Groupin.PK is Launching – First Up Sugar Deal for Rs. 25 Per KG

Sugar@Rs.25perKgAlmost a month ago, we had uncovered this start-up Groupin.PK that promises discounted deals and coupons for its customers from local market.

Now we are told that Groupin.PK is launching its operation tomorrow (in Islamabad for now) and as a promotion company is offering sugar at Rs. 25 per kilogram.

As we mentioned in our last coverage, the idea behind Groupin.PK is that they offer (from a minimum of 50% up to 90%) discounts coupons to their subscribers.

This discount is made possible only when a minimum number of people sign up for that deal, lets say, 100 people. This way, all 100 people will enjoy the discount, while the seller/vendor can enjoy the bulk sale.

In the case of Sugar, we are amazed at the discount rate, I mean they are offering even lesser than the factory cost. When we asked if Groupin is subsidizing the sugar as a launch promotion, the Marketing Head of the start-up opted not to disclose the trade secret.

Groupin is likely to start its operations in Lahore and Karachi in a month’s duration.

Also to mention here, there is a cap of 5 KG per account for this sugar discount, meaning that, one account holder will not be able to buy more than 5 kilo grams of sugar.

Also remember this that deals won’t stay on Groupin.PK for ever. Usually deals are going to say valid for 24 hours or so. Though, old deals (the popular ones) may come back again, based on the demand and seller’s will.

You can signup here: Groupin.PK

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