Emails Retrieved From Benazir Bhutto’s BlackBerry Phones Unveil Shocking Evidences

benezirWe have seen cell phones being produced as evidences in very crucial historical cases, this time, it’s the Blackberry phones possessed by assassinated former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Recently, 2 Blackberry phones, belonging to Benazir Bhutto were handed over to the joint investigation team conducting an inquiry into her murder on Thursday, reported Express Tribune.

Today, the newspaper broke another news which claims that data from the blackberry has been retrieved by the investigation team which reveals that Benazir Bhutto was promised Prime Minister’s slot from highest authorities in both Pakistan and the United States that.

Paper claims that close to 60 e-mails, dozens of text messages and close to four hundred contact numbers have been retrieved from both the BlackBerry phones.

Express Tribune has produced few emails of Benazir Bhutto as following:

“Respected Prime Minister (Benazir Bhutto), the United States confirmed that a crucial message had been sent to intelligence agencies of Pakistan, specifically not to interfere in party affairs and stay away from the electoral process.  Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and director-general Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) have done a secret deal for your (Benazir Bhutto) premiership.

Congratulations Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and warm regards,” read an e-mail sent by a leading PPP leader on October 23, 2007, to Benazir Bhutto calling her “Respected Prime Minister”.

An email was sent by Benazir to Ron Suskind, an American journalist, some days prior to her assassination. The former prime minister, while referring to the then president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf said that he wrote to his friend that he (Musharraf) gave her an alarming message:

“You (Benazir) should understand that your security is based on the state of relations between you and me (Benazir and Musharraf).”

In another e-mail, dated October 26, 2007, the slain PPP leader wrote a letter to her advisor in Washington DC, Mark Siegel, in which she expressed dissatisfaction over her security.

She wrote:

“Nothing will happen, just wanted you to know. If it does, in addition to the names in my letter to President Musharraf, I would hold Musharraf responsible.

I have been made to feel insecure by his minions and there is no way what is happening in terms of stopping me from taking private security or using tinted windows of four police mobiles to cover all sides could happen without him (Musharraf).”

Bhutto also sent an SMS message to Daphne Barak, a famous interviewer who often writes for Mail Online. In reply to an SMS message, Barak wrote:

“Bibi, you are going to Pakistan. It’s a trap for you now. But you are insisting to go back.”

  • It is nothing just to distract people like us, Zardari government is in danger due to its deeds, now revealing this, he assumes that he can make us fool while putting and prolong its government. Even Liaquat Ali Khan case is not solved, how can it be?

  • problem with express tribune is that it generates one rumour “from sources” every day. This rumour is then picked up by indian media and whipped up so much that later it is described as a fact by international media.

    Two days back this newspaper reported that people killed by Davis were ISI. Despite all denials and despite this being totally ridiculous (one of the murdered boys was 18 years old) all the CNN’s of the world are now quoting this report.

    This new rumour also fits in perfectly with indian media’s rhetoric of “pakistan is a banana republic run by ISI” and you can be assured will be carried this way in all indian news sites in few hours.

    • Well said…
      Many of our media persons want to BREAK THE NEWS FIRST.. and during this… they some times forget the ethics about testing the authenticity of news and publish/ broadcast it quickly… not keeping in view the impact of such things on the reputation of their organization and our country Pakistan…

  • One thing i don’t understand. How can we be sure that these two phones were owned by Benazir herself. And why were they in Bilawal house karachi while she was killed in Pindi.

    Also, how do we know if these messages are authentic. Anybody could have tempered with the messages in 2 years while these phones were missing.

    This phone story looks too insane to me.

  • musharraf is the involved in bibi death directly or indirectly….he should be deport in pakistan for further investigation.

  • Isn’t it a political news? Where is propakistani’s rules (NO POLITICAL NEWS) adding two lines of regarding blackberry phones will not make it a news related to IT.
    No comments on this story no body is going to be arrested.

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