JBL and Acision Sign Distribution Contract for Afghanistan

Pakistan Country Director at Acision, Mr. Salman Nayyer and Director Operations JBL, Mr. Zia ul Haque are seen exchanging documents after a contract signing, along with other team members of Acision and JBLJaffer Brothers Pvt. Limited (JBL) and Acision have recently announced a partnership which enables JBL to market and distribute Acision’s Mobile messaging and data solutions in Afghanistan.

The partnership, which forms part of Acision’s Channel Partner Programme, is an extension of an existing working relationship between Acision and JBL in Pakistan, and will allow both companies to tap into new market opportunities within the Middle East.


The agreement, which was signed in a contract signing ceremony in March 2011 between Acision Pakistan Country Director, Mr. Salman Nayyar, and Director of Operations at JBL, Mr. Zia ul Haque, will enable JBL to extend its existing portfolio of IT solutions and offer more comprehensive solutions to operators in the region. By working with JBL, Acision will gain increased insight into the Afghan market by leveraging JBL’s existing relationships with carriers while delivering its innovative solutions.

“Afghanistan is slated to be one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the Middle East. It is expected to continue its growth, reaching 24.5 million mobile subscriber connections by 2014, and making it one of the most exciting markets in the region,” said Salman Nayyer, Country Director, Acision Pakistan. “As a proven partner in Pakistan, we believe that JBL will play a key role in helping us meet operators’ strategic demands in Afghanistan.”

“Based on our in-country expertise, we strongly believe that mobile data will be a key differentiator in the increasingly competitive Afghan mobile landscape,” said Zia ul Haque, Director of Operations, JBL. “Acision and JBL both share the same vision and passion to meet operator requirements, and we are pleased to extend our existing relationship from Pakistan. By leveraging our strong relationships with leading operators, we will be able to market and distribute Acision’s mobile data solutions portfolio successfully.”

Acision is the world leader in mobile data and a pioneer of mobile messaging globally. Its product portfolio includes mobile data services, mobile data control and mobile data charging solutions, supporting customers worldwide to drive new revenues with innovative new services, while controlling optimizing and monetizing data traffic.

With over 28 years of experience, JBL is a leading provider of integrated IT solutions including servers, data centers, ERP and network and security solutions in Pakistan and the Middle East.

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