Ufone/Mobilink to Deduct 1.1 % Maintenance Charges from July 1st

Ufone-logoUfone has announced to deduct 1.1 percent maintenance charges on all recharges (through Ushare/ topup/ scratch card) from July 1st, 2011.

Update: Mobilink will deduct 1 percent of all reloads – check below for more details

Meaning that, anyone loading a Rs. 100 card will have to pay Rs. 1.10 as maintenance charges.

Here is the message that is being sent to Ufone customers, and is flashing on Ufone’s website as well:

Dear Customer, To further exceed your expectations, a maintenance charge of 1.1% will be applicable on every recharge from 1st July 2011 along with government taxes.

It merits mentioning here that all cellular companies are already deducting 5 percent for all reloads as service charges, since July 2009.

At the time of account recharge, a service charge of 5% (on scratch card/utopup face value) + Government taxes will be applicable on all transactions via UTopup or scratch cards, effective from 1st July 2009.

Here is the list of charges/taxes a Ufone customer will have to pay after July 1st, 2011:

  • Withholding Tax: 10 %
  • GST/FED: 19.5 %
  • Service Charges: 5 %
  • Maintenance Charges: 1.1 %

We fear that other telecom operators will follow Ufone to apply similar charges.

If PTA remains quite, which it is, you can expect more charges from cellular companies, such as: Call initiation charges, call termination charges, spectrum access charges, miss call charges and more…


Mobilink joins Ufone, and will be Charging 1 percent of the recharge amount from it’s prepaid customer. They have called it operational charges, a new name with same meanings.

Here is what Mobilink has to say:

1% operational fee will be applicable on all recharge through jazz load (applicable from July 1st, 2011)

Update 2: Telenor has announced 1.5 percent admin fee on all reloads from July 4th

Update 3: The Misery of Additional Charges by Celcos!

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  • This sounds so unfair.

    • Farrukh

      Maintance Charges normally implement on Machines not on services,

  • Ufone k extra charges se pehle bezaar hain or ab ye aik or :(

  • MooMo

    now i think Ufone sucks………….

    I have really really very bad words for them.

    but guys think this is the only public company which is earning in telecom sector very fastly, don’t you think Mr. Z____ couldn’t convince the other mobile operator to give him his share so he used his resources for commission through ufone, might be?

    [Comment Edited]

  • Ahmed

    Wow so for every 100 Rs recharge we are only able to use 64.4 Rs of it and 35.6 Rs goes as taxes.

    Very nice indeed…

    This is probably the highest tax rate for cell phone usage in the whole region, maybe the whole asia and middle east.

  • If this continues, then that day is not far when we load a card of Rs. 100 and it all goes to taxes.

    • umer daraz

      yes you right

  • Now this is something unbelievable, Imagine some other operator comes up with 2% maintenance charges and then the battle goes on.

    Who at the other end is going to suffer?

    If PTA does not take action at this time, which in my opinion is never going to happen, Things will be worse.

    And certainly Ufone is really going to lose handsome amount of customers here, because consumers have MNP option.

    Though I still wonder which maintenance is Ufone going to do, either it’s network or they are going to serve people by force even when they are not willing to pay for that.

  • Ali T.

    _____ robbers! Soon all we’ll get on Rs. 100 is Rs. 10 :|

    [Comment Edited]

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    I have no problem with Rs. 1.2 until/unless:
    1- It is not increased & anything else is not added to these charges.
    2- Call drops & Undelivered messages rate drops to zero (means drastic improvement in performance/infrastructure).
    p.s. I can give you an extra rupee only if you promise 3G/4G.

    • expensive beauty

      bhai kahan rehty ho. this is PAKISTAN. yahan jst paisay batoray jatay hain ….in return you get nothing.
      what happens when you call the customer care center…same old stuff…..wait wait wait wait…despite they a lady with so called beautiful voice reminds you every time that dear(o my dear bewqoooooooooooooof customer) you will be charged 1 rupee when you will talk to our human machine. i writing here machine because they are, cx they dont have any solution when we get a problem. alll they are saying is that. hum mazarat hua hain. ap ki bat thk hai per hm mazrat hua hain………..

      by 3G you mean Sprite 3G han:P call krny say pehle pee lia krain bhai. 3G call ka maza aiy ga. :))

      • khan g

        and unfortunately u r a pakistani too…… sooo bad to put blame on country rather than improving ur self……

      • i am agry with you. my sweety. You are 101% right. It’s PAKISTAN. Jaha per Hukmaran he choor hoo tou awam nah tou automatically choor hona he hay.

    • hahahaahahhaah you are funnist people . You know the compition is very high in the market. So, how they will give u a 3G or 3.5G services. Because call & sms charges are very less than other countries.

  • Faheem

    Withholding Tax is 11.5% not 10 %

    • admin

      from July onwards it will revert back to 10 percent (as per Government’s promise)

      • Imran

        The withholding tax is still 10%. there is surcharge of 15% on withholding tax (tax on tax). if u r a tax payer u can claim withholding tax but not the surcharge

        • Mani

          That’s right… we’re the only nation in the world who’re paying tax on tax. its a shame as no one in the upper level noticing it. even these telecom operators don’t care and are shoulder to shoulder with the corrupt government in looting the whole nation.

  • Munnu

    PTA khud Bikka hua hai Zardari nay Khareed liya hai usay

    ha ha ha ha ha
    Shame on you ZARDARi jab say tum SADER banay ho tab say mulk aur awam ka Bera Garaka ho gya hai.

  • Poor idea of maintenance charges.

  • Rabia Khan

    Mobilink is also going to charge that amount.

    • Navy

      Miss Rabia,
      You are right

      Any page of mobilink mentioning packahe/offer has following line.

      19.5% FED and 11.5% Advance Income Tax apply on all charges. 1% operational fee will be applicable on all recharge through jazz load (applicable from July 1st, 2011)

  • Navy

    correction needed”
    “It merits mentioning here that all cellular companies are already deducting Rs. 5 plus tax as service charges, since July 2009.”

    Its 5%, not Rs. 5.

    • admin

      Thanks for pointing, corrected!

      • Khurram

        further correction, withholding tax is charged @ 11.5% not 10 % since 16th March 2011.
        If GOVT will not reduce the Tax to telecom, all the operator will sooner or later start sucking its customers hard earnings to increase their own pathetic profit, which actually is not the profit…
        they want to grab as much as they can to show their profile in excellent figures to their management or board of directors….no matter where this amount is coming from…
        Jagoo Pakistan Jagooo
        Khamoshiii ka boycott

    • Khushnaam

      Good job at correcting it. Otherwise it could have been the center of a very serious debate slipping out of hands

  • Manzoor Akbar

    ab app log batao, ke kia karai pakistan k awam, koi mobile ka estamal chor b nahi sakta???? akhir kare b to kia????

  • email to : [email protected]

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Ufone announced that they are going to deduct 1.1% from every balance load as Maintenance Charges. I just want to pose you a question that why are you quiet? Why don’t you take any action against them??? Is there is no RULE OF LAW. I sometimes wonder that are we humans or animals. I beg your pardon but we don’t have a single quality they humans do.

    I just want to let you know that if concerned parties won’t take any action then condition is going to be very bad. If you don’t take any action after even this then we will assume that it is all happening with the consent and UNDERSTANDING with PTA.



  • Send and rise this issue to PTA [email protected]

    At Consumer Protection Directorate , PTA HQs Islamabad
    a. 0800-55055 (Toll Free Number)
    b. 051-9225325(Fixed Line Number)
    FAX 051-2878127
    E-Mail [email protected]
    On-line http://www.pta.gov.pk
    Postal Mail / In person visitation CPD, PTA Headquarters, Sector F- 5/1, Islamabad.

    • expensive beauty

      koi faida ni….

      • PTA walay bhee lutaray hain yaar, wo suntay kasi ke nahi , jo marzi hota hay karty hain wo

  • Gohar

    I sent email to PTA chairman.
    Email here!!

    Respected Sir/Ma’m,

    With respect i want to request you to take strict action against MOBILINK and UFONE for their extremely cheap services.And i hope you also know that the two Greedy/Poor networks (MOBILINK and UFONE ) have announced to impose Extra 1.1% maintenance charges ,since all operators are already taking 5% GUNDA tax.why PTA dont take any serious and strict action against such Selfish companies and provide relief to us.As we are bearing a heap of Government taxes.
    I do hope that PTA would issue show cause notice to the above said companies.
    Thank you.

    Gohar Hussain.

    • Aizaz

      Sir aap chaa gay hain. This is the right way. kisi forum pay aa ker apni frustration nikalnay say kuch ni hoga. but we should come to a platform and AFAIB proPakistani.pk is very excellent forum.

      because they enlighten public issues although some time proPakistani did some hanky panky :p (talking about deleting comments after approving them :p aamri bahi) … after all they are good people.

      we should email to PTA

  • Ahmed

    PTA will stand with operators here (with the backing of Government and to please Government) to rip off customers. What we can expect from Ufone which already can’t explain where money goes when U load a card? Without any VAS services, and they say “there must be a loan taken back”.
    Load a card, don’t use your phone and after 3-4 days U will have nothing in your Ufone balance.

  • mahar

    yeh telcos to apne sarif ke peche hath dho ke parh gayi hain in ko sharm aani chahiye for quality service just inc chrgs

  • majid

    It not fair but to some extent we also dun think the real facts as far as ufone is concerned…ufone launched a pacakge in 2008 uwon said to be cheapest package,it costed 72 to make 1 hour call from ufone to ufone…now using uth package it costs 5.96/hr so saving of 66rs approx/hr,no body appreciated that,also the increase in diesel rates if 2 years back a cell site was runing on generator for 7hrz a day now it runs at least 12hrz on avrg on generator which increases operational cost,why do ppl only see 1 side of the picture telcos also have to bear many expensive costs in the last 2 years they have lowered the rates of thier services to a hage extent but we are a nation who only love to criticise…its not about zardari…jse awam hote ha vesa he hukmran milta ha une…

    • ali

      why they don’t run a 2 minute tv ad for this increase if it is justified with their comedy style
      what would u say to your milk-man if he says I hav bought new cycle so plz contribute a 2% bike surcharge ???
      brother majid plz grow up and stop defending their every act & mr majid could u plz give details of ur position in cellular company u work as PR manager on this site why are u always talking in their favor and not a single world for consumer

      • ali

        is it not their duty to maintain service

    • Ahmed

      Why are they causing polution in country running their cell sites on diesel ? Why they didn’t start it on Solar Energy from the start ? We should be grateful to them for this pollution caused or for being a part in incrasing bill of import of diesel in country ?

  • Muhammad Danish

    majid so what can we do we says to ufone that you decrease the rates they should do these kind of this it self for increasing the customers Okay. and if you happy to give this illegal kind of tax then you should give all ufone costumer tax from your own pocket.
    “Agar abhi koi nahin bolay ga to is tarha ka mazeed kayee taxes denay parain gay or baad mae 100 ka to kya 500 ka load karnay pay bhi kuch nahin milay ga”

  • mahar

    guys these networks do not any thing for free so why these guys charging extra money well I already stoped rechargin

  • Saeed

    I sent an email to PTA.

    What’s going here with this country. NO LAW nothing.

  • ali

    no rule of law in pakistan

    first we buy a new electric meter when we get a new connection and they pay rent for the same meter we hav already purchased each time we pay bill

    and a few bunch of crazy ppl are here to defend each wrong act in which consumer in ripped off

  • Fawad Shamim

    whats the difference b/w service charge & maintanance charge ??? then….

  • Ikram Musawir

    what the hell is that “maintenance charges”???? Aik waqt tha k warid ka 100 wala card load krnay pr 100 rupees credit milta tha aor baqi companies 9.9% charge krti thi. Ab to hamare mulk me koi qanon e nhi, kisi ko awam ka ehsas e nhi, aaye din govt hr sector pe naye naye taxes laga rahi hai aor sonay pe suhaga ye k luteri telcom companies bhi awam ko lootne ka koi mooqa hath se jane nhi deti aor ufone ko to ba-qaeda isi jadogari ka award milta hai k wo kis trha mazaq mazaq me awam ko musalsal loot raha hai. Majid sahb shayad kisi aor dunya k rehnay wale hain in ko shayd pata nhi k call rate me kami sirf hamare mulk me nhi aai balkay dunya me kai mumalik aese hain jahan pe call rate heran kun had tk aor apki soch se b kam hain, ye bechari to sirf compition ki waja se aisa krne majboor hain warna agr inka bas chalay to ye miscalls k liye charging shuru kr dein.

    • majid

      can u give a reference of any other country and the tariff plan which as per you is cheaper…

  • Majeed

    maintenance charges supposed to bear by the company not from the customers..

    • Ali

      Rightly said.

  • Hassan Salman

    zong already giving hint for the future.. 100 per 100 means 100 for calling and 100 for the taxes.. thats what our govt wantss..

  • Russell

    That’s what you call collusion.

    If you have clear information to prove that these moves were not coincidental, one may have a case with the the CCP.

  • Zee

    “To further exceed your expectations”?!! Seriously, ufone? FURTHER EXCEED OUR EXPECTATIONS?! first, you dont care what we expect from U. second, you never did nor you ever will be up to our expectations!

  • Waqas

    this is freakin’ hilarious :D
    thank the Lord i dont have to use pakistani cellular companies anymore ! …..it’s an outrage what these companies are doing!

  • Tahir

    Why you people don’t ask the PTA regarding Govt. Taxes that they earning from every call and recharge? instead these nominal charges imposed by these cellcos. . . Even you pre-paid customers talk for hours for 3 to 1 rupee but still crying. Inflation is carrying on in everything in the country instead of these cellcos, who only lowering their rates day by day. . . Otherwise select post paid connection as it’s free of 5% service charges and any other charges.

  • Soon there will be Bilawal education tax, Bakhtawar jahaiz Tax and Zardari foreign visit tax etc ……….Crap

    • Nadeem

      There is no need for such taxes as Government institutions and Authorities having their heads directly oppointed by respected co-chairman are already depositing in “Khappay” fund. I don’t want to disclose anything on a public forum but ask someone in NHA for a slight picture.

      • Hina Safdar

        hmmmm insider :)

    • Aizaz

      and ofcourse Zardi key Chita ko aag dyne ka tax :p

  • waqas

    Totally unfair both companies have pathic services and they are charging it time to port out now
    At one side they are contiously dicresing the call rate and other side they are snatching the money
    Now user should react by porting out.

  • Asim

    Good bye Ufone… you simply has become very greedy while your services and packages sucks big time…
    The first thing for tomorrow is to port my whole family’s Ufone no’s to Zong/Warid Inshallah… It’s not that I can’t pay the taxes but that’s what I can do to protest the injustice…

    BTW, what the difference between Service charges and Maintenance charges?

    • Manzoor Akbar

      you are right Asim. Me also porting to Zong. Bye Bye Ufone

  • Salman

    I’ve done my part, have sent protest email to PTA and have also asked them to provide any legitimate explanation for this 6.1% charges (if any).

  • fazee

    aap logo ko kya lagta ha k baki sub company yah chargers nahe lege ge? no way aaj ufone aur mobilink nay legaya tha 10 dib k baad dekhna telenor song aur warid ki trif say be kuch aasa he sonay ko melay ga yah sub kamenay insan melay howay han

  • Tayyab

    i want to asked of what 5% service charges are being deduct. this is negotiable. Raise voice….. Let’s don’t use ufone and mobilink on 1st july….. onward till they tooo remove 5 % service charges….

  • Seems like another advice from Telenor, that means other operators will also start same extra charging soon.

  • SK

    India me Rs.200 load karne pe Rs.20 bonus milta hay means 200 load karne pe Rs.220 miltay hyn, 100 load karne pe 100 he miltay hyn, indian telecom companis bhe Taxs dayte hyn par apni JAIB se na k awam ki jaib se….

    • Waqas

      In England too!
      For £5 load, you get £1 extra.
      For £10 load, £2.50 extra.
      For £20 load, £5 extra.

      • Manzoor Akbar

        Same is the case with UAE. on recharge oe AED. 20, you can get AED. 26.

  • Kollegejeans

    WOW..they new and only revenue stream :p

  • Ali

    Shame on such a lame and pathetic move and shame on zardari as well.

  • Saeed

    I just received this email by PTA.

    From: Complaint
    Sent: Monday, June 27, 2011 11:21 AM
    Subject: Urgent! Take some Action Against Ufone & Jazz

    Dear Complainant

    Kindly provide complete detail, contact number, address, so we can take appropriate action please.


    Consumer Protection Directorate
    PTA Headquarters
    Sector F-5/1, Islamabad.
    Ph No. 051-9225325
    Fax No. 051-2878127
    email: [email protected]

    —–Forwarded by Complaint/Consumer Protection/Services/PTA/PK on 06/26/2011 11:30AM —–

  • Mere Bahiyon Pta Ki site Open Nahi HO Rahi Hai

  • imkhalid

    soon ZONG Telenor Warid will increase their numbers, what will all of u say then ???

    • khushnaam

      khalid here has a point, what will you do ?

  • sarwat

    These two arent the first companies who started it, they are just following the band wagon. Deal with it !

  • samz

    very soon one will have to load 2 cards, 1 for tax and the 2nd for calling…

  • expensive beauty

    this is PAKISTAN. yahan jst paisay batoray jatay hain ….in return you get nothing.
    what happens when you call the customer care center…same old stuff…..wait wait wait wait…despite they a lady with so called beautiful voice reminds you every time that dear(o my dear bewqoooooooooooooof customer) you will be charged 1 rupee when you will talk to our human machine. i writing here machine because they are, cx they dont have any solution when we get a problem. alll they are saying is that. hum mazarat hua hain. ap ki bat thk hai per hm mazrat hua hain………..

    by 3G you mean Sprite 3G han:P call krny say pehle pee lia krain bhai. 3G call ka maza aiy ga. :))

    • Waqas


  • hassan

    Allah ka shukar hai mai apna. saray family nmbr zong pe la chuka hoon… i hate ufone they are actually ufool and uloot

    • rashid

      gareb log gareb network zong…

      • yasir latif

        hahaha… well said man

    • imkhalid

      bholey badshah sab munafa kama rahe hen, ZONG kyun peechey rahega, wait for ZONG to increase charges

    • imkhalid

      take this
      Zong increases by 1.5% “Operational Charges”

      • Ahmad

        Even more…Warid also implemented 1.5% maintenance charges from 25 July onward.

  • Junaid Khan

    I don’t understand the logic, if the tax is must, as we cant do anything about it, then why Ufone charging 1.1 and Mobilink 1 percent, isn’t this unfair???

  • Laanet E Beshumaar on both ufone and mobilink:@

  • mohsin

    Go to Warid the best operator

  • wasif

    as long as they provide good services and keep putting the customer first like mobilink has been doing time and again,its not a problem charging a small amount,infact I for one would be glad to pay if i get service like mobilink gives…

  • tania

    No wonder mobilink has always been a good customer service provider .Moreover, coverage of their network is impeccable !

  • ali

    Coudlnt agree more with tania…its better to have good coverage and service rather than saving ignorable amount for poor service.One should realize this.

  • shahzad

    i think its pretty clear how mobilink has always been best regarding its customers service …and i myself converted to mobilink 2 years back just cause of it network utilities…dont mind little price if it commits to its best service.

  • raed

    Mobilink has proved they care about the customer by the time they compensated the customers for network outage,as long as one gets such service,who cares for a small insignificant amount really !!!

  • ali

    Uff we are such a greedy nation. When they cut prices its competition. When they raise them, its cartelization. Becharay agar free bhi kardein service to hum bura bhala hi kahengay. Ufone tum hi tou ho!

  • azaz khan

    So true. Even whne offer is free and all we have to pay is tax, we still complain. We should be happy its not expensive like it is in Europe and Canada and other places. I use Telenor and Mobilink both and I am happy.

  • Junaid K

    electricity prices went by more than 10% up in the past few months. Also tyres and mattresses and medicine

  • Muhammad Fahad

    1.1% is nothing. Pakistan food inflation digit is 22% lies in hyper inflation (only food). Write letter to SBP

  • Aamir Mughal

    Dang :s

  • Parvaiz Velji

    Zong started. I got message in morning of 1.5% maintenance charges.