Pakistani Firm Develops Official Game for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

buy_nowMindstorm Studios, a Pakistani games development company, announced today that it is developing the Official Game for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, an event followed religiously by over a billion fans around the globe.

The game, “Cricket Power” (, is set to be the most advanced 3D browser cricket game developed to date.

It will feature all 14 official teams along with official players, stadiums and kits. The game will be powered by a superior cricket engine at its core, coupled with a pick-up-and-play interface to appeal to casual and core gamers alike.

“We are extremely excited about developing the official game for ICC’s Cricket World Cup 2011” said Babar Ahmed, CEO Mindstorm Studios. “Cricket has long been a subject closely linked to our organization and we are thrilled to take it to the next level.”

The game will be published by ADMC (Abu Dhabi Media Company) and is available at

Mindstorm Studios is a young startup company from Pakistan. All the software professionals, coders, designers and the management are Pakistanis. It has received no outside funding. The team is self-taught. It has managed to cross all hurdles, conquer all challenges and emerge as a champion.

    • One should be proud that Pakistani developers got the official license of the of icc. india is said to be one of the biggest IT market in this region of south asia has not yet able to get any kind of game developed in your case not even the worst game like mindstorm studios….:)

    • Just like other developer firms, they might be given product flows/instructions by ICC, The important and good thing is that they were chosen for this project.

      Its really something, we as a nation needs more and something to proud of. :-)

  • Really very awesome, I just Love it. Great, keep it up. We are really very proud to be Pakistani Alhamdulillah.

  • Great Effort.. Hope you will inspire other Pakistani’s to enter the PC based 3D game development arena…
    p.s. Love Cricket Revolution btw, it’s the only sports game that I play…

  • Brilliant work Babar! I can share his passion and hard work !

    I wonder if this game become successful and was developed by an Indian guy and all of friends who are strongly criticizing the game will be criticizing the fact that we (Pakistani) are not doing anything!

    Guys – Appreciate the team. I’m running kind of a same company and I know how much efforts we push behind it!!!

    Babar ~ Great game and I hope you will learn more and help our industry!

  • Keep it up guys, We are Proud of you, you guys are doing hard work to bring Pakistan on the top in the industry. Best of Luck for your future projects.

    On the and there is the banner which shows 3 teams, India, Australia and another one, there should be Pakistani team also, just a sugesstion, because it’s a Pakistani game so it should be visible.

    Thank you!

  • Well Done Pakistani Heeros

    We Are wonderful Nation……… No one can beat us in any field…. Bloody inidians, americans and all non muslim factors want to destroy our all industries but after selection of this game from Pakistani Firm out of 200 compnies All the peoples have to understand Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi……….. Pakistan Zinda Bad Pakistan Hamari Jaan Sab Se Pehly Pakistan…………………………….


    its a return slap to india (a thriving IT industry? lol), for snatching the world cup hosting from us.


  • GREAT GOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also want to become a Game Programmer . But in Pakistan there is no institution in which Game Development Degree is offered.
    If there is anyone Please tell me..
    BABER great job.
    I want to make a game like “CALL OF DUTY” on PAK-INDO war of 1965.

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