Breaking: Mobilink to Reshuffle its Marketing and Sales Heads

In a development today, that would surprise the industry, Mobilink management has decided to shuffle it’s marketing and sales heads, we have confirmed with reliable inside sources.

According to what we have learned, Bilal Munir Sheikh, who is currently the vice president, marketing department, will be given the headship of sales department, while Jehanzeb Taj, who is currently heading the sales department will look after the marketing of Mobilink.

Official announcement is yet to be made by Mobilink on this.

This move is pretty interesting and surprising at the same time, as Bilal Munir Sheikh is known for his expertise in marketing and brands, while Jehanzeb Taj’s strength is sales. With this development, they both will be heading their respective departments with almost no prior experience.

It merits mentioning here that two years ago Rashid Khan, CEO, Mobilink had brought Jehanzeb Taj to Mobilink from Telenor to replace Irfan Akram then.

Industry analysts are surprised with this as well. One of them opined that probably Mobilink is trying to diversify the skillset of both the VPs by assigning them tasks they have never done before. While other are considering this move vital and as an exit for one of the two VPs.

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  • sid

    Wish Mobilink fire its whole marketing team. Least productive department ever and still proud of having most sunscriber base !! #Fail

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  • Sadia

    Best of luck to both of them.

  • Aniqa

    God bless them !

  • Paisasavers karachi

    Marketing is most definitely a pivotal department on any established organisation like Mobilink.

    Its great to have people like you shedding light and sharing info about such subtle changes in management.

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  • Observer

    adding more confusion to the chaos …. useless !

  • Shahab

    Hmmm… Interesting!
    Can’t wait to see more of the great offers!

  • Russell

    Nationalise Mobilink and bring it into the hands of Pakistanis

  • amjad

    the sales head looking after the marketing department now could potentially mean some kick ass offers! ;)

  • mubasher

    woah what a major step. it’s always productive to mobilize resources efficiently. i have high hopes from this change in management. i’m sure it happened for the best. diversifying skill set to the fullest!

  • Imran Khan

    This will lead to the exit of Bilal and finally Irfan Akram as well and CC,Sales and Marketing will be one div. like Telenor.

  • M for Mango

    Interesting, let’s see what’s more in the plate for customers and also for Mobilink employees

  • azaz khan

    Please check the Bilal’s portfolio in Paktel,He was looking sales kindly correct me if i am wrong.

  • Imran Khan

    VP-IT might be reporting to CTO soon too. and the fat in the Management (Managers and above) will be reduced too. This will be tough time for the management.

  • amused

    Bilal Sheikh should have been asked when Mobilink’s subscriber count started going down in 2009. Mobilink’s advertisements usually look stupid. Just switching from one agency (saatchi) to another agency (jwt) is no good unless the marketing head himself has some cool ideas. Irfan Akram with not much background in marketing will do even worse. Goodbye to both!

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  • abdul

    reshuffling will always create efficiency and reduce monotoneous . Since both div are crucial so best of luck for both buddies, anyhow to have one VP for cc,sales n mktg is equivalent good option, atleast reduce cost burden at payroll. :d lolssss

  • Anam

    Pretty good! Its not like a VP in one wont be able to handle the situation at all in the other. A marketing guy heading sales will have a different and newer perspective. very interesting move by Mobilink here indeed!

  • Jawad

    I hope its not the latter. They will both prove many wrong InshAllah

  • Ali Ahsan

    this step will add diversity to both portfolios. a very intelligent move

  • khan

    I am afraid it will eventually result in exit at least by one of them…

  • gul Khan

    Jehazeb Taj is a detail and result oriented guy and in addition has serevd as director segments in Telenor (where he delivered well), so I m sure he’ll have no problems in taking over marketing, but can’t say same about Bilal.
    Any way best of luck to both:-)

  • izzah

    this seems like such a ‘modern’ approach to management. it’s so in line with what we studied in our management courses. mobilizing resources and diversifying skills. awesome move. i reiterate, this is so freakin ‘MODERN’ heh.

  • faruq

    seems like an intelligent move… let’s see how it works out for them

  • muhammad

    i agree with izzah.. it’s brilliant mobilization of resources

    • wahab

      couldnt agree more!

  • Irtiza

    Thats a very good step. modern as stated above, sensible and intelligent! should serve the company well

  • mubasher

    i’d so want to publish a case study on this if it turns out to be a successful move. i’m pretty positive it will. might just become a best case practice.

  • ali

    i heard Jehanzeb Taj joining Zong as COO… end of this month

  • abdul

    @ali–what an inside news?? if its corrects than not a good thing for mobilink.

  • muhammad

    seems like there’s going to be an avalanche of cool offers now ;)

  • yamin

    wah jee barhi impressive move hai ye…

  • rozina

    i hope it makes the company even more ‘lovable’ :p
    best of luck guys!

  • Seema

    Hoping for the best in this change!
    I think its a good idea to have a shuffle, as you can diversfy and explore your abilities!
    Good luck Mobilink

  • Farah

    Can’t wait to see what Mobilink brings us, with new ideas and offers!

  • Naila

    I think its a good thing.. Applying knowledge of department into the other.. And with new ideas and working together, i think we can get better offers and prices! Good luck Mobilink