Ufone/Mobilink to Deduct 1.1 % Maintenance Charges from July 1st

Ufone-logoUfone has announced to deduct 1.1 percent maintenance charges on all recharges (through Ushare/ topup/ scratch card) from July 1st, 2011.

Update: Mobilink will deduct 1 percent of all reloads – check below for more details

Meaning that, anyone loading a Rs. 100 card will have to pay Rs. 1.10 as maintenance charges.

Here is the message that is being sent to Ufone customers, and is flashing on Ufone’s website as well:

Dear Customer, To further exceed your expectations, a maintenance charge of 1.1% will be applicable on every recharge from 1st July 2011 along with government taxes.

It merits mentioning here that all cellular companies are already deducting 5 percent for all reloads as service charges, since July 2009.

At the time of account recharge, a service charge of 5% (on scratch card/utopup face value) + Government taxes will be applicable on all transactions via UTopup or scratch cards, effective from 1st July 2009.

Here is the list of charges/taxes a Ufone customer will have to pay after July 1st, 2011:

  • Withholding Tax: 10 %
  • GST/FED: 19.5 %
  • Service Charges: 5 %
  • Maintenance Charges: 1.1 %

We fear that other telecom operators will follow Ufone to apply similar charges.

If PTA remains quite, which it is, you can expect more charges from cellular companies, such as: Call initiation charges, call termination charges, spectrum access charges, miss call charges and more…


Mobilink joins Ufone, and will be Charging 1 percent of the recharge amount from it’s prepaid customer. They have called it operational charges, a new name with same meanings.

Here is what Mobilink has to say:

1% operational fee will be applicable on all recharge through jazz load (applicable from July 1st, 2011)

Update 2: Telenor has announced 1.5 percent admin fee on all reloads from July 4th

Update 3: The Misery of Additional Charges by Celcos!

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