Groupin.PK is Launching – First Up Sugar Deal for Rs. 25 Per KG

Sugar@Rs.25perKgAlmost a month ago, we had uncovered this start-up Groupin.PK that promises discounted deals and coupons for its customers from local market.

Now we are told that Groupin.PK is launching its operation tomorrow (in Islamabad for now) and as a promotion company is offering sugar at Rs. 25 per kilogram.

As we mentioned in our last coverage, the idea behind Groupin.PK is that they offer (from a minimum of 50% up to 90%) discounts coupons to their subscribers.

This discount is made possible only when a minimum number of people sign up for that deal, lets say, 100 people. This way, all 100 people will enjoy the discount, while the seller/vendor can enjoy the bulk sale.

In the case of Sugar, we are amazed at the discount rate, I mean they are offering even lesser than the factory cost. When we asked if Groupin is subsidizing the sugar as a launch promotion, the Marketing Head of the start-up opted not to disclose the trade secret.

Groupin is likely to start its operations in Lahore and Karachi in a month’s duration.

Also to mention here, there is a cap of 5 KG per account for this sugar discount, meaning that, one account holder will not be able to buy more than 5 kilo grams of sugar.

Also remember this that deals won’t stay on Groupin.PK for ever. Usually deals are going to say valid for 24 hours or so. Though, old deals (the popular ones) may come back again, based on the demand and seller’s will.

You can signup here: Groupin.PK

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  • Right now there is only advertisements and no options for sign up, Let’s see tomorrow.

  • I don’t think its quality will be up to international standard, there is any criteria to check its quality

  • @Shahid @Pappu

    Groupin will be providing only with the premium quality sugar to it’s customers, to entertain any sort of complaints, Groupin representatives will be present on the spot to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

    Not just for this deal but every deal offered by Groupin, the quality will be assured prior to serving it’s users.

  • The site itself is a great step in IT but talking about that sugar deal which is 1 kg for 25RS looks quite suspicious to me going back to normal days it was 30RS kg and they are now selling at 25 in zardari’s GOVT.Cheeni main kuch aur to nahi dala hai? :o

    • We have told them of the issue, apparently are done with the configuration now. It may take few hours to get it working.

  • @ zain
    may be bcz of that i visited wrong website and take initiative to post first comment.

  • Website address is still not reachable, 2nd is it a technology news or a marketing idea promotion?

  • The issue has been rectified now, thank you for pointing it out to us Zain!

    The quality of sugar we’re offering is currently priced at Rs. 75 per kg.

  • No offense but this is a bs idea, cmon a person who uses internet and have a phone can afford sugar at 75/per kg so whats the reason giving him sugar for discounted prices? There are many poor people in villages or even in urban areas who can hardly afford sugar at the half the price too. You should be targeting that audience, not the rich audience who’ll enjoy sugar at any price. Sadly you will succeed running your website/business but you wont succeed in your so called initiative “mehngayi k khilaaf jung”.

    • Its not always about affordability Muqeet, one has to consider the fact that people want to save in this ongoing economic crisis.

      According to industry sources, sugar will be up to Rs. 120 per kg well before the holy month of Ramzan this year!

      A large number of our population comprises of the white collar middle class, who prefer to save for their every Rupee for their children’s future; we cannot leave them out.

      Rest assured, our focus is on a LOT of things, from creating new buying trends in the market towards online purchasing, to making items of daily purchases available for the general public at highly discounted prices, and we can succeed in our initiative if we succeed with the 2nd objective!

      Warm Regards,
      The Team!

  • This is all Topy Drama, Nothing new. I think this is just for Advertisement of a web site or MLM system for looting program.

  • Groupin is launched and their first attractive deal is already there, but looks like no one is interested to buy…..

  • yeah , i even couldnt understand what is going on at the other end..
    Dunno , what Groupin wants..
    promtion or what?

  • And all of a sudden…coupons bought reached from 11 to 120 :-) ….is there some technical issue or what??

  • Yea, the counter is at 120 now. that means, out of the 150 coupons, 120 have been confirmed.

  • Hurry up !! The clock’s ticking.. There are only 13-14 hours left b4 the 2 hour window closes.. So, u’ll have to scamper 4 it

  • A great idea but can you confirm reason for asking password.This is very bizarre. Also where are the distibution points?

  • I understand this whole thing but you can’t call it a startup when a US company GroupOn [] is already running a similar service like A idea-rip-off would be ok to call. On the other hand nice initiative though hope for it’s success.

  • Anwer, you need to create an account with us at in order to avail the deals, hence the password. Distribution points are mentioned on the coupons to avoid hassle for our merchants.

    Dr. Adnan, its not an idea rip-off when there are 70 plus such services all over the world.

    The Team

    [Comment Edited]

  • When you login it asks you to verify your mobile number before you can login, no matter in which format you give your cell number you don’t get any notification from them. Have they checked it before? I tried it in evening and even now. No luck.

  • Main tab tak naih mano ga jb tak cheni chakh na lon.ya na ho ya b jhoti tasali ya syasi byan he ho.03465816313

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