Chain, Century Paper & Board Mills Limited. “Senior management now have the right data to make better business decisions, which enables us to provide a better service to our customers, while protecting our cost controls”

“Oracle has eliminated the repetition of data entry and has made our system faster and reliable”, said Muhammad Ayaz Khurshid, Head of Information Technology, Century Paper & Board Mills Limited. “Faster reports generation is essential to our business success. With Oracle, we were able to cut our reporting time from 16 days to five days, and as we continue to streamline and stabilize the process we hope to bring down the reporting time to three days.”

“Oracle has equipped more than 1100 organizations across Pakistan with the right IT tools for decades, enabling them to further enhance their efficiencies and profitability,” said Ahsen Javed , Managing Director , Oracle Pakistan and South Asia Growth Economies. ”The benefit Century Paper is reaping from this implementation will help the organization optimize and utilize their resource in an effective manner to gain competitive advantage”.

Oracle Financials gives Century Paper’s senior managers a comprehensive view of the company’s financial situation. The accounts department now completes the consolidated monthly financial reports three times faster than previously possible, while extending reporting capabilities to 120 essential management reports.

Oracle Inventory Management now provides clear and up-to-date inventory data, enabling easy access to inventory levels thus eliminating the risks of over-ordering or under-ordering.

The Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 has made the Century Paper’s systems more reliable, resulting in faster transfer of funds between the company’s three locations

Century Paper now produces more-detailed production plans, and can more accurately calculate the depreciation of factory equipment.

In addition to Financials, Century Paper deployed Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Order Management, Oracle Process Manufacturing, Oracle Discrete Manufacturing, Oracle Advanced Pricing, and Oracle Enterprise Asset Management.

The company also deployed Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Real Application Clusters, which provided high availability and automatic failover capabilities. If one of the server nodes fails, the system will failover to another node, thus eliminating system downtime.