Inbox-IBM presents: Secure Data Solutions with Smart Storage and Virtualization

IBM Pakistan and Inbox Business Technologies jointly introduced IBM Storwize RAS, which will help businesses manage their applications and information explosions, effectively and thus, increase their storage utilization, storage administrator productivity, application performance and availability.

The main purpose of this event was to showcase how organizations can secure their data with the latest technology, as with the advancement in operations and globalization, organizations need to be proactive in being prepared to deal with the data security challenges effectively.

The event highlighted the fact that the growing complexity of IT environments; as a result of diverse business applications and devices; is forcing midsized businesses to pursue more and more virtualization technologies, so as to attain efficiency in their business operations. Further, the event highlighted out that challenges arise when companies introduce virtuallization without changing their business processes and architectures.

Migally, Data Protection Sales Leader-System Storage (MEA), IBM, spoke on the issue of ‘Smart Data Protection’, thereby providing some valuable insights.

Inbox Business Technologies has acquired a leading position in the local IT-industry, by operating in different sectors; like Defense, Telecom, Financial and Education; and facilitating them. The company, through its numerous and unique IT services, is helping these organizations perform efficiently by creating a secured business environment.