Friends, Family and the Perfect Package

By Awan S

FNFDo you spend most of your time on the phone with just a handful of people?

Who do you call the most?

  • Your mom?
  • Sister?
  • Spouse?
  • BFF (Best friend forever)?
  • Your boss (some of us are workaholics after all) or maybe your chota (if you are the bossy variety yourself).

Every one of us has a close knit group we usually love to talk to or have to keep in touch with. Keeping this in mind, it is not surprise that almost all cellular companies offer services to economize this natural need for high frequency affiliation with a select few. Over time, this has come to be known as “FnF”.

FnF, which stands for “friends and family” feature, is very useful because it allows you to interact with your own close knit group at lower rates, making it economically viable to stay in contact with those you love talking to the most.

It basically allows you to make cheap calls and send SMS to a select few frequently dialed numbers that you have the liberty to choose. Taking this one step further, you can add, remove and replace these numbers depending on the evolving phases of your mood and life.

Addition/Deletion of FnF and it’s cost:

If you are an avid user of this feature, you should know that the price point of the offer is not the only thing that should be factored into the decision making. Finding out a few facts wouldn’t hurt. While trying to understand how FnF works, you would be surprised to know that a good chunk of your balance is consumed in ‘adding’ numbers to your FnF package. The below analysis will help you figure out where you can get the best value for money.

The table compares what different operators are charging. You would be surprised to see that Ufone and Warid remain on the higher side with charges of Rs 10 per number and Rs 9 per number respectively. Even though Ufone’s target customers are youth based and its marketing is aggressive; numerous bits of hidden pricing distort what their connection actually costs.

Mobilink and Telenor seem to be offering the best bet with charges of only Rs 5 per number. Considering that the probability of your most dialed numbers to be sitting on the Mobilink or the Telenor network are far higher, these operators could have gotten away with charging a higher fee.

Zong too offers Rs 5 per number, however, this price point seems more driven towards motivating consumers to use this feature rather than a good will gesture as in the case of Mobilink and Telenor.

Given that the packages pricing may vary; while Ufone and Warid might have better tariffs to offer, but charges for change/addition of FnF are as following:


Given the emotional bonds of family and friends, it is good to know that some companies are out there to give you value for money and offering products that make staying mobile easier on your pocket.

This is a blessing at a time when everything from the price of groceries to petroleum is going up. When all else lets you down, you have the comfort of being able to share the burden with your family and friends at a very low cost thanks to the FnF feature.

Writer is working with a research based organization in Islamabad and is equipped with interest for growing Telecom industry in Pakistan.

  • Hassan

    This is first introduced by Warid in Pakistan after this every one followed it.

  • Telenor’s Djuice is the best Package for the FNF. Djuice has 15 FNF Numbers and you call all 15 FNF Numbers Rs.2 per Hour for 24 Hour a Day. The Best Package for youngsters.
    “Djuice its fun to be a young”

    • Hassan

      Christopher also mention hidden charges
      Simply dial *345*120# to activate djuice boltay jao offer for 3 days
      djuice: Rs. 9 + tax

      Non FnF onnet call rate for this offer = Rs 1.25+tax/30 sec

      • but the Subscription Charges is 4+tax ? ? can you tell me the right amount pleas ? ?

  • Monster

    i m using warid….but i solute to zong that thay are doing very well…they are giving less rates in every type of service….

    • Hassan

      what about quality?

      • Aaliya Jamal

        check PTA QoS survey

  • Tahir

    Mobilink was charging it rupee 17/ number earlier not idea for now. @ Hassan it seems you are a warid employee, please share if there is any 24 hour package for calling on warid number throughout the week full time. Any why they set limit for their My 5 package. From unlimited to 5000 minutes?

    • Hassan

      I am not warid employee i am only a satisfied ported customer of Warid (ported out from Mobilink)
      Also using Telenor as my offical SIM and very much non satisfied. Lot of call drop i can send you the snap shots of my mobile.

      • Hassan

        Yes you are right they have changed the limit also may be this first step towards new POSTPAID package.
        From this it seems Warid is going to introduce new packages

        • Naz

          kab New package aeyin gy warid k?

        • Naz

          main b warid postpaid use kar raha hon

          • Hassan

            I am not an employee but i think soon (may in a month or month and half)
            I am sure this My5 change of limit have some planning.

  • Nitro

    Me and my family have been using Mobilink since the day it launched, unlike people who bought their cellphones wayyy later. I think price is not the deciding factor here as you go with the connection which most of your family and friends own, but adding fnf numbers on mobilink is less expensive too. What else can anyone ask for ? :)

  • Shabbir Ahmed

    is there any such pakge for Mobilink users

    • waqas

      Not at all.
      Further Warid regained it position of Largest postPaid base of Pakistan

    • Nitro

      You have FNFs for Jazba, Jazz easy and Jazz one packages. You better check it out for yourself though.

  • majju

    zong offer 7rs daily and 24hr call free , unbeatable package

    • Naz

      kiya yeh offer Rwp/Islamabad Main b hai?

    • They also Give unlimited Sms to any network but only for Lahore City. The package is unbeatable but what about there service.. Its not so Good.

  • Sarwat

    Silly how ppl fight over packages. its simple if my friends n family use mobilink i will too. theres no rocket science. u dont ask ur twenty or more friends to port to a different network because u are having second thoughts

    • Hassan

      Now fighting over package but comparing what’s going on in Market and how people. Further quality does matter.

  • khushnaam

    In my opinion telenor and mobilink are still the best of the lot. They have a good market share, there service quality and rates are good. No wonder you see most of your friends and family on these networks.

  • Riz

    buahhaha ab har waqt sims hi change kertay reho :p jo sab k paas hai woh theek hai bas!

  • M0num

    Jazz One suites me well with rs 2.0 plus tax for addition or modification of a favorite number…

  • Uzi

    IMO, IVR is the best method for changing fnf..wonder why the other networks haven’t adopted it

  • Hassan

    What do you mean by IVR ?

    • Uzi

      IVR means interactive voice response.Refers to automated attendant in telecom industry. Basically it saves your time as you may have to be put on hold if you are dealing with a service representative. So using ivr is actually good.

      • Hassan

        ohhh, so thats what it means. Sounds too good. Im amazed myself why warid ufone and zong are not using it :O

  • Urdu Tips By Zobia

    Warid was the first one to launch the FnF thing. Mobilink was the second as I remember.

    The djuice has the best offers on the FnF. I use to call at Rs. 1 Paisa / Second.

  • Adnan Sami

    mene apny 2 3 frnds k nmbr warid fnf ma ad kiya hain mgr mene jb b un pe call kiya hai mera to blnce he charge kiya gaya hai. to warid compane walay jhoot q bolty hai k per hour 6 rupees will charged.