Freelance Culture in Pakistan

Freelancing, a term commonly defined as an individual who sells his services for an organization or a client but has no permanent affiliation with any of the two rather he/she is hired on project to project basis.

Today, world has become a global village and you can earn money while working from home as a free lancer if you have a PC and and internet connection – while working with any free lance website or organization. All you require is skill, which can content writing, data mining, web development, programming language and above all, you are self-motivating.

Regarding Freelance culture in Pakistan today, there is a clear dissent between those who call freelance culture on the rise and those who believe freelance culture is witnessing a decline.

Firstly those who believe that freelance culture is on the rise in Pakistan believe that since there is a financial crunch in the Western world their big companies are outsourcing the services to cheaper countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

While those who believe freelance culture is on the decline say that financial crunch has resulted in less clients and thus low rates for economic crisis bitten.

These days free lancing is not the opposite of unemployed seeking job rather it has become a career choice for individuals who are good at handling themselves and are disciplined in their work routine.

Following are the necessary points for a starting free lancer who has pre-requisites for being freelancer i.e. knowledge about the subject, self-discipline and self-management well:

  • Present yourself well
  • Research about your client
  • Knowledge of terms and conditions of client
  • Proper Contract Documentation
  • Commitment to work

Present Yourself / Portfolio:

It is highly effective to maintain a strong portfolio of you that reflects your aptitude and your best works in the field you have working experience and going to work as a free lancer now. It doesn’t need to have your all works included but only the best works of you.

May be your clients are in far off country who might not have a chance to meet you or talk to you, so in this case your only reflection will be your work which they can examine. Your portfolio must convey your enthusiasm to you potential client.

The best type of portfolio can be your own Website that has your works and links to your contact and any other details.

Research about your client:

While initial contact with a prospective client may be through a website or through a phone call, it is very necessary to research properly about the client online or through other means.

While bigger freelance websites usually pay their clients on a proper routine basis there may be some other rules for not so big or wealthy clients. To avoid later complications it is better to do a good research before finalizing your contract.

Knowledge of terms and conditions of client

It is necessary to care fully read the terms and conditions of client to keep a smooth working under standing with your client. Some times it may get uneasy at the finalization of your project when you haven’t read the terms and conditions carefully and your client take a toll of you.

Proper contract Documentation:

Once you have done proper research about your client it is necessary to done proper documentation about your project and about your client. While some may prefer only word of mouth as trust worthy others may prefer a signature signed document with the client.

Documentation regarding project per hour rate and your work hours should be mentioned carefully to avoid any hick-ups. Rates, however low on working per hour are preferred for a free lancer as compared to rates based on your work.

Commitment to work:

Having reflected your best works you still need to show a strong commitment which can be through your own strong quote or anything that can reflect your enthusiasm and oozing confidence about your field of specialty. Moreover, it is better for a freelancer to work in a specific niche and try to polish his skills in that specific niche instead of doing every thing at the same time. Freelancer should be a master of his niche.

It is also necessary not to commit more work projects which you can’t complete within your deadline. Your clients have nothing to do with your other activities and any excuses for not finding time for your particular work would be useless and will only affect your credibility as a freelancer.

Here are some of the big Freelance websites where potential freelancers can find work :

  • Free lancing in Pakistan become healthy growing industry where Content Writers, SEO, Web Designer and Developers making great income and using maximum set of skills for earn more. It work best when an individual is inexperienced or dont have any sufficient job otherwise Free lancing is only good for making money! I also started my career as Freelancer later no turned down as Professional Employee so it Freelancing matters alot to me because it created a career path in industry

  • Please Write those articles which have something to do in Pakistan , None of the sites mentioned above pay you cash , And tell us the way u can receive dollars in your pak account . a sort of page filling article useless as per pro Pakistani standards

    • Have you used any of these sites? I know people who make money from vworker.

      Also why do you want $$$? Do you care what colour your money is?

    • I am using Vworker. And I have earned good amount of money from it, completed 125 projects so far and receiving money like a breeze on ATM machines in Pak.

    • i have withdrawn through

      Western Union for Google adsense
      Wire transfer for Elance
      Moneybooker for Odesk

  • Yes, I’m on 99designs since last june and won some contests, transacted through western union.
    99designs offer PAYPAL, Moneybookers, Western Union.

  • I suggest i myself has earned from it. Further i know Odesk is also very popular among pakistani freelancers.

    At start you will find difficulty to get work. If you want to work as a freelancer for long term, you need positive feedback.

    Scriptlance is cheap but strict (stupid requirements). stay away from it.

  • This industry can grow further if Pakistanis get access on Paypal. Seriously, this is the time for government of Pakistan to make serious efforts in bringing paypal to Pakistan.

    Can anybody tell if there is any news in this regards?

  • کچھ بھی کرو گھر بیٹھ کر ، گھر والے کہتے ہیں گھر سے نکلو اور کماؤ ، ورنہ پڑھنے کا کیا فائدہ ہوا اگر کسی کے ملازمت نہیں کی ؟ پڑھا لکھا بندہ تو کاروبار بھی نہیں کر سکتا جیسے پیدا ہے نوکری کرنے کے لیے ہوا ہو جیسے .

  • I have been working on VWorker for a long time and indeed freelancing is a great way to earn money by utilizing our skills but unfortunately, here in Pakistan, absence of Paypal creates a big problems in money collection.
    Relying on costly options like Western Union or Wire transfer often discourages freelancer in our region.
    I wonder why Paypal isn’t operating in such a country which is full of potential and which can give a big boost to Paypal business as well!!

  • Who don’t highlight “paypal in pakistan” issue and put it forward to the higher authorities?

    I Agree ! It discouraging freelancers.

  • Back in 2009 i used to work on Won about 5 projects and earned 400$+. Moneybookers is a best way to get the money. And also freelancer offer its own debit card. So getting money at home is not a problem. But tbh you need skills, dedication and time to be a free lancer.

    • Can you tell me which bank is most appropriate that deducts minimum amount on money transfer. I also wanted to know how freelancer debit card works in pakistan and what fee is deducted.
      I am new on freelancer and done with two projects. I am worried about money transfer. Do help me out.

  • anybody in for creating our own pakistani version of Freelancing problem/solution place, and replacing paypal with that of our own easypaisa and it’s alikes.

  • We’ve been working on elance from last 1 & half year & we’ve now grown up to 5 people in a company. I am head of the team. Please have some skills before joining these sites otherwise you will create a problem for buyers to choose right person….

    Thank you All.

  • hi, i am new at i want to transfer money, i dont want to use moneybookers as they dcharge too anyone please tell me is freelancer debit card work in pakistan lahore ? if yes then which banks are support this debit card, how much money they charge in transfer funds ?
    any help will be highly appreciated.

  • AOA

    I have used vworker, odesk & elance. I have 99 jobs on odesk (95 reviews) with an average of 4.98. Freelancing certainly has a scope here in Pakistan.



  • brother , you have a heading , ”proper research about client”. under
    which you have written different ways of research, but amazingly you
    have not identified the different subjects for this research. if
    research is on documentation and terms & conditions, then why you
    have made separate headings for these. if the research is on some other
    subjects about client, then explain them please! otherwise this heading,
    ”proper research about client” doesn’t make sense, sorry, but its

  • When i use to Direct Bank Transfer/Local Funds Transfer for withdraw so $ Automatically chnage into Pkr ???

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