Zong Achieves 10 Million Subscribers With Highest Customers this Year

Zong has achieved the milestone of 10 million subscribers, while adding highest number of subscribers to its network in ongoing fiscal year and year-to-date intervals.

According to stats issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Zong crossed 10 million subscribers mark in April 2011, while its market share for subscribers reached 9.58 percent of the overall cellular base.

Official stats said that Zong successfully added 3.31 million subscribers in its base during first 10 months of the year 2010 – 2011 and has shown highest growth in users’ number among all telecom operators.

This growth rate and market share for new subscribers went significantly high during January-April 2011 period, when Zong snatched 36 percent of the all new subscribers of telecom users in Pakistan.





As clear from that stats, Zong is has outrun all the operators in terms of adding new subscribers – want to know how this happened? Here we did a comprehensive analysis covering all the aspects that made Zong a success story – given the fact that they started operations when other operators had crossed 15-20 million subscribers.

Commenting over the performance of Zong, Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing – Zong, said:

“We are really pleased with the response that we have received from our subscribers especially from the youth. Our network has proven to be reliable for our subscribers and the most popular one especially when it comes to data and internet connectivity.” said Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG.

Zong, an international brand of China Mobile entered Pakistan’s telecom industry in April 2008 and has now spread its coverage across the country. The Company now has more than over 5500 cell sites.

Among all the Chinese investments in Pakistan, China Mobile is the biggest investor in Pakistan. The telecom giant has invested US $ 1.72 billion in Pakistan so far and is also planning to expand its operations further in near future.

ZONG’s reach now stretches from the mountain tops of Ishkoman in Gilgit-Baltistan to the
rocky plains of Buleda in Balochistan covering more than 10,000 cities, towns and villages
across Pakistan.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Good .. but how many of them are registered with original CNICs? :-P

  • Syed Khurram Iqbal

    I think the credit goes to network planning and strategy team specially director, who listen to his teams plan and share his opinions.
    I am really feel proud of that team to launch own vsat network of zong in difficult terrains of Pakistan.

    Really would like to thanks Farhan Karim and Arshad Usman for his great methodology.

  • Unman

    Is this site called propakistani or pro Zong !

  • Zong waqi best network hai.jo kaha kar dikhaya.zong is going succesfully and also keeping the needs of its customers.in 3 years mein tamam networks khas taor pe ufone ko zong ne tough comptition dya hai.well done and keep it up zong.sub keh do.

  • Saeed

    Zong is the best but they have to review on their SMS packages.

  • Mustaqeem

    I guess the main reason is offering cheapest voice & data services in pakistan. Likely Unlimited calls and data for rupee 200 each. . .

  • Jahngeer

    Zong is very good on Call rates. Best in Internet rates.

    BUT needs to improve on SMS packages. Much higher than others.

  • malik zeeshan

    zong is the best network in pakistan.

  • kafeel

    no doubt
    zong is pioner of internet packages but they have to invest some bucks on EDGEcoverage

  • Hamza

    Best in ZONG is LBC offer.

    Worst in ZONG is SMS package.

    Compare weekly package.

    Ufone: Rs.6.99/week (1200 sms)
    Warid: Rs.6.99/week (unlimitied sms)
    Telenor: Rs.7/week (1200 sms)

    ZONG : Rs. 10/week (1000 sms)
    So you can see charging the most and giving the least amount of sms.

    • Hamza

      For got Mobilink.

      Its Rs.7.77/week (1700 sms)

  • Nice Information. I like Zong Service. Rightly said Zong lo aur sub kah du.

  • Aamir

    I’ve been using Zong for a long time and I never had any bad experience with them. Whenever I tried to call customer help center, it immediately connected and I’ve been convinced with their customer services. Congrats to Zong. They certainly deserve it.

  • help

    mujey apni sim zong pe lani hai kia number mialo? plzz help karo

    • help

      meri tu koi help kar do yar , ajeeb loog ho :S. main apna number zong per laney k liye kia milaon? plzz help.

      • Waheed

        Call @ 0314-3334455.

  • Zobia

    Go Zong Go….

  • imran

    I guess its the team work of all the departments,Markeeting,Sales,NPS,RollOut
    Of Zong in achieving this milestone.
    Zong good going.

    Visit the nearest Zongs service center for the number portbility.
    They will help you out.

  • Hamid


    • Stryker

      Ya they have coverage problems especially near Airport in Lahore,

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  • Ehsan

    Just dail 03143334455 to change ur network to Zong

  • Ap franchise jao jaldi MNP ho jaige helpline wale buhat late daitay hain..

  • Ikram Musawir

    assalam-o-alaikum dear friendz! There is no doubt that zong is best cellular operator network in Pakistan. All of you have covered almost every thing about zong so i dont feel any need to comment anymore regarding its pros i just need one thing and requisting to zong that plz plzzz come forward and take a step towards 3g now. Its the need of the day. Thanks

  • Adeel
  • i am using Zong from the day One. i never find any problem in service. its working smoothly. on the other hand i have Ufone too. and i m really not happy with the ufone service its really bogus.

    Danish Kharadi.

  • Salam . Signal to hai ni zong k room mai aur tower b five kilo meter dor hai. Telenor aur ufone tower b zong tower k saht hai aur telenor aur ufone k signal ache hai.

  • Syed Qamar rashdi

    Zong wapai best hay main kai doston ko zong p lay k aaya hon khas tor pay lbc package ki waja say dost bohat khush hain magar jab koi bi number zong k number p aata hay tu 2 din phelay band kardaty aur sin baad main daitay hain aur agar mnp wala msg mutalqa number per bhaijain tu msg ka jawab thanks ki soorat main ajata hay magar usi number par call karo tu kehtay hain hamaray pas koi status naìn aaraha aur upper sindh aur balauchistan k sharon ko lbc package say mahroom rakha gaya hay so pl zong do something

  • Kayani

    The best thing About zong is that they have no hidden charges……

  • They achieve the rank because of there aggressive marketing technique and LBC packages like lahore and karachi unlimited packages. They can gain more customer and there royalty if they focus on there coverage.

  • khan

    Zong could be the next best thing but only if they swap their network with Warid… :D

  • kashif

    Worst Edge speed, even worse than gprs. Bad signals.

  • Caveman

    You should do a piece on how telenor became the 2nd largest mobile company in less time than everyone. Add some balance to the discussion

  • waqas

    may be zong is good but its customer services is not satisfactory most of time i visit or call for port out my all family memebers number but waste of my time …..

  • adeel ahmed

    thats my number

  • adeel ahmed

    kisi ko bhi balance bhejna ho yo is number per bhejiye ga thanxxxxx

  • tariq

    zong is the best. i dont know why are people complaining about their internet speed.they should go pay 15rs for only 1mb on ufone. do din main lag pata jayega. i have been using zong for the last three years and i am really happy with all of their services. LBC and unlimited internet packages are simply off the hook. keep it up guys.

  • Unman

    Telenor rocks

  • Husnain Muzafar

    Ufone always rocks

  • kashan


  • wajid Malik

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