An Introduction to 3G Mobile Broadband Technology

This is a guest post by Spencer Hogg

Mobile broadband is a type of internet that utilizes a 3G mobile signal. This means that users can access the internet on laptops or smartphones anywhere in the network.

3G mobile broadband brings information to people faster and more conveniently as they do not have to be near their desktop with dial up service. The internet, and all the benefits it provides, can literally be a click away at a moment’s notice.

In order to access the internet using 3G mobile broadband, some laptop users will need a single small device called a dongle or a USB modem stick. Many newer models already come equipped with the device built in. After the dongle has been inserted into the USB port, it picks up the mobile data signals, also known as 3G.

These signals are sent out by the mobile phone networks and work to instantly connect the laptop to the network. Those using a smartphone will have mobile broadband incorporated into their cell phone provider’s contract. The technology of the phone is built in so no extra devices are necessary.

For 3G mobile broadband users with multiple computers in the home, a router can be purchased. A mobile broadband router can connect several devices to the mobile network with a single connection. For example, if the home has a desktop and two laptops, only one router would be needed, and everyone would be able to access the internet at the same time. Those who wish to utilize this system will need to speak with their provider to obtain the router and incorporate it into their package.

There are many advantages of using 3G mobile broadband for internet connection. Its most notable benefit is its flexibility. Unlike traditional broadband access services such as cable internet or DSL, it can be taken outside the home and even while in motion. As long as the location lies within the area of coverage, 3G broadband can be used to find directions while on the road, get work done on the train, or simply pass the time wherever you are.

Another popular advantage to using 3G mobile broadband is that it is the most simple to set up. When signing up for ADSL or cable broadband, it may take a week or more for the equipment to be installed and activated. A dongle can be delivered in a matter of days and takes less than ten minutes to install on the laptop. Also, if an ADSL or cable broadband subscriber moves, they must begin the entire process over at their new home. With 3G mobile broadband, they can simply carry their dongle along with no hassle or interruption of service.

Some people wonder why they would need 3G mobile broadband when so many locations already offer wi-fi connections. While wi-fi may be convenient at times, it does not offer the dependability of a 3G connection. Hotspots such as restaurants, cafes, airports, and hotels often offer free wi-fi, but these hotspots are often being used by so many people that the speed is slow. This makes it nearly impossible to download documents, movies, or music, and it makes it far more frustrating to make serious progress on important projects. Since wi-fi can only be used in pre-designated areas and it may not always be free, it does not offer the pure flexibility of 3G mobile broadband.

The technology of 3G mobile broadband is growing rapidly as more people are realizing just how great the benefits truly are. Students can use a dongle to study on the bus coming home from school. Commuters can use the 3G network on the train ride to either finish up some work or just relax after a long day. Anyone with email or on a social networking site can keep their family and friends at their fingertips no matter where they are. In this age of great technology, 3G mobile broadband is paving the way.

  • Ali

    i wish k Yah Pak main aa gye :(

    • But price should be affordable .. werna koi faida nahi :-)

    • Shahid Saleem

      EVO is 3g data service.

    • Monster

      INSHA’ALLAH aa jayega Mayoos mat ho Dost.

    • Ali

      Wake up….Its already being offered in Pakistan in the form of PTCL EVO :-)

  • Muhammad Qasim Naeem


  • Talal

    dude already hai ptcl evo 3g buy it lol

    • Danish

      No 3G in pakistan, EVO is not 3G, they are only using the name to attract.

      • M Faizan

        PTCL is on a WCDMA REV A/B frequency,so the speeds are comparable with 3G.

  • Faisal

    Having Evo 3g doesn’t mean u are using 3g network. its just a device with the functionality.

    Services can arrive soon but only when seniors work in the interest of people rather then the interest of themselves.

    • Shahid Saleem

      — Having Evo 3g doesn’t mean u are using 3g network.

      Having a working phone does not mean you are using phone network — does that make senses?

      Dude it USES 3g network but only for DATA

      • Faisal

        It uses Edge not 3G as far as i know … and the example u gave does not fit on what i actually said

  • Fawaz

    Honestly guys 3G sucks…its available in Saudi Arabia but its not fast as Ptcl Evo…And deploying 3G network in Pakistan it will be a step backward….We Should for 4G(LTE) now….

  • Ikram Musawir Yousadzai

    hopes it’ll come in the final quarter of this year as chairman PTA stated in a press confrence a couple of months ago. I dont agree if someone say that 3G is not necessary in Pakistan. Dear friends as we know time, tide and technology waits for none. I dont say everyone must get it but it should made available for everyone if they wanna use it.

  • Sumair

    kia faida is article ka?? Yahan konsi 3G aani hai??
    (it is but only in data form EVO). I am talking about 3G on phone, video calls, HSDPA etc!

    waise 3D to aagai, 3G ko bhi ab ajana chaiye. Eagerly waiting for 3G deployment in Pakistan! :(

  • friendzz 3G networ bohat jald pakistan main aa rha hai or telenor woh 1st compney ho ge jo interduce karway gee,,,

  • arsalan

    it really sucks … i have evo 3g 3.1 mb .. I personally analyzed how pathetic service is, specially in peak time it was like 0.20 mb and on average timings it was hardly 0.50 mb

  • Hammad Latif

    3G technology will be available in Pakistan after 23rd March, 2012. Also former mobile company InstaPHONE (currently suspended) is going to introduce 4G LTE network in Pakistan. So wait and hope for the best.