Pakistan Floods Last Summer Could Have Been Predicted: Research

Research Centers in western countries are saying that they knew in advance of the devastation, which the monsoon rains could bring last year in Pakistan. They are saying that they could enhance the accuracy and prediction time if worked well on the raw data available, said a research report.

Report said that it could predict of any such disaster by 10 days in advance.

Top Researcher said that Pakistan can get this system in just few million dollars.

Following are excerpts from the research:

Five days before intense monsoonal deluges unleashed vast floods across Pakistan last July, computer models at a European weather-forecasting center were giving clear indications that the heavy rains were imminent.

Now, a new scientific study that retrospectively examines the raw data from these computer models, has confirmed that, if the information had been processed, forecasters could have predicted extremely accurate rainfall totals 8-10 days beforehand.

The study also finds that the floods themselves could have been predicted if this data, which originated from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF), had been processed and fed into a hydrological model, which takes terrain into account.

The July floods killed thousands of people and tens of thousands of cattle, and left large parts of Pakistan in shambles. The waters displaced, or disrupted the lives of, an estimated 20 million people.

In a few weeks, Peter Webster, a professor of earth and atmospheric science at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and lead author of the new study, will attend an international meeting of developing nations in Bangkok to build support for flood forecasting in Pakistan.

He says a forecasting system in Pakistan would cost a few million dollars to set-up, but as little as $100,000 a year once operational. He hopes to convince the World Bank, currently providing $1 billion of flood-recovery financing to Pakistan, to fund the project.

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  • Omer

    Officials should take interest in this research and implement the system to protect the paki people from this type of flood nexttime.

    Media should raise this point……..

  • Saad Durrani


  • Ahmed

    Do you people know about HAARP technology being used by US Airforce and what their Program Manager claims they can achieve ? Search youtube, think over it, don’t take it as my assumption of conspiracy.

    • Saad Durrani


  • mubasher

    this is utterly ironic!
    and btw i somehow buy this HAARP technology thing.. :s

  • I am embarrassed to admit this, but I too think that HAARP is more than just stories of paranoid conspiracy theorists.

    Its JUST SAD to see that all the lives lost here in Pakistan could have been saved, if only our government was a little more aware of its responsibilities.

  • Usman

    this research of flood prediction could not have been researched before flood? why? :-P were u sleeping before flood or were u researching that “we would be researching about flood prediction after flood”.. dumb heads.

  • ZindadilPakistan

    There is a psyche among people of not shifting their homes even if they are in disaster prone areas. The questions to be asked about the country’s preparedness to face another flooding are:

    * Have the flood embankments been reconstructed and reinforced?
    * Have people been relocated to safer places?
    * Have crisis management centers been established in flood prone areas?
    * Have relief centers been setup in flood prone areas?
    * Will the bridges and roads that have been reconstructed be able to withstand the force of floods?
    * Have local relief teams been identified, trained and equipped to provide flood relief?
    * Have the governments stocked food, drinking water and medicines to provide flood victims?
    * Have governments worked out disaster management plans?
    * Have governments identified and informed paramedic teams to standby?