Zong Android Handset Now Available for Rs. 10,999

Zong_AndroidZong, has lowered the price for its Huawei Manufactured android handset.

Handset, which was earlier offered at at 15,999, is now available for just Rs. 10,999.

This move is a clear indication that Zong is eyeing the huge lower-end market, not as other cellular operators who are focusing high-end audience.

Not only this, With Zong’s Android handset – you will get 6 months free GPRS to surf the internet and get access to unlimited Free Android applications while at the same time explore the splendid Android centric functionalities of the handset.

Visit your nearest ZONG Customer Service Center or Franchise to avail this fabulous offer.

Here are brief specs for the Zong Android Handset:

  • OS – Android OS, V2.2
  • CPU – 528 MHz Qualcomm Processor
  • 3.2 MP Camera
  • Bluetooth • GPRS/ EDGE
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB
  • GPS
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • POP3 and Exchange Server Email Support
  • microSD Card Support (microSD card not included)

Here’s a introduction video of the phone:

  • sara

    hey guys anyone has any idea .. i heard djuice is closing down

    • admin

      probably relaunching tomorrow.

    • They are not doing any thing there is some kind of technical issue to resolve.

      • hamza

        heyy guyzz wht about this cell…ye hai kesaa

  • Ansari

    Zong is the only one offering driod sets, lets see when others follow suite…. hope its sooner than later!

    About Djuice, I got the SMS as well today. Called the helpline and they say they are doin something for the youth of Pakistan. Lets see what they come up with.

    • I also got one msg from them, I think this is the beginning of that promotion “Karo Mumkin”
      They are going to implement ideas which they got from some Pakistani youngsters.

      • Ansari

        No, I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with Karo Mumkin…. that had an entirely different theme. lets see what they come up with…….

    • Shahid Saleem

      — Zong is the only one offering driod sets,

      What? No! Mobilink was first, offering the Motorola Milestone last year (Rs 37k). Then, again the Samsung Tab (which is a phone, too). I hear Samsung will launch the Nexus S phone later this month, probably also with Mobilink.

      Mobilink is way ahead of the pack.

      • Ali

        Well you are right shahid and the due credit for introducing Android and WP7 goes to Mobilink, but it’s the target market that’s different. Now any Android phone fan can take out 11 K and go for an ideos, but do you think that Milestone etc. were targeted to a Jazz user? No Sir! and Mobilink has never shared how many WP7 or Android handsets they were able to sell which they launched.

  • Anas

    Can the ideos be upgraded to android 2.3???

    • MySchizoBuddy

      huawei IDEOS X3 which was just showcased at the MWC has Android 2.3

    • hassan

      nop it can’t handel it due to its resulotion

  • Is this network locked ?

    • Ansari

      Yes it is but u can get it unlocked for under a 1000 rupees

      • I am hearing that it can be unlocked but did anyone actually get it unlocked himself ?

        In 11k I think its a good phone but cannot trust zong network.
        I have a zong sim but its not reliable :)

      • saad

        From where I can get this unlocked?

        • Athar

          Little correction. Its not under 1000, its exactly 2500 ruppees in which u can get it unlocked. You only have to provide your IEMEI and u get the code in 3 to 4 days. Only 1 place in Lahore in Hafeez Center. I have got mine unlocked a few days ago. For detail, contact me 0333-3111839.

          • Nabeel

            No need to go to hafeez centre or wait 3-4 days. You can get it unlocked for $20 (Around Rs.1700) from:


            Another site (bit more expensive):


            • Athar

              True, but u need to have a paypal account to pay which is not allowed in pakistan. else, if u use any online payment method, its a risk if your code does not work. Moreover, u have to wait for at least a couple of days even when u unlock throught these sites. Thanks.

              • Ahmed

                I got mine unlocked for FREE using DC-unlocker’s BETA client…They have began supporting this phone and were providing free unlocking for a beta period which ended on 24th April… official support for the Ideos U8150 will be added till the next week

    • Shahid Saleem

      Yes, but I herd you can get it unlocked for just 200 at Hafeez CEntre.

  • Btw any reliable shop in karachi to get this unlocked ?

    Or any shop from mobile market will do ?

  • Usman ali

    btw hows its touch screen i mean i hope its not like nokia fones… other wise the fone is good

    • Nabeel

      Ideos has a capacitive touch screen and not a resistive like nokia 5230…so ideos is way better. A capactive touch screen has a very good response and doesn’t actually depend on the ‘pressing’ of the screen.

      • Nabeel

        “Capacitive touchscreen displays rely on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where on a display the user touching.

        Because of this, capacitive displays can be controlled with very light touches of a finger and generally cannot be used with a mechanical stylus or a gloved hand.

        Examples of devices with capacitive touchscreens are the Apple iPhone and the T-Mobile G1.”

        “Resistive touchscreen displays are composed of multiple layers that are separated by thin spaces.

        Pressure applied to the surface of the display by a finger or stylus causes the layers to touch, which completes electrical circuits and tells the device where the user is touching.

        As such, resistive type touchscreens require much more pressure to activate than capacitive touchscreens.”

        from: http://www.mobileburn.com/definition.jsp?term=capacitive+touchscreen

        • Kashif

          Thanks yar. Very Informative.

  • Aamir

    Sounds fun, really need to know from where this ph can be unlocked?

    Please advice, thx!

  • ali

    this mobile is the best in its price range but the problem is its small 2.8 inch screen and slow processor so the phone will hang. meaning no good graphics in games and lagging in web browsing. and no multitasking but i would rather buy this then a nokia touch screen phone like 5230 or 5530

  • Should I purchase it. Anyone using it. Whats the performence

  • Should I purchase it. Anyone using it. Whats the performance

  • should i purchase it? whats the performance

  • hsk

    @ahmed its a nice phone it is way better than the nokia 5230 or 5233 because of its camera 3.2mp where as the 5230 has 2.0mp antoher good feature its running android v2.2 its speakers are also very loud and this thing feels good while using and its quite cheaper now

  • Ahmed

    Can someone please guide:

    1- Have you used any VoIP service on this phone.
    2- Have you used Skype on this phone.
    3- What about Battery timing.
    4- What about Google Voice Client ?

    Thank you.

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      1- Nope, doesn’t work on EDGE and never felt the need of using it over WiFi Network at home.
      2- Will try it but can’t do it right now.
      3- Battery is good, works for a day, not more.
      4- Google Voice is not available in Pakistan (as far as i know of).

      • Ahmed

        I use Google Voice everywhere :D have a US geographical number, made it ring over my Google talk and I can even call using Google Talk (which isn’t yet available even from Google :D )

  • Mehmood

    i am also interested in the purchase. but need it unlocked. any one know the shop in karachi to get it unlocked in reasonable price.

  • Talal Masood

    I am also willing to purchase it, everyone is saying yes it does get unlocked, but I have not seen any unlocked one yet. I searched on different Pakistani websites where people sell things, all the IDEOS for sale are locked. No one has an unlocked. So I am still not sure, it gets unlocked or not. If anyone knows particularly any shop in Lahore, kindly update me about it.

    Secondly people who are saying that it gets unlocked are also saying that it is not a software unlock procedure, its a jumper unlock. Which means the set will open and your warranty will void.

    • Athar

      Please read my post above on this page for clarification or call 0333-3111839

  • o friend of mine used this handset. this is awsum. would that i had the money right now to buy this handset…. zong… keep it up….

  • saad

    I m using this handset and enjoying a lot. I bought it for 16000. Touch is awsum, amazing apps, camera is good. Processor is also good. Can’t run very high detonation games but still as far as its price this set is a blessing for Droid lovers in pakistan.

    I visited Hafiz center twice to get this set unlocked but no one is doing this. But still I m enjoying it bcoz zong network is not that bad.
    Hint for them who is facing bad service. Just email to pta about ur complain and CC to zong csc. After that u will not face any problem. I practiced this. :)

  • Ali Nawaz

    First thing the android set which is offered by zong can’t upgrade to android 2.3, because it is low end device and very low specs. Other thing is that, I personally unlocked this device and use every sim available in pakistan and uae, and I unlocked it by software not using any jumper.

    Sent from my htc

    • Mehmood

      Ali Nawaz, How much you will charge for unlock of ideos or give me hints so I can do myself

    • Talal Masood

      Which software you used to unlock it ? We all here would like to know

    • Saad Zafar

      Dear Ali,

      Good to hear that you unlocked this phone by yourself. You are the first person who said i did it be myself. Can you please guide us or tell us how we can unlock this phone? I am also using this phone and will be waiting for your answer on how we can unlock this phone.

      This gives good hope when we Pakistani share information with each other rather than limiting it to themselves.

      I will really appreciate your response.

  • amjadshaick at Msn dot Com

    Hi Everyone,
    Let me clear here, that certain features are not dependent on this handset. If it is running android, it means there is no limit of using Android Apps and features :-)
    I am also getting interested in buying this handset as its price is now just 11,000 :-)

  • Talal Masood

    I purchased this handset two days ago. I am liking it very much. But there is one problem, its a bit slower as compared to other 2.2 Froyo handsets. But for this price, and these features .. I guess its the best .. if you are a developer and wants a handy phone to test your apps, I guess this is the best ..

    @ Ali Nawaz, yes it will not upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread, but still so what ? In Rs.11,000 its the best :)

  • Ali Nawaz

    Mr. Talat you are right it is best at this price…A good news for you today I did a experiment to upgrade it to Gingerbread 2.3, and it was successful but there are some bugs I am trying to solve them…..update you soon.

    Sent from my Htc

  • Ali Nawaz

    Gingerbread 2.3 loaded on it…waaaaooooow

    Sent from my Htc

  • Robin

    Here’s my review of the phone:


  • Ali Nawaz


    You NEED to put your phone on USB Debugging mode
    You NEED to install make sure the Android drivers for your phone are installed
    Make sure you DO NOT mount your SD card.
    If you still can’t get something to run, try doing it in recovery mode.

    I tested it. It works. You can get it from shortfuse.org.

    Here’s a one-click root with almost all phones and all android versions.


    The program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+ or Mono v1.2.6+
    Operations systems with native support:

    * Windows Vista
    * Windows 7

    If you run Microsoft Windows XP, install .NET Framework v2.0 or above

    • Mehmood

      Ali Nawaz,

      if we root our phone then what we have to do to make it unlock network code

      • Ali Nawaz

        After rooting your device there is no need to use unlock code.it is unlocked when you root your device.

        Sent from my htc

    • Saad Zafar

      HEy ali,

      Thanks for sharing this. Did you unlocked your phone with the same procedure????

      • Ali Nawaz

        Yes from the same procedure……I unlocked my phone.

        Sent from my htc

        • Saad Zafar

          after rooting if our phone does not work? can we go back to original OS?

          are you from Lahore?

          • Ali Nawaz

            Rooting does’nt means that you change your OS. It just gives you the Admin rights to change main configurations of your phone’s OS. Like if you are using Windows and you are the administrator of your PC then you have permitted to do any thing with it.

    • Jalal Mustafa

      Thanks very much for giving method for android rooting…. i have one confusion… if i rooted my zong android.. after that phone will be unlocked for other network or not….or i need to purchase code like mr. Talat mesood ????
      waiting for your kind reply..

      • Ali Nawaz

        There is no need to purchase any unlock key once you rooted your phone.

  • Talal Masood

    I just got my handset unlocked. Had to purchase the unlock code for Rs.2200 .. Its working on Mobilink now ;)

    • Mehmood

      I purchased it today from zong cs gulshan karachi. from where you purchased it unlock code.

      • Dalpat Rai

        Please tell me at what price you got the code from Zong CS.
        Also please tell me the location of that CS

    • Saad Zafar

      Talal from where you purchased unlock code?

      and in which city you are? are you in lahore?

    • Talal Masood

      I’m in Lahore. I got the unlock code from a local guy for Rs.2200. If you are willing I can share the number of that guy with you.

      • admin

        share the number after his permission (ask him to keep our commissions :P – kidding)

  • Talal Masood

    Ok, I received some message from Jalal, don’t know where his comment is misplaced here.

    Jalal, I am not sure about rooting. What I heard and read on different blogs is, rooting is something different than unlocking .. another guy here says, that he rooted his handset and it got unlocked too. You have to ask him for that.

    I got it unlocked using the unlock code. I can provide you the information if you willing to get it unlocked. The guy charged me Rs.2200.

  • Jalal Mustafa

    thnks Talat…
    in above comment of mr. ali nawaz said that he rooted his zong android and just install gingerbread (2.3) on this phone. and also said it was unlocked after rooting the device… if this information is correct then why we need to pay around about 2000-2500. i just want to verify… so after thay may i bought this phone… and what about messaging speed in zong android… ??? any one try it???

    • Jalal Mustafa

      is the android keyboard is working well or ………

    • Ali Nawaz

      There is no need to purchase any unlock key once you rooted your phone. The best messaging software for android and nokia touch is “SKYPE”. Just go to youtube and search for Skype for tutorial.

      • Ali Nawaz

        Sorry It is SWYPE not Skype

        • Jalal

          @ Ali Nawaz : I want to contact u for some needful information please send me ur phone number or mail me…

    • Talal Masood

      Jalal, my name is Talal not Talat :)

      well, what I know is that gingerbread’s processor requirement is high. It’s requirement is at least 1ghz processor. It will work, if somehow Ali Nawaz upgraded it, but your set will go very slow, plus the hardware compatibility issues.

  • Talal Masood

    Kindly contact the Unlock guy in Lahore at this link:


  • Saad Zafar

    i request you all to please investigate about rooting before spending money. investigate and share as well.

    • Mehmood

      I searched for rooting, but i didn’t find article / comments that it will unlock network lock itself. In above comments of Ali Nawaz given procedure for rooting is simple and i am keen interested in rooting, but after rooting and inserting of other network sim if it will ask for code then…..

  • Trekker

    Rooting WILL not unlock the phone. Ali Nawaz is a liar. And ppl at XDA are working on porting 2.3 on it. I have installed a custom ROM with 2.2.1 and black notification bar and icons.

  • Dalpat Rai

    Has anyone tried rooting…
    Was it successful… I really want to unlock it to use on ufone. please help

  • A.Shahid

    i am interested to buy zong android.
    plz confirm if unlocking is easy or not expensive.
    what is the performance of this handset.

  • Hussain Abbas

    Hey guys em going to sale the same handset 5/6 months warranty all things original. + 4GB MicroSD Memory Card Kingston which was not included in deal. Price Rs. 10,000/=
    excellent condition and performance
    urgent sale…. interested one may contact at 03122239449

  • jamshed

    pls guide me regarding ideos x5(huawei).my cell is un-able for voice chat on yahoo messenger,google talk even on skype .can any freind help me to solve my problem.others feature are working well.

    I hv tried to download fring application to chk voice chat on all apps.mentioned above.

  • jamshed

    ideos x5,,,,,,u8800,,is full descrption for my android cell.thnx jamshed

  • Khurram

    Guys we can get the Ideos unlocked in Islamabad and the cost is 2000, it will hardly take 10 minutes once you hand the set to salesman on the shop, please contact 03018560648 if interested,

    thanks !



  • Usman

    Hello All,
    I am planning to buy Ideos but the problem is that I do not find any nearest location where I can buy from :(

    I live in clifton , karachi. But the problem is that I cannot find any service center or franchise from where I can buy it, there was an office of zong on Boat basin but now it is closed.

    Can any one please suggest the nearest location?


  • Ali

    Can someone plz tell one thing ! Does it supports multi-tasking or not !? I m not looking for maybe or if. A clear yes or no. I m looking forward to buy it but if it doesnt support multi-tasking then I wont buy it…

  • Ali

    Can any one tell one thing.. Does it supports multi-tasking or not ?

  • furqan

    Free unlocking service for Ideos Zong/Ufone. Just sms/email your IMEI. Iwill send Unlock code and Master reset code as well

    • Dalpat Rai

      Please send me unlock code for my Ideos.
      IMEI: 352608040319257
      Network: Zong
      Thanks in advance

      Dalpat Rai
      [email protected]

      • Furqan

        Your required
        Unlocking Code:41119200
        Master Reset Code:34940926
        Enjoy Man!!!!!!!!!

        • Dalpat Rai

          Furqan bhai, this code is for Huawei modems. Its not working for Huawei phones.

          • yeah! :(
            me goin to unlock it in Pkr1000 in morning! :|

            • Dalpat Rai

              from where?

          • Furqan

            Brother I have unlocked my Huawei Phones (Ideos Ufone/Zong), Trust me.

            • Dalpat Rai

              then which code to use…
              Unlock code or master reset code

              • Furqan

                Well brother If your phone locked to say A network, the insert Simcard other than A network, and reset the phone. I will ask for unlock code, input unlock code, phone will be unlocked for all networks in the world for ever.

                If you have given wrong unlock code for THREE time phone will ask for Simcard Reset code, the input reset code.

    • I Need to unlock ma Ideos
      IMEI is 352608040380473

      • Need Help! :/

      • Furqan

        Unlocking Code:54469931
        Master Reset Code:64986572
        Bingo Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • imran

          boss i have ideos u8150
          IMEI# 352608040384749
          plz snd my unlock code!
          ( thanks in advance )

        • Faizan

          Salam, I need sim reset and unlock code for zong IDEOS U8150, IMEI is 352608040360996

    • saad

      Please send me unlock code for my Ideos

      IMEI: 352608040368882
      network: zong

      plz send me brother

    • Moosa Hasni

      i have ideos u8150
      IMEI# 352608040321311
      netwrk is zong
      plz snd my unlock code!

    • Amin Ullah

      Salaam furqan bhai can you please send me unlocking code of zong network locked ideos: IMEI is: 352608040366126

  • Furqan

    I need Zong/Ufone Ideos for sale. Any body willing please contact me at [email protected]

  • Furqan

    I need used Zong/Ufone Ideos. Any body willing please contact me at [email protected]

  • Waqas

    hey everyone.

    Dont buy huawaei ideos feom zong or ufone, if u want unlocked with warranty set in just 11,000 rupee just go to huawei franchise. for people living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad its at F8 islamabad, u can get exact address of franchise from google.

    i bought it from zong, and spend 1000 rupee to unlock then someone told me details that u can buy unlocked sets from huawei franchizes.

  • Naeem Rao

    Aoa dear i want to buy zong adriord fone if anyone have pl tell me waiting
    0300 609 8002

  • Moosa Hasni

    i am selling my ideos u8150.use only 15 days.warnty of zong.not unlocked.all assecries(box,handfree,cahrger,data cabel) are with set! 4gb card is include! if any one interseted then contect me.moosa frm multan punjab.03128083055

  • Kashan Mohammad

    huwai Andriod imei: 352608040363370
    kindly unlock code.
    [email protected]

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