Android in Trouble, Google Caught Copying Java Code


Oracle sued Google last year for infringing on copyrights and patents related to Java, which Oracle acquired along with Sun Microsystems.

Oracle’s case got stronger this week when Florian Mueller, a intellectual property activist, proved that Google copied at least 43 Android source files from Java.

With this development, lawsuit becomes a simple and easy case to prove when Google used 37 Android source files marked “PROPRIETARY / CONFIDENTIAL” and “DO NOT DISTRIBUTE” by Oracle / Sun and at least six more files in Froyo and Gingerbread that appear to have been decompiled from Java 2 Standard Edition and redistributed under the Apache open source license without permission.

This is not a threat to Android lovers or Google alone, but billions of dollars of various handset manufacturers (including HTC, Samsung) may land into trouble as well.

Though, there are reports that these copied files were just for test and are not important for the core OS, however, Oracle seems confident of winning the case.

In case Oracle wins, it might ask Google for a per-handset royalty on every Android handset shipped.

For further reading: Engadget, ZDNet, Ars Techncia

  • iOS

    Hahaha…..the copier and losers.. iOS rocks always unique.

    • apple

      agreed,thats why apple is the best and ios rox.

      • wrong. Symbian is the future and best OS.

        • Ahmed

          Apple is good only if jail break-ed and having cracked apps installed, not otherwise when you pay on apps store ;)

        • Have you read the latest trends ??? what people are using.. Symbian story is closed dude.

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      Ever heard of Unix/BSD?? iTard that’s where iOS comes from…

  • chumchum
  • Copper

    They were neither shipped nor of any value, they were just tests

  • Android is cheaper than stupid and expensive iOS

    • iOS

      Obviously its expensive coz focused on developing not copying xD

      • Ahmed

        iOS is very expensive for no reason. These vendors sell 3x times their cost.

        • Seteve said that Android will win the race. Till now there are only two mobile OS Android and ios… but IOS is loosing market as happened in case of Windows and Apple OS

  • Ali Asghar

    So far i guess in cellur operating systems todate, symbian and java are clear ruler, ios not as good as symbian bcoz of the prices, symbian handsets are much lower in cost than apple handsets, still we can get not all but most feature in symbian os like in ios. Hope most people will agree. I thought android will beat all OS, but this news will not keep the reputation of android in future

    • totally agree. Symbian is the ruler and symbian and meego are future.

  • Mujeeb Mufti

    That will be a bump in the road for google. But with the chrome OS on the way and the sheer craze of the Android OS, i doubt it would bother sales much from a customers perspective.

  • Nauman Afzal

    I guess Apple, RIM and Nokia are far ahead of Android. A single update for the iOS means update fro all iPhone users. Same is true for Palm for instance. But look at Android, try to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1 and you will be told about hardware incompatibility. The reason, multiple hardware manufacturers, all trying to customize Android to their liking. Resultantly developers are having a nightmare, imagine trying to develop an app for Eclair that is supposed to work on multiple Android phones some touchscreen, some QWERTY, some flip etc. And then try upgrading to Froyo with different screen resolutions.
    I don’t know what’s going to be their future. Four updates in a little over a year!!! Quite similar to having 360 plus Linux distros, each more dis-similar to the other.

  • SK

    Symbian was Past and Meego is Future, anyways what is iOS and Android ? LoL

  • No_mercy

    Windows Phone 7 and iOS rock

    • Radz

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      • No_mercy

        for your kind information it has bluebooth..pls do some research before criticising something…

      • No_mercy

        lol..dude for your kind info they have bluetooth..and pls do some research before criticising something..


    see the prove “documented here” apple is not that best,direct link

  • mustafa

    Android is the future. :)

  • Are you people MAD???? Android users Java API and thats it… and Android just changed the compiler of Java.

    mamooo pata hai Android stack kasey work kerta hai ???

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  • Yeah there is some lawsuit for copying Java VM(Virtual Machine) that is not opensource. Its regarding Java VM and Devlik VM… you are really stupid poster.

  • Lets be rational, its not a war between whos P is bigger, its about the morals and business ethics. Google have had series of events where they have attempted to break the law and then pretend as if it happened accidently e.g the personal wifi data collection, there are several other incidents and events which indicate that Google is not as angelic as it used to be.

  • Quote of the day: My grandma uses an iPhone, be a man, get an Android…

  • People who are crazy about Windows phone… should read


    • No_mercy

      its kin not windows phone 7..lmao

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    iOS FTW!

  • Oracle are patent trolls… They don’t give a damn about opensource or standards, they are even out to wreck Java.. See what happened to Gosling and then the JCP, Apache and others have left it. JCP is now an all-Oracle-rubber-stamp committee… I am with Google on this, I hope they shove the pseudo-infringements up Oracle’s a$$ along with their over paid lawyers…

    PS: F**k Apple with their iOS too…