– an Innovative Online Dress Shop

How many times have you come across a different idea being implemented online? Well, almost everyone wants to do online business but don’t know what it would be about?

And ultimately they land in the same niche with no innovation, with plenty of competition already and there is hardly a room for new entrants.

If you are in the same row and thinking how to get an idea, well The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas, and throw the bad ones away.

Ayad and Maheen, a couple from Karachi, has come up their idea of giving the ladies an opportunity to design their dresses online through, a newly launched project.

Who else could be more conscious about their dresses than women? has utilized this fact, targeting a huge mob. This website, iDress.PK, offers you to design your cloths yourself, starting from scratch, select color, designs (there are plenty of them available), cloth type, shades, and so on – before your dress is stitched and delivered to your doorstep.

At the moment is accepting payments via bank deposit only and approximate delivery time is 2 weeks (they say they can deliver in one week, but to be on safer side they advertise delivery in 2 weeks) as per their FAQs. We are told that they are in talks with Easypaisa to get the payment solution, along with other payment methods are likely to be incorporated in near future. Credit card acceptance would be a gold to get things going real fast.

Yes, no gents clothing for now –  iDress.PK said they have plans in pipeline, but that timeline will be based upon the feedback and demand.

Good thing is that they are offering free delivery to all the major cities of Pakistan, which as per is a promotional offer and may end soon.

Nice interface with lucrative niche, has done things well and they really need to keep up the work, as it is just a start and uptil now the idea and it’s implementation is awesome.

    • it’s a review. :-) and no one pays to point out the flaws as well.

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  • A couple of months back, while surfing on youtube, I came across a video review of such a site operating in the US. I was quite impressed by the idea, I wished somebody would start it in Pakistan as well. And here it is. Well the idea is very good and innovative, that’s for sure, but would it be successful depends on the quality and timeliness of their service/product and the price. Looking forward for to start dealing in gents’ clothing..

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