India Wins Urdu Language Domain Name Extension

India has been delegated the International Domain Name extension for Urdu Language, which will allow Indian authorities to sell domain names with Urdu fonts, reported DNA India.

In addition to Urdu, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the body that governs website addresses, has allotted a total of seven international domain names (IDN) to India. Other languages for International Domain Names delegated to India include: Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu.

Subject to last stage ICANN approval, this will make India the first and only country to have Urdu domain name extension.

Pakistan has also applied for Urdu domain name extension (a little late though), for which the string evaluation (URL in asci-code for local language) has been passed, however, ICANN is yet to delegate Urdu language ccTLD to Pakistan, which may take at least 6 months.

Saudi Arabia, Russia, UAE and Egypt are only countries with their local language domain names.

With this delegation of Urdu IDN to India, the domain names will be sold by the National Internet Exchange of India – the agency which has been allocating ‘.in’ domain names.

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  • Stupid news from DNAIndia giving an impression that they stole something from Pakistan?

    it’s “ccTLD” (Country Code Top-Level-Domain) which is relevant to the country itself. They can be alloted any thing (any IDN on based on any language) under their their own ccTLD “.in”

    Pakistan’s request for IDN for Urdu Language is pending for delegation, is the same level as of India has acquired for its ccTLD. (links are mentioned in Original Post above)

    as India acquired to sell Urdu lingual domain names under its own ccTLD, in the same way Pakistan can also request for many other languages and also can be alloted that many number of languages under its own ccTLD including Hindi, several others they mentioned.

    But it’s stupidity of losing fees for nothing as we don’t know to write Hindi here. But may in India, Urdu language is spoken and written vastly and they acquired to sell Urdu lingual domains in their own ccTLD that could help their citizens to write domain name in Urdu with indian ccTLD e.g. “.in”

    that doesn’t have any thing to do with Pakistan’s ccTLD.

    No one won over it, and No one lost.

    Hope it’s cleared.

    • Yes, agree with you – India won its own ccTLD for Urdu IDN, and hopefully Pakistan will get one too.

      IDN India spiced to the news in conventional manner, just to show India the better side.

    • Also, how many pure Urdu TV channels are in Pakistan? A channel that makes sure that no foreign word (Hindi or English) is used. Well, Pakistan has none. India has four: Aalmi Sahara, Zee Salam, DD Urdu, ETV Urdu. That shows how much we Pakistanis respect Urdu.

      • If you dont watch PTV channels, this is your fault :) Our majority channels are in Urdu. If they often use English words then many of regional language channels of primary Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, Suraiki are using more oftenly Urdu as well… showing that Urdu is our national language.

        • I do watch PTV and it pisses me off to see how they start their “Urdu” news bulletins in their so-called “Urdu” language TV channel: “Yeh hai PTV News. Sabe se pehle headlines”

    • Maybe you can make room for all Indian Muslims who didnt left in 1947 and invite them over??

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  • Hey, What about the global TLDs, .com .org .net etc etc, can PKNIC get rights to assign Unicode domains for these?

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