Infosys of Pakistan to Work with TATA of India

TATA group of India and Infosys Technologies of Pakistan have agreed to work together on several project under a joint venture in Saudi Arabia, reported Pakistan Today.

Citing Humayun Bashir, IBM’s GM in Pakistan, paper claims that at least 12 officials are flying Saudi Arabia in this regard to setup initial infrastructure and work with Indian software development giant.

According to Mr. Bashir, another Pakistani IT company has already started selling its products in India, which is a good sign of collaboration between both countries in this sector.

Following is the excerpt of Mr. Bashir’s interview with Pakistan Today:

India has a huge IT industry in comparison to Pakistan’s meager $2.4 billion industry. India could look up at Pakistani IT Professionals and companies who have performed remarkably in this sector.

India could use our manpower as we are stronger in software development, he said, adding that products of Netsol, a Pakistani IT company, are being lauded in the world.

Via Pakistan Today

  • As far as I know both TATA and Infosys are Indian companies. Can you provide the web address and any other information about “INFOSYS OF PAKISTAN”.
    Since you are quoting Humayun Basir of IBM, it could be INFOTECH which is a lahore based company.

    • Double checked this with the reporter (Waqar Hamza), who himself spoke with IBM chief. This Pakistani Infosys is a Lahore based company, which is going into a contract with TATA

  • Tata should never work with a pakistani company?

    Pakistan should first hand over Dawood gang,Shakeel,Hafeez saeed and all other 40 indian wanted people in pakistan!!

    Until then,no indian company should help any pakistani company!!

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